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29 June 2013

Rizzoli & Isles Sneak Peek: Jane Grills Paddy About a Big Maura Mystery

ImageA big new mystery is brewing on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles next Tuesday (at 9/8c), and Jane's first stop in cracking it is an unexpected one.

In this exclusive sneak peek at the episode, titled "In Over Your Head," Rizzoli (played by Angie Harmon) swings by the pen to visit Isles' father Paddy (John Doman), whom she suspects has been having his goons follow her partner in crimesolving.

Oh, were it only that simple.

Also souring Jane's mood in the episode is an unanticipated reunion with a former colleague who now is the lieutenant of the drug unit (played by Prison Break's Amaury Nolasco).

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27 June 2013

Gallery Update: TV Guide scan









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TV Guide July 1-14,2014



27 June 2013

Episodic Photos from EP 404





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EP404 Killer in High Heels



27 June 2013

Season 4 Premiere Ratings!!!

ImageTNT's Rizzoli & Isles Books 6.6 Million Viewers,

Outperforming Season Three Launch by +18%

Premiere Ranks as Basic Cable's #1 Series Telecast for the Summer-to-Date

Perception Follows with 4 Million Viewers

TNT's blockbuster drama Rizzoli & Isles returned in a big way Tuesday night as the show's fourth season premiere garnered 6.6 million viewers in Live + Same Day delivery, including 2.3 million adults 25-54 and 1.8 million adults 18-49. The show outperformed last year's season three launch by double digits, with total viewers growing by +18%, adults 25-54 by +19% and adults 18-49 by +17%. Competitively, the season premiere of Rizzoli & Isles now ranks as basic cable's #1 series telecast of the summer-to-date with total viewers and adults 25-54.




27 June 2013

Gallery Update - Hollywood Reporter Scan






Pick up the newest issue of Hollywood Reporter for this full page "For Your Consideration" ad for Rizzoli & Isles

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Hollywood Report June 28,2013



26 June 2013

Special feature: Maura's Outfits


We've got a special feature for the fans.

Each week on the show, Sasha Alexander is always wearing some amazing outfits as Dr. Maura Isles and she is asked about her wardrobe all the time.

So, working with information provided by Rizzoli & Isles Costume Designer, Billy Ray McKenna, AUSXIP and Rizzles Unlimited will be posting the designer information for each of the outfits worn by Sasha Alexander in the new Season 4 episodes.

Look for the posts the day after the new episode has aired.

So go and check out the designer information for EP 401 "We are Family"



26 June 2013

Sasha Alexander on Season 4's Gayzzoli Possibilities

ImageIt's a new season of intimate glances, working out, helping each other out of each other's clothes and, of course, bringing down a bad guy or two.

Yes, it's a new season of Rizzoli & Isles on TNT.

As you'll see in the opening moments of tonight's season premiere, the girls are out jogging together in their shapely tights and looking fabulous as ever.

But what will we see in the new season? Who better to ask that Maura Isles herself – actress Sasha Alexander - who sat down with AfterEllen last month during the TNT Upfront presentation in New York City to talk about what she and co-star Angie Harmon are up to in Season 4.

AfterEllen: What are we going to see Maura this season?
Sasha Alexander: With Maura, we're digging deeper into her family. Paddy Doyle is on trial and during his trial we're going to find out a lot more secrets that Hope (Maura's biological mother, played by Sharon Lawrence) is carrying. In the midst of that, Maura is trying to create a relationship with her sister, Kayleen. We begin the season after she has given her kidney to Kayleen and it's a few months later and she's still recovering. But Maura is a little bugged out that she hasn't received a thank you or a gift basket or a "thanks for doing this for me!"

The secrets between Hope and Paddy are compelling and I think there's also some interesting things between Maura and Hope, too. She's not who she thinks she is. And what's interesting to me has been the idea that we're all bonded through our parents even if we didn't know them, adopted or whatever, but then to meet them and find out that maybe they're not people you want to be friends with is interesting.

For Maura, that discovery of "I was kind of raised a certain way" but now they’re so far out of the box that even just morally, the compass is off for her. I think what it's forced her to do is really dive into her dark side. We have an episode where Maura is actually a suspect in a murder and that was really a lot of fun to shoot. It something that turns out to be an innocent thing and she is set up but they really don't know how to prove that it's not her. She's in jail. She's stripped down and she's beaten up! It’s bad!

AE: Are you actually in the orange prison outfit?
SA: Yes! I’m like "Can’' I add a Fendi belt to this?"

AE: I do love that you'll be at a crime scene looking great in amazing dresses and heels! Is that you in real life, too?
SA: Thank you but no! Angie is the one who shows up in five-inch glamour heels and I'm in Birkenstocks, although I'm banned from wearing them anymore. She hates them so much and she says she can't focus when I'm wearing those so I'll wear a more glamorous flat shoe. But, yes I'm a girly-girl in the sense that I like feminine things but sometimes I think with Maura we push it in a way that that is her uniform! That's just who she is!

AE: Will we see some more moments of closeness between Maura and Jane? We can't get enough of those!
SA: Absolutely! We do more yoga this season. Their love lives are kind of static and they haven't been very lucky. Jane is still pining over Casey and Maura is just not lucky in love. They are each other's relationship and I definitely feel like theres a lot of times when they're not doing the work stuff they only have each other to have that off-time with. We always try to make the most of those situations, the girl things, they come up with some great stuff this year.

AE: And a big part of the show is the relationship between the two ladies. It's a love story whether it's in the scripts or if you and Angie just play up to it.
SA: It's funny, here's the thing: I don't know if consciously Janet [Tamaro, Executive Producer] puts it in there or not. Angie and I don't ever get it off the page ever but I think it'’s just natural for us. It even happens when we'’re rehearsing a scene and we are touchy feely. So if touching that much is gay, then I'm the gayest person on the planet!

AE: And there’s my headline!
SA: [laughs] Because we are that way. That said, I'm proud of this relationship in a way that whatever people want to read into it, as long as they think it's love and respect — but the core of that has to be, for me, a representation of a relationship of women who are not competitive with each other. They are, in the world, competitive but they'’re not with each other.

For both of us, it's very important for us to maintain that. That's why I think the jokey stuff plays into that. We don't ever do anything and then go "Oh wow! I just did that to you!" But I will say that we sometimes go a little further than what’s in the script and sometimes our outtakes are pretty provocative!




