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AUSXIP Interview with Idara Victor
Interviewed by Lori
- February 2016

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Infectious joy is what I would use to describe Idara Victor.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Idara during a break of a night shoot for Rizzoli & Isles.  She is one busy actress with not only playing Nina Holiday on Rizzoli & Isles, but she will be guest starring on Castle tonight and her AMC series ,Turn, is back on April 25th.


For her appearance on Castle.  she filmed at Raleigh Studios , across the street from her Rizzoli & Isles home. Mostly working with star Stana Katic, who she said  “was so much fun, and Nathan Fillion was just hilarious and very sweet.”  She was told by Castle producers that ,”The Blame Game” episode was something they had never done before with it being a film like psychological thriller.  “It’s real twisted , where  every moment of that episode I am in danger of being killed”. When describing the Castle set, “it was just like a sliding glass door situation with going from Rizzoli & Isles to Castle , both with a great family atmosphere that are well oiled productions with a fun cast/crew”.






When AMC’s  Turn begins its third season in April, Idara said her character will be a busy lady this season. “There will be huge things for Abigail and everyone in the André household.  With being back together with her son, Cicero, she will be dealing with a rebellious teen trying to find his way .  The struggle between Abigail and the Culper Ring continues but she will also find herself being pulled in other directions.” Idara was really excited, “It’s so good and is really off the charts this season.”



It looks like singing is in the future for Idara on the set of Rizzoli & Isles from a recent twitter session with EP Jan Nash. With Nina being named after Billie Holiday and Nina Simone she would love to sing some soul music.  We both could easily see it happening  in the Dirty Robber.   “Maybe some karoke…I would love to duet with someone!”

In one of the episodes last season, we got to see Nina show off her badass skills and I wondered if we would be seeing more that in upcoming episodes.  Idara just laughed… ”yes,you’ll see more of that side of Nina and there will be some shocking things happening, but you’ll  just have to wait to find out about those.”

With filming for season seven of Rizzoli & Isles having recently starting I wondered if the news that this was the last season was already being felt on set.  “We are really aware this is the last season and it’s sad and bitter sweet, but at least we know it’s the last season and they can end the show properly. We are savoring all the little moments together and it’s gonna be a fun season!”

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