AUSXIP Rizzoli and Isles


Janet Tamara's Meet My Crew - Week 8

Posted on 31 July 2013

ImageProduction Coordinator - Rorie D. Van Klaveren

I am the keeper of information and thus have to be extremely organized. This results in being on the computer and phone most of the day making sure I’m up to date with all of R&I’s goings ons, and answering questions. Questions such as where to show up, where to park, when will crew eat. I make sure working conditions are up to standards, the cast & crew are comfortable and safe, and am always asking if anyone needs anything. I run a team in the Production Office and we make sure, using technology, that everyone is on the same page: that they have everything they need to do their job whether its a piece of equipment or the newest version of the draft of the script we are filming. Everyone (cast & crew) usually will take care of themselves most of the time… but if there’s something they don’t know or can’t get done on their own… they come to me.




ImageLaura Owen - Stand In For Angie Harmon

Hi! I’m Laura Owen; Angie Harmon’s stand-in! You might be wondering what a stand-in could possibly be… well, I literally “stand in” for Angie throughout the day which is all a part of expediting the filming process. The actors will rehearse the first scene privately with the director, and then the camera and lighting crew are invited in to watch a rehearsal. I take notes indicating when Angie moves, where she stands, what way she faces, and so on. Then the actors head off to their trailers, wardrobe, or hair and makeup, while the crew gets the scene ready to shoot. They light the scene to fit me and the other stand-ins. We all look fairly similar to our actors, and wear similar colored-clothing to match our actors as well, which helps for lighting. We do “second team rehearsals” with the right lights and full camera moves. From this, the director can see what the scene will generally look like with all its moving parts. Once everything looks right, they bring in the actors! So basically a quick way of saying it is —- whatever Angie does, I do too! Not only is it great to work with Angie and the rest of the crew, but as an actress myself, it is incredibly helpful to be on set everyday as I have the privilege of learning so much! Twitter/Instagram: @RealLauraOwen