26 June 2013

Janet Tamaro's Meet My Crew- Week 3

Rizzoli & Isles is back TONIGHT!! For this week’s "Meet My Crew," I asked you to guess at what the Associate Producer and Key Grip both do. Great guesses this week, so here we go. They’ll tell you what they do. How accurate was your guess?



Eve Watterson- Associate Producer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In my case, I take the words of the showrunner and writers, and turn them into pictures. A lot of the backstory of our victims is told in photos, and clues to their demise found via computers and the internet. I work with very talented photographers, actors, graphic designers, and each of the other departments on the crew to create these telling images and graphics. My very favorite are the crime scene photos, I love all the gore because I know it’s not real! I also manage the legal clearance and product integration issues for the show, and assist in keeping the Production Office running smoothly. I love my job, it keeps both sides of my brain humming!



Caleb Nelson - Key Grip

Howdy! My name is Caleb Nelson and I am the Key Grip on R&I. The grip department perform a variety of responsibilities on set: the operation of camera dollies & cranes, the rigging of scaffolding, decks & lighting platforms, the movement of set walls & scene pieces, and working with our brothers and sisters in the Set Lighting Dept in the shot-to-shot lighting of the set. As the Key Grip, I report directly to the Director of Photography and manage a crew of 6-12 grips. Renowned for our colorful taste in clothing and salty humor, we grips pride ourselves on our hard work and inventiveness, all in service of bringing stories to life on screen.

And just one more subtle reminder- #RizzoliandIsles, tonight, 9pm! I’ll be watching and livetweeting with you- @JanetTamaro




25 June 2013

Sasha Alexander Teases Season 4, A Dark Turn, Maura's Love Life

ImageRizzoli & Isles returns for a new season this Tuesday with "We Are Family."

In anticipation of the premiere, the lovely Sasha Alexander chatted with us about the darker turn we'll see this season and whether her alter ego will find a little love... with someone who isn't a serial killer.

Read on for the scoop on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 ....


TV Fanatic: Welcome back. It's great to see Rizzoli & Isles back for season 4. Rumor has it this season is going to take a bit of a darker turn. What can you tell us about that?

Sasha Alexander: Well, in the first episodes we're dealing with some major drama with Paddy Doyle's RICO trial. He's on trial but he's still managing to you know, cause havoc from jail. Maura's recovering from giving her kidney to her half sister, and her and Cailin develop a relationship. So that Cailin will come to her and start revealing some things about Hope and Hope's involvement with Paddy. So there's a lot of complicated problems and a lot of lies. A lot of half truths. So Maura finds herself kind of in the middle of that. And because Paddy is still creating a lot of problems for the city of Boston, Jane is in the middle of it as well. That's the major stuff we're dealing with. Oh, and Maura ends up in jail as a murder suspect in one of the earlier episodes. She's just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It sounds like we'll get to see a lot more of Maura's biological family.

We are. It's a major part of the beginning of this season.

Please tell me Maura has a love life this summer...that doesn't include a serial killer.

Well, you know it's looking up. There's a bomb tech by the name of B.T., Brandon Thomas and he's played by the actor Eric Winter. So he's somebody that I think Maura connects with. A good looking nerd. He's like a science nerd. They have a lot in common. I'm not sure where it will go but I'm hoping he's not a serial killer.

Yeah, Maura's had some pretty lousy luck when it comes to men.

She hasn't had luck in love, definitely. So I'm hoping that that will be a moment of some peace for a little while.

Speaking of love interests, there is a part of the Rizzoli & Isles fan base that is rooting for Maura and Jane to get together as a couple. Are you and the creators of the show aware of that and how do you feel about it?

We're absolutely aware of it. Are you kidding? There's a whole fan base and fan fiction. It's funny the way they create all of these graphics and these pictures that are just absolutely hilarious and provocative at the same time. I think it's fine, you know. If that's what people get from it, art is subjective and I feel like it's a compliment to how much they like this relationship between these women. Whether they see them as a couple or they see them as their relationship with their mom or their best friend or their sister but the important thing is that they believe their relationship and they like it. Angie and I are constantly asked if we're best friends in real life. We both laugh about it because they like our characters so much that they want the two of us to just go home and hang out. It's very sweet. It's nothing but a compliment to me. Whatever somebody sees it as, that's fine. They're not gay. They're not gay in the book so they're not going to be gay on the show.

Have you read the books by Tess Gerritsen that the series is based on?

Before we shot the pilot I read one of the books and then have since read most of them. Yeah, they're great. They're really a great book series. The books are much darker than the show because it's different when you're writing about it than showing it. But I like them a lot.

In the beginning, what made you decide to sign on to do this series?

First of all, I loved Maura Isles. I just found her to be a really interesting character. Just kind a unique dichotomy of a woman who was so feminine and well educated doing this job. So that was the first thing. The second thing I loved was the relationship with Jane. And I like the show. I enjoy it. I like that it has really strong mysteries but I like that it's a small cast, the familiarity of it. The setting. I was drawn to it immediately. I enjoyed it. I just really liked the script.

You've played many roles over the years. Have you had a favorite or a most challenging?

This might be one of my favorites because I get to do the comedy which I love to do but then I get all this other drama and darker stuff to explore. So for me that's kind of the ideal situation. I wouldn't want to be on something that's just depressing every week and heavy handed. I don't like to watch that kind of television. For me it's fun to do something that has more comedy. It's just a lightness. I like shows where you get involved with the characters and know them, in a way that…like a family. I like that.

If you could star on any other current TV show, other than Rizzoli & Isles, what show would you choose?

Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! And I'd like to be every single character. No, I'd like to be Peter Dinklage's character or his girlfriend or…I'm totally in love with Game of Thrones. I also love Girls. I would like to be Lena Dunham's Upper East Side girlfriend or something. I don't know. I love Girls and Game of Thrones. I would love to be on those shows.

What can you tease us about the season premiere or what we can expect from this upcoming season?

There's going to be some really good mysteries, some really fun crimes. A lot of the same familiar fun between the characters. Jane and Maura find themselves in some really fun situations. But I think the crimes and the mysteries go back to the first season of the show where they were just really strong mysteries. I think that's what people loved about the show and so it's just a lot more of that.




25 June 2013

TNT Dr. Scholl's Shoe Makeover Sweepstakes


Revamp your glamour with the help of TNT. Enter for
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25 June 2013



25 June 2013

Sasha Alexander's Maura gets a new perspective on jail in 'Rizzoli & Isles'

Image It wasn't all that surprising, frankly, when Don Draper ended up in the drunk tank of the local jail Sunday night on "Mad Men."

But it could be a very sobering moment, so to speak, when Sasha Alexander's Maura Isles finds herself behind bars in an upcoming episode of the TNT hit drama "Rizzoli & Isles."

"It's quite a scene," says Alexander. "Jail is definitely a new experience for Maura."

She's not there because she's drunk. Still, jail is a place where her encyclopedic knowledge of the human anatomy and an awe-inspiring array of other academic trivia do her little good.

What's not new is that the fact that Maura's once-tidy life - her habits, like her wardrobe, are precise, neat and fastidious - has taken a number of ragged turns since she started hanging out with Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) in the cops-and-robbers drama whose third season kicks off Tuesday night at 9.

She's been shot at, held hostage and learned her mysterious father is Paddy Doyle, one of the most notorious mobsters in Boston.

"I love the Paddy Doyle character," says Alexander. "I'm so happy he gets to play out. He brings out a different side of Maura that makes her more fun to play.

"He's also the Whitey Bulger character, so that keeps things interesting."

Paddy's presence, in fact, is an indirect reason Maura ends up in jail as a murder suspect.

"Families can do that, can’t they?" muses Alexander.

But she says she’s still enjoying "Rizzoli & Isles," where she's about to set a personal record for tenure on a TV series.

She played agent Caitlin Todd on "NCIS" for two seasons before she asked to leave and the produces obliged by having Caitlin shot in the head. She has since returned for a couple of brief flashbacks and in a "Fringe"-style alternate-universe incarnation.

One reason she finds "Rizzoli & Isles" more accommodating, says the 40-year-old Alexander, is that it gives her more time for her two young children, Lucia, 7, and Leonardo, 2.

"I like taking care of the kids and I also like working," she says. "During our last break I did a movie, 'Girl From Nagasaki.' I'd love to come to New York and do Broadway or live theater."

She tries to leave Maura behind in the off-season, though that may not always work out.

"I was in a conversation about the ice hotel," she says, "and I had it in the wrong country. And as we kept talking, Angie said, 'You're doing Maura. You sound just like Maura.' So maybe I don’t step as far away as I thought."

Though sometimes she does.

She's working on scripts, she says, and finishing a children's book.

She's also finishing an updated revision of a popular out-of-print cookbook compiled by her mother-in-law, Sophia Loren.

"It has a lot of Italian food," says Alexander. "But it's not all Italian. And it’s a little bit lighter."




25 June 2013

Rizzoli & Isles' Sasha Alexander: It's a Big Year for Maura

ImageA lot will have happened when Rizzoli & Isles returns Tuesday — and that's just the way Sasha Alexander likes it.

In the Season 3 finale, Maura (Alexander) had a change of heart and offered to donate her kidney to her ill half-sister Cailin (Emilee Wallace) on the condition that her biological mother Hope (Sharon Lawrence) didn't tell her. When Season 4 (9/8c, TNT) picks up three months later, she will have done so.

"I knew that they weren't going to show the surgery. That would've been boring and I would not have been able to have cute outfits on," Alexander tells TVGuide.com with a laugh. "I don't think it was necessary to show it happening. ... It's much more interesting to see her emotional state post-surgery. It's a big year for Maura. A lot is going on."

Though it's been three months, things are definitely not back to normal. Maura's physically healed, but she's in a funk, obsessing over the fact that she hasn't received a single thank-you from Hope for her good deed. "Maura is in such a negative headspace, which is new for her, but it was fun to be able to do, to play around with that, especially when she and Jane [Angie Harmon] follow Cailin around to make sure that her kidney is OK," Alexander says. "As upset as she was with Hope last year, that's her family, her biological one at least, and a thank-you note isn't too much to ask."

Thank-yous or not, Maura will get to know that family better this season — perhaps more than she wants to — as the murder trial of her mob boss dad Paddy Doyle (John Doman) finally takes place. But before that commences in the fifth episode, she will unearth some startling details about Hope, who, it turns out, lied about being in contact with Paddy all these years. Suspicious that something might be up with her mom, Cailin goes to her estranged sister for help and eventually ends up living with Maura in the wake of the revelations.

"No one's quite sure what's going on with Hope," Alexander says. "We're learning that this woman is not everything that she's pretending to be. Angie and I have a wonderful scene with her in the second episode — this slow unveiling. Is this woman a good guy or a bad guy? She's so evasive. She's got that Stepford thing happening. I think for Maura, it's not just uncovering her past, but really just learning who her parents are and choices that they've made in their lives that are kind of dishonest.


"It's an interesting road for Maura because you get to meet your biological parents and you're slowly learning that they're not necessarily people that you want to know," she continues. "So it's tricky. Every episode uncovers a new layer about them and Maura's in a position of looking at Jane and saying, 'You guys are really my family.'"

The arc, though, won't drag out for too long. A verdict for Paddy will be in "pretty quickly," Alexander says. "We move past it because there are so many other things going on." Among them: Jane's paralyzed ex Lt. Col. Casey Jones (Chris Vance) returns, having had his spinal surgery, and Amaury Nolasco joins the cast as Lt. Det. Rafael Martinez, the force's new drug unit head who has a complicated past with Jane. "He and Jane are a really fiery match. There's just a lot of fire and sparks between them," Alexander says. "I think fans will like watching them."

But most importantly, Maura ends up in jail as an (obviously innocent) murder suspect. "She is definitely not made for jail," Alexander quips. "I tried to convince them to add cool Valentino belts to the orange jumpsuit, but they wouldn't go for it."

Rizzoli & Isles premieres Tuesday at 9/8c on TNT.





25 June 2013

What to Expect on the New Season of 'Rizzoli & Isles'

ImageWhen Angie Harmon (Jane Rizzoli) and Sasha Alexander (Maura Isles) showed up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to promote the new season of "Rizzoli & Isles," it was clear that the ladies enjoyed each other's company in real life as much as their characters do on-screen.

So fans of "Rizzoli & Isles" can breathe a sigh of relief that, despite the fact that the cases are a lot heavier this season, including the deadly shooting of a state senator and the brutal killing of a journalism student, the crime-solving duo are back and having as much fun as ever as they take on the lawbreakers in Boston.

"The banter and the friendshi... all of that is still there," Harmon reassured xfinityTV.

Unlike the beginning of Season 3, in which Maura wasn't speaking to Jane because Jane had shot Paddy Doyle (John Doman) - Maura's biological father, Season 4 begins with Jane being protective of her friend, who is recovering from surgery. Last season, viewers will recall, Maura's biological mother Hope (Sharon Lawrence) showed up, asking Maura to donate one of her kidneys to a half-sister she not only didn't know, but who also told her she would rather die than take her organ. In the end, Maura decided to save her sister’s life.

"It carries through emotionally because she hasn't heard from her sister or her mom [to say thank you], and, I think, it leaves her feeling a little bit fragile," Alexander says. "So there is some of that, which is fun, but not fun for Jane because she is dealing with Maura's depressive mood right now. Maura's not her normal, sunny self in the very beginning. But then they get wrapped up in a lot of other dramas that come up with Paddy Doyle and with Hope, so we forget about it for a while."

Speaking of Paddy, his trial is coming up, but even though he is safely ensconced behind bars, he is still up to no good. Being imprisoned hasn't stopped him from causing havoc to those on the outside, especially his daughter and her friends.

"It was fun to play because, as much as we want to put this very bad guy away that we've gone after for years and years and years, we all know that he's Maura’s father, so everyone who loves and cares about her wants to protect her as much as we can," Harmon says. "Everyone dances around it. That's what you do with your friends."

On the home front, Mom is getting more in the romance department than anybody else this season as Angela Rizzoli's (Lorraine Bracco) liaison with Jane's Lieutenant (Brian Goodman) is back hot and heavy.

But for a minute, it looks as if Jane will resume her relationship with her ex, who has returned following a successful surgery to repair the damage caused by his last tour of duty, which has made him functional again - if you get my drift.

But even though Maura is cheering Jane on - Casey (Chris Vance) is a cutie - it doesn't look as if he is here to stay. Rather, he is shipping out to work with other men who have been seriously injured during the course of their military service.

"We are in the middle of filming the season, so I don't know [if Jane and Casey will get together], but I will say there is another rooster in the hen house with a person from Jane's past," Harmon teases. "It is a very sad reason why these two broke up. Now he's Frankie's [Jordan Bridges] boss, so the whole thing is very awkward and off-putting."

And the reason that Frankie has a new boss is that he finally is moving on up in the Boston PD and will be wearing a detective badge this season.

"I think it is great for Frankie - and for Jordan - because he has been that bumbling brother who just misses it by that much every time," Harmon says. "So now he is becoming who he is supposed to be. We shot a scene last night and he had me in stitches because Jane comes in the room and he stands up and shouts, 'It's just me.' And she says, 'Why are you yelling?' His answer is: 'I didn't want to scare you.' He made me laugh every time. The fact that he is sitting there and he yells at her to not scare her. He is a Bridges [dad is Beau; uncle is Jeff], so he killed it."




24 June 2013

Gallery Update - Magazine Scans










Added following to Magazine Scans gallery:

LA Times June 9 2013

Parade June 23 2013



24 June 2013

Celebrity Extra - Sasha Alexander

ImageQ: One of my favorite shows is TNT's "Rizzoli and Isles." Can you give me any clues as to what to expect this season? — Janet Y., via email

A: I had the chance to speak with series star Sasha Alexander, who plays Dr. Maura Isles, and she gave me a few spoilers about season four, which begins Tuesday, June 25: "We start three months after the end of season three. Maura has anonymously donated her kidney to her sister, Kayleen. Maura is in a funky place. She's feeling vulnerable and fragile. She’s not her normal, sunny self."

"It's fun watching Jane try to lift her spirits. It leads to funny antics with Maura and Jane. It brings Maura and Kayleen together, which leads to a relationship, and more of a family drama."

In regard to future storylines and guest stars, we can expect great ones this season, starting with Maura’s love life. As Sasha tells me: "Eric Winter (of 'The Mentalist,' 'Brothers and Sisters' and 'The Ugly Truth') is a potential love interest. He's great — I love him. He plays a bomb-squad tech that Maura is attracted to."

Because of my affinity for "Dawson's Creek," I had to ask her about her time there. "I had a wonderful experience. I love that I went to the prom with Dawson. James (Van Der Beek), Michelle (Williams), Josh (Jackson) and I are still dear friends. We don't have shows like that anymore. I love the innocence and the beauty of that show. It was a really fun experience for me, and it was a really positive show. I wish there were something like it on the air now."




23 June 2013

Tweet Pix







23 June 2013

When Rizzoli & Isles's Sasha Alexander Met Mother-in-Law Sophia Loren

ImageThe actress, 40, plays medical examiner Maura Isles on the TNT series, which returns June 25.

What's the best thing about your role?
I love that Angie [Harmon, who plays Jane Rizzoli] and I represent a relationship between women that is rare in TV. We’re not catty or competitive at all, and I think a lot of people can relate.

Are you friends off the set?
Absolutely. It's funny, our fans always want to know if we hang out. I’m like, "No, I see her at work all day!” [laughs] We share the same interests: cooking, interior design, and our children.

Was it tough getting used to the gory nature of Maura's job?
There are days when the effects are so realistic and gruesome. I could never do what she does.

Your mother-in-law is Sophia Loren. Were you nervous when you met her?
Yes! But she gave me a big hug, and I just saw the beauty of the woman underneath. She's stunning in every way.

Join @ParadeMagazine in a Twitter chat with Sasha on June 26 at 1 p.m. ET. Use hashtag #paradechats.




22 June 2013

Janet Tamaro Answers Fan Questions Season 4 Week 19

ImageQuestion from Jeanette Bancroft:
Is there love on the horizon for Angela? Would like to see her & the captain (he is the captain, isn't he) pursue their relationship... she deserves a good man and it would add a nice dimension to his character and the show!

Janet's response:
There IS love on the horizon, and it's actually with Lieutenant Detective Sean Cavanaugh played by Brian Goodman. He's a good man -- on and off the show. :-)


Question from Patricia Caro:
The opening music is Irish, i feel it is because of the Irish in Boston. My sister feels it is supposed to be Italian because of Rizzoli's are Italian. We have a lunch riding on this. Can you clarify????

Janet's response:
Okay…you guys might have to go Dutch…Although…it is more Irish than Italian…I liked it because it was uplifting and felt "Boston-ish," and every time I hear it, I think of Rizzoli & Isles (the whole point of a title song...)


Question from Ann Malaluan Salvación:
Can you not make the days go faster??? Am having a hiatus here as well!!!

Janet's response:
I cannot. I would like to slow a few down and speed a few up myself, so if you find someone who can accomplish that, let me know...




22 June 2013

New TNT Sweepstakes! - Your Face in the Finale


Want to appear alongside Angie and Sasha in Rizzoli & Isles? That dream could be made a reality! One lucky fan will have his or her picture appear in the Season Four finale episode. Enter below for a chance to win. The winner will be randomly selected on July 8 and asked for a high resolution photo.


Click here to enter!



22 June 2013

New layout at Rizzoli & Isles Tumblr Page








TNT has changed up their Rizzoli & Isles Tumblr and they are asking for Fan Art submissions.

Check it out!



21 June 2013

Schedule for Rizzoli & Isles Episodes Changed

Originally it was stated by TNT that season 4 would be 15 episodes and that all would run together during the summer. That's changed via tweet from Janet Tamaro.




21 June 2013

Tweet Pix & Video













21 June 2013

Parade Magazine hosts Twitter Chat with Sasha Alexander

ImageThe actress, 40, plays medical examiner Maura Isles on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles, which returns for a fourth season on June 25th. The next day, we’ll be hosting a Twitter chat with the star. It's the perfect chance to dish with Sasha, @SashaAlexander1, about the first episode, her co-stars, and the popular series.

Join us next Wednesday, June 26 at 1 p.m. ET. Our Twitter handle is @ParadeMagazine (but you already know that because you're following us, right?!). The hashtag to use is #Paradechats.







20 June 2013

AUSXIP interviews Angie & Sasha




Check out the interview AUSXIP and Rizzles Unlimited did with Angie and Sasha during the TNT Armchair Detective Weekend.




20 June 2013

'Rizzoli & Isles' creator slices up best-sellers list

ImageTess Gerritsen has a story to tell. Not just the ones she shares through complex characters in her best-selling novels, or the ones who have leapt from the book pages to the TV screen, but her own fascinating tale of being a physician turned heralded author.

The cover star of the June 2013 edition of Lioness Magazine, Tess takes writer Erin K. Corriveau behind the scenes of her celebrated series, “Rizzoli & Isles,” and talks about seeing her characters come to life through on the screen. The TV show “Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Isles (Sasha Alexander)” is returning for its fourth season on Tuesday, June 25 9 p.m. (EST)

You can catch Tess along with our annual Bachelors in Business, Tech Gadgets showcase and more!

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20 June 2013

'Desperate Housewives' alum to visit 'Rizzoli & Isles'

ImageTom Scavo is coming to Rizzoli & Isles! Well, sort of.

Desperate Housewives alum Doug Savant is set to guest star on the upcoming fourth season of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, which stars Angie Harmon as Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as medical examiner Maura Isles.

Savant, best-known for his work on the ABC soap and Melrose Place, will play Roger Thorson, a mock trial adviser whose colleague dies suddenly during a competition. His episode is tentatively set to air in early September.

The new season of Rizzoli & Isles begins June 25 at 9 p.m.




19 June 2013

Updated Season 4 Episode Guide

ImageTNT has changed the airdates for some episodes from what they originally released.

Now the order is:

"We Are Family" - Tuesday, June 25
"In Over Your Head" - Tuesday, July 2
"But I am a Good Girl" - Tuesday, July 9 ***Changed
"Killer in High Heels" - Tuesday, July 16 ***Changed
"Dance with the Devil" - Tuesday, July 23 ***Changed
"Somebody's Watching Me" - Tuesday, July 30
"All For One" - Tuesday, Aug. 6
"Cold As Ice" - Tuesday, Aug. 13

View Full Episode Guide



19 June 2013

Tweet Pix








19 June 2013

AfterEllen's Hot 100 List





46. Angie Harmon


On Rizzoli & Isles, Angie Harmon is one half of one of the greatest lesbian subtext duos of all time. She's got skills and swagger for days. And good heavens, that voice!









9. Sasha Alexander


As Maura Isles, Sasha Alexander is one half of the ultimate crime-fighting duo on Rizzoli & Isles. We also get the feeling she knows there's something a little deeper than BFFs happening on that show.


See the full list here



19 June 2013

Logo's 2013 Hot 100 List

Image17. Sasha Alexander

As Maura Isles, Sasha Alexander is one half of the ultimate crime-fighting duo on Rizzoli & Isles. We also get the feeling she knows there’s something a little deeper than BFFs happening with Maura and Jane.

91. Angie Harmon

On Rizzoli & Isles, Angie Harmon is one half of one of the greatest lesbian subtext duos of all time. She’s got skills and swagger for days. And good heavens, that voice!

Full list here



19 June 2013


19 June 2013

Upcoming Appearances for Angie and Sasha

ImageJune 18: Angie on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

June 22: Sasha is particpating in the 24 Hour Plays

June 24: Sasha on Conan

June 25: Angie on Chelsea Lately, Sasha on Good Day LA

Not Sure of Airdate: Sasha on Fashion Police on E! and Pop Sugar





19 June 2013

Betty Confidential Rizzoli & Isles interview

ImageFor all of you Rizzoli & Isles fans out there, Angie Harmon (Detective Jane Rizzoli) and Sasha Alexander (Dr. Maura Isles) had inspirational words for women's body image. Alexander told me, "I'm very grateful to have a beautiful costar who's not going to show up next season with her lips injected, and I say that in a really honest way. I actually get mad when pictures are taken of us and the photographers feel the need to go in and airbrush it. I just feel like that’s not who we are and what we need to represent. You know, when I had my second baby, I had a hard time losing my weight and I did feel like I had to fit into Maura's dresses. And there was a point when I won’t say who, but I had the pressure of someone who didn't want me to wear anything with my arms showing, and I was like, get over it! These are two women, they look different, their bodies are different. What we want to do with these characters is represent women in their entirety."

Harmon added, "It's like that line...with great power comes great responsibility and it’s our responsibility to promote healthy body image, and being pretty on the inside, not just the outside. We're all built differently."

You go, girls! It's refreshing to see celebrated actresses adamant about pushing the industry to celebrate our diverse bodies, not airbrush them into an "ideal." Join Rizzoli and Isles as they bring the bad guys to justice on June 25, 2013 at 9/8c.

Click here to read Betty Confidential's full article on their time at the TNT's Armchair Detective Weekend



19 June 2013

Janet Tamaro's Meet My Crew- Week 2

Only one week left: Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 begins on June 25th!! For this week’s “Meet My Crew,” I asked you to guess at what the Line Producer and Script Supervisor both do. Loved seeing your guesses! Here we go. They’ll tell you what they do. How accurate was your guess?


Kevin Cremin

A line producer functions as the key manager during the daily operations of episodic TV show. I’m accountable for humans — all kinds of problems that might occur during the making of an episode. They call us “line” producers because we’re ”on the line” on a day-to-day basis, and responsible for lining up the resources needed. We also keep track of budgets both “above” and “below” the line. Oh, and I manage day to day production, hire key members of the crew, and negotiate deals with vendors.




Sharon Cingle

The script supervisor’s job is mainly continuity - making sure actors match their actions from different camera sizes and angles. So for example, if an actress drinks a half-full wine glass, holding it in her right hand and brushing her hair back with her left in a wide shot, she must “match” that same action in the close up. It’s my job to make sure actors say the dialogue as it’s written in the script and keep track of “coverage,” which means “covering” every angle we need/have time to shoot so that the director — and ultimately the showrunner — has what he or she needs in the editing room (“Post”) to create a seamless scene.







18 June 2013

What Has Angie Harmon Banned Sasha Alexander From Wearing on the 'Rizzoli & Isles' Set?

ImageWhen Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander entered the interview cubicle at a recent press day for Season 4 of their top-rated crime series "Rizzoli & Isles," the duo was finalizing their plans to attend the network's murder mystery bash together later that evening. When Alexander complained that her energy level was bottoming out and Harmon offered to share her coffee, the former "NCIS" star, who worries about getting diabetes like her father did, knew to decline the swig of Starbucks because Harmon adds too much sugar. They finish each other's sentences, laugh at each other's jokes, and give each other fashion advice.

Take the time, for instance, that Harmon forbade her co-star to wear Birkenstocks on set. "We were in rehearsal and I look down in literally the middle of the scene and I'm like, 'Listen, Maura, you, um, what are those?' I completely came out of character when I saw her shoes. She's like, 'They're Birkenstocks.' I'm like, 'No, those have to go. You can't wear those ever again. I can't even rehearse with you right now,'" Harmon recalls, giving her best stink-eye anytime Birkenstocks are mentioned. "But Celine just came out with these 'Birkenstocks' lined with fur. I went in, bought a pair — not cheap — just to play a joke on her because my favorite thing is to make her laugh. I walked into the set and said, 'Well, hello.' [She lifted her leg and demonstrated how she showed off the sandals.] If you're going to wear Birkenstocks, they need to look like these."

Alexander responded to the recollection with a slight eye roll before a mini-squeal of delight. "It is the couture Birkenstock. But now she's going to give them to me."

It would appear that Harmon and Alexander have taken their work home with them. Just as the friendship between medical examiner Maura Isles and no-nonsense Boston cop Jane Rizzoli has grown fiercely over three seasons, so has the real-life bestie bond of the actresses who play them. "One thing that I've always liked about our show and feel helped in the beginning was that the audience has been growing with the girls and gotten to know them as they've gotten to know each other. When we started the show, they weren't besties who grew up together. They're individuals doing their jobs really well," Alexander explained. "We didn't force the audience. Don't you love them? Aren't they cute because they dress the same way? [Instead the audience] has been part of that process. They've gone through a lot; they're at a different place, and they're exploring that more in Season 4. It's fun to have the scenes together, but you could do a whole episode that is all Jane."

Harmon was quick to add, "Or the reverse."

Season 4 picks up with Rizzoli trying to lift Isles out of the deep funk that donating a kidney to save a half-sister she barely knows without so much as a thank-you from her family caused. Alexander said, "Stuff dealing with Maura's family is affecting Jane and the other detectives. It is personal and very intertwined and makes Maura realize that Jane is her family, and she's not sure who these people are to her."

These people include her mob-boss father, Paddy Doyle (John Doman), whose pending murder trial will play out onscreen. "It's complicated. As much as we want to put him away, we care about her and he's her dad," Harmon said. Alexander followed, "It's hard because there is a connection, but he's such a bad guy."

Isles isn't the only one dealing with personal issues. In the first episode, Rizzoli's broken soldier beau returns after a successful surgery for one passionate night before he announces that he is headed back to train in the same therapy that helped him overcome his bedroom-bungling PTSD.

"It's so convenient. Just when his penis starts working, they ship him off again," Harmon said. "It's like the only person they want to get any action is my mom."

Of course, having no love prospects leaves the ladies free to close cases, and this season promises some doozies like assassinations of state senators, a serial killer, and the brutal killing of an earnest journalism student. Harmon said, "A lot of the cases seem to have more weight to them. There are a lot of heavier, more serious, and more emotional crimes."

The intensity challenges the women professionally, which they appreciate; however, Harmon's dream episode is far lighter in tone. She fantasizes about the day when Rizzoli gets a makeover to match her real-life counterpart's fashion-plate status. "This is what I wear at 5 in the morning," Harmon says, pointing to her sky-high fashion-forward heels and short shorts. "Have you seen what they make me wear on the show? I'm jealous of Sasha daily, hourly, all the time."

This is when Alexander stepped in like only a true friend can. "She comes in to work every day with a far better wardrobe than Maura's. Her real-life clothes are that. One thing about Angie that I love is that she wears Cherry Chapstick on the show every day and she still looks good. Plain Jane my butt!"

She also reminded her partner in crime show that being the natty onscreen dresser has its drawbacks. "I can't run very fast [to the scenes]. And this one's running like a gazelle. I'm like, 'Could you slow down?' I can't stay in the shot with her because she's a speed demon."

Harmon considered the trade-off, and it was easy to see from the giant smile that spread across her face that a visual had suddenly popped into her head. "The best part is when we all take off to go to the crime and this one's in her pencil skirt and Louboutins going [does her best whiney voice], 'Jane, wait.' We all look and here comes Maura. Tink, tink, tink," Harmon teased, adding hand gestures that would suggest delicate footsteps in heels, before reconsidering. "But could you please at least do [Jane's] hair?"

Alexander defended Plain Jane once again. "You know what I love is that Jane doesn't want a makeover. She isn't jealous of Maura or want to be dressed like Maura. She doesn't care."

The epiphany led the pair back to an earlier joke about the show's potential to stand the test of time or at least inspire a Funny or Die skit. "We joke that we're going to do this show so long that it's going to be that whole Angela Lansbury thing," said Alexander, mentioning that scenes like the one where they are jogging in the park as part of Isles's recovery would certainly look different.

Harmon played along with the bit in her best old lady voice. "We'd have those rolling walkers and we're just really old pushing them. 'Maura, what do you think about the killer? I'm gonna put my teeth in. We gotta solve the case.'"

Alexander continued, "'Hold on, I need my lashes and wig.'"




18 June 2013

AUSXIP visits the Rizzoli & Isles set

During the TNT Armchair Detective Junket Weekend, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander extended an invitation for us (myself and my buddy from the site Rizzles Unlimited) to the Rizzoli & Isles set. Needless to say we were both very happy ladies!

Rizzoli & Isles Set

When we got to the studio, Nicki, Sasha's assistant, took us around to all the sets that they weren't filming on, including the Dirty Robber (which has changed some), Maura's house, Jane's apartment, Maura's office, the lab and morgue. We had the opportunity to take photos and we took pictures at Maura's desk. I had the opportunity very few people get, while they are still alive, of laying down on Maura's table in the morgue (it's very cold!). Unfortunately due to copyright issues, I can't share those images unless we get permission.


Our next stop was the wardrobe trailer. Here is where all the series regulars are outfitts for that episode are kept. Each series regular has their own section. The trailer also has a wardrobe section for guest actors and extras.

Sasha recently mentioned that one of her favorite coats this season was the Burberry coat and we had the opportunity to see that. The wardrobe department has a book for each episode and with a detailed account (including images) of the outfits for each actor. Most of those photos are pretty funny with the actors making goofy faces.

Stage 4 - Filming

Following our trip to Wardrobe, we then headed over to Stage 4 where they were filming for the day. Stage 4 has the precinct sets, including the bullpen, the cafe, the interior entryway to the precinct and the interrogation room.

Sasha was getting her makeup touched up and going over the script when we came in. We only chatted for minute as she needed to prepare for filming, so Nicki took us over to the interior entryway to the precinct, where filming was taking place. We met a lot of the crew who warmly welcomed us and were very nice.

They were working on episode 410, directed by Anthony Hardwick. Anthony is the director of photography for the show, this will be his debut as a director for the show. We also met Russ Grant, who has been a technical adviser on the show since the beginning. In addition to be the technical adviser, Russ wrote this episode. His other writing credits on the show include "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and "Melt My Heart to Stone" last season.

We were set up over by the monitors with headsets so we could hear what was going on in the scene. Angie and Sasha came on set and they got ready to film Sasha's angle for the scene. They did the scene a few times then changed over to do Angie's angle. During the changeover Sasha took us over to the craft services where they have tons of food and drink laid out for everyone. Then it was back on set to do Angie's angle for the scene. Once they finished filming that scene, we got to talk to Angie. She had to rehearse the next scene, so we went with Nicki and Sasha to her trailer to chat.

Spending Some Time With Sasha

Sasha had finished filming her scenes for the day. She told use that it unusual for her to be finished before noon. Sasha generously invited us to have a chat with her in her trailer. Her trailer was filled with family photos and drawings by her kids. We sat down to do a little Q&A with her, but it just ended up being a chat fest.

I asked her about other projects outside Rizzoli & Isles and she said she wants to produce. She would love to do more theatre (I did confirm that she is still planning on doing the 24 Hour Play later this month.) but it’s hard to find projects and she wants to spend as much time as she can with her family during her hiatus. We talked about the journey Maura has taken over the last 3 seasons and what is to come. She mentioned that both she and Angie will speak up if something isn't true to the characters. Both Sasha and Nicki started asking us questions about our sites, what we thought of the new season 4 photos/ads. Sasha loves the photos for this season and really enjoyed working with the photographer, James White, for the shoot. It was just a fun time chatting a little bit about everything.

Back on Set with Angie and the Cast

When our time with Sasha came to an end, Nicki took us back on set to watch Angie filming a scene with Lorraine Bracco, Brian Goodman and this episode's guest star Matthew Del Negro. Lots of laughs with filming this scene. This time, Lorraine's dog, Elsie, was back at the monitors with us. Elsie is the joy of the set and so well behaved. The cast/crew love Elsie and she loves all the attention.

That scene finished filming and they broke for lunch. We chatted with Angie for a few minutes, but something had come up that she had to do during lunch, so a future chat on the phone is planned to answer all our questions.

I want to thank all the Rizzoli & Isles cast/crew that we met and being so gracious with their time, especially Angie and Sasha for inviting us and Nicki, for putting up with us and being the best tour guide!






18 June 2013


15 June 2013

Upcoming TV Appearances

ImageRight now on the schedule:

June 17: TNT has on their schedule a TNT Preview: Rizzoli & Isles / Perception special at 11pm EST

June 18: Angie on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

June 25: Angie on Chelsea Lately


Will add more as we find out.



14 June 2013


13 June 2013


13 June 2013

Gallery Update - scans from new TV Guide





Added the new TV Guide to the Magazine Gallery



12 June 2013


12 June 2013

Rizzoli & Isles Spoilers



From TV Guide Megabuzz:

I need some Rizzoli & Isles scoop! — Andrea

ADAM: As the murder trial of Maura's mob boss dad Paddy Doyle (John Doman) draws near, Maura finds out that her birth mom Hope (Sharon Lawrence), contrary to her previous claims, might have been in contact with Paddy while he was doing his dirty dealings. How does she find out? With some unwitting help from her half-sis Cailin (Emilee Wallace).



12 June 2013

Janet Tamaro's Meet My Crew- Week 1

The countdown begins: just two more weeks until Season 4 of #RizzoliandIsles begins! And it's high time to MEET MY CREW! This Summer, we're introducing you to the people who make the show. You guess what they do in the week before they’re featured. Every Tuesday, two more crew members will be profiled — and will tell you themselves what they do. Last week I asked what you think the Production Designer and Location Manager do. Was your guess close?


Production Designer- Lauren Crasco

"The production designer is responsible for interpreting the executive producer’s and the director’s ideas to create all of the physical environments described in the script by the writer. I design the sets that have to be built, and I work with the location department to find actual locations for the rest. We may either build a new set completely from scratch, modify a set built for a different episode, or use a practical location which often needs a complete overhaul and appropriate dressing. The challenge on Rizzoli and Isles is to convince the audience that the sets are in Boston, not Los Angeles."


Here is one of my favorite sets from last season-

mmc wk1a


Location Manager- Billy Campbell




"Mine are the first eyes that see the locations in the script. I read the scripts, then I scout for the physical representations of what the writers have visualized. Once the locations have been chosen I arrange to bring our production circus to them to be filmed."






12 June 2013

TV Guide Cover!







@SashaAlexander1 tweeted:

Thank you so much @TVGuideMagazine for this...Love it!! Everyone be sure to go out and buy one! #rizzoliandisles … http://say.ly/Eln61mp



12 June 2013

TV Guide On the Set: The Killer Chemistry of Rizzoli & Isles

ImageYou know there's a problem when the corpse starts laughing. All morning on the set of Rizzoli & Isles, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have been struggling to get through a morgue scene. The cadaver on the slab has a zipper-like slash across the throat, but it's ­ Alexander who looks like death. She's been fighting a cold and losing.

"Man! Can someone get Sasha a Kleenex?" Harmon says to hoots and giggles after Alexander derails another take with a sneeze. The dead woman's shoulders start jiggling. ­ Alexander tilts her head back in fluish exhaustion and says, "I should probably get stock in Kleenex."

At least the show is healthy. TV's hottest crime-solving duo enters Season 4 as the third-best-rated ­series on basic cable. Rizzoli & Isles averaged more than 7.5 million viewers on TNT last season, capped by a finale that, come to think of it, had some major health issues of its own.

After serious reflection (and pressure from her biological mom, Hope), Maura Isles, the erudite, fashion-­forward Boston medical examiner played by Alexander, agreed to give up her kidney anonymously to save the half sister she barely knows. Jane Rizzoli, Maura's best friend and tough-talking colleague in the Boston Police Department, tried persuading her injured-soldier boyfriend, Casey (Chris Vance), not to go through with potentially life-threatening spine surgery. Meanwhile, Jane's kid brother, Tommy (Colin Egglesfield), Tommy's baby, T.J., and a detective had to be dug out of a collapsed building.

"[When the show returns,] three months have elapsed, the dust has literally settled and everybody's out of hospital gowns," says Janet Tamaro, a veteran TV reporter who in 2010 developed the series, based on the best-selling crime novels by Tess Gerritsen. "I didn't want Jane starting the season pacing the corridor asking, 'Are they going to live?'"

Tamaro's office on the Paramount lot in Hollywood is dotted with relics from a show that's become a pop-culture staple. Among them: a still from the Jeopardy! episode that featured a Rizzoli & Isles question; gifts and letters from fans; and patches representing various police departments. "The day Tina Fey mentioned us on 30 Rock, I was finally validated in my teenager's eyes," Tamaro says.

Whether the series can maintain its firepower is as big a question as which Hermès bag Maura will show up carrying next in the lab. Ratings, though certainly strong, have never reached the heights they did the first season, which explains why, in Season 4, Harmon says, "we're leaning toward where the ­pilot was, as far as getting a little darker, more dramatic, more weighty."

The first episode of Rizzoli & Isles concerned a gruesome murder masterminded by the Surgeon, a Hannibal Lecter type who broke out of jail and came after Jane. The only real hint of the humor to come was the scene in which Maura and Jane tasted cat food. "The ping-pong girly banter is so much fun to do," Harmon says, "but what's even richer are the ­ moments when you go, 'Whoa, these ladies are in trouble.'"

The major drama this season (skip ahead if you're spoiler averse) is the pending murder trial of Maura's biological dad, mob boss Paddy Doyle (John Doman). ­After being shot by Jane and FBI agent Gabriel Dean (Billy Burke) last season, Paddy ended up in prison on multiple murder charges. That's when the situation got truly dysfunctional. Jane figured out that Paddy faked baby Maura's death and gave her to the Isles family to raise for her protection. At Maura's phony headstone, Jane unearthed a book with the names of the dirty cops and city officials who were working for Paddy.

"The whole city is waiting to see Paddy hanged, but he's still pulling maneuvers from prison," Alexander says after her cold meds kick in. It also turns out that Hope (played by Alexander look-alike Sharon Lawrence) has been lying all these years about not being in touch with Paddy. "Hope and Paddy are in contact and involved, which makes Maura say, 'Oh, that's just great. Hope was holding on to information that's prosecutable. Now she's going to jail, too?'"

Actually, it's Maura who heads to the clink. In the third episode, she becomes the prime suspect in a homicide after her shaky alibi puts her at the scene of the crime. Jane must juggle her loyalty for Maura while also staying true to her cohorts in blue. "We work it out, but Maura definitely gets knocked around behind bars for a while," Harmon says. "She's not exactly cut out for jail, which makes it really fun to watch Sasha do those scenes. We both had a blast."

The rapport the actors have on camera is apparent off screen, too, even when half the duo is hacking and wheezing. "If I start to not make sense, just hit me," Alexander tells Harmon as they give another scene a go. "Got it," Harmon says. "Let me know if you need a spittoon."




11 June 2013

Trailer for "Rushlights" with Jordan Bridges




Rushlights stars.... Beau Bridges (as Sheriff Roberts), Aidan Quinn, Josh Henderson, Haley Webb, Jordan Bridges.

Synopsis: Billy and Sarah, two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend’s inheritance.



"Rushlights" Official Trailer from Rushlights LLC on Vimeo.



11 June 2013


9 June 2013

Angie's appearance on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson now June 18


Date change for Angie's appearance!

Now she is scheduled for June 18(previously it was June 24)

Tickets available here for the taping

Tuesday, June 18
Actress Angie Harmon; author Ben Mezrich (n)




9 June 2013

Yahoo: The 15 Summer TV Shows We Can't Wait to Watch

Image"Rizzoli & Isles" (TNT, returns June 25)

TNT's hit procedural puts a spin on the usual crime drama by giving us two female leads: hard-nosed cop Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and fashionable medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander). Plus, there's an unspoken sexual tension between the gals that plays well with a certain segment of the viewing public. "Prison Break's" Amaury Nolasco joins the cast this season as a former colleague of Jane's who's now in charge of the police department's drug unit.




8 June 2013


8 June 2013


7 June 2013

Recent Tweet Pix


















7 June 2013

Rizzoli & Isles Spoilers

ImageFrom TVLine.com-

I know that there’s nothing new on the Castle front, so I’d love some scoop for Rizzoli & Isles. –Mafa

Well, if you’re a fan of TNT dramas in general, I can share exclusively that Monday Mornings alum Emily Swallow (aka Dr. Michelle Robidaux) will guest-star in an August episode as Elizabeth Keating, the parole officer for someone involved in a deadly drag race on Paradise Road.



7 June 2013

New Season 4 Images!!




Click here for larger versions in the Season 4 Character Image gallery





6 June 2013


3 June 2013

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 DVD site up







Season 3 DVD will be released June 11.

Check out preview clips here!



3 June 2013

TNT Armchair Detective Junket Weekend




This weekend AUSXIP was invited by TNT to come out and interview the actors from their summer crime shows, including Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, King & Maxwell, and Cold Justice.

We'll be sharing our interviews/photos with them in the coming weeks.

I just want to say what a wonderful time we had meeting everyone and what a great job that TNT did with putting the event together.






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