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AUSXIP Interviews Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander
Interviewed by Lori and Liv from Rizzles Unlimited
- 01 June 2013

These interviews are EXCLUSIVE to AUSXIP and Rizzles Unlimited and are copyrighted to the individual interviewer.
No portion of the interviews must be used without the prior permission.

This took place at the TNT Armchair Detective Weekend Junket with bloggers and radio DJs interviewing the ladies. The following is the transcript of our time with the ladies:

Angie Harmon: Oh, I know who you guys are! How are you?!

Sasha Alexander: Nice to meet you!

Angie Harmon: Oh my goodness! [jokingly] You’re not radio DJs.

Liv: Nope, we’re not. We’re bloggers.

Angie Harmon: Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!

Sasha Alexander: Thank you so much. It’s such a pleasure…

Angie Harmon: Yes! Thank you, thank you… thank you very much

Sasha Alexander: Thank you, guys.

Angie Harmon: That is so… okay… I was so… I literally, as soon as I saw [who we were about to talk to], I was like *gasp* OH MY GOSH!

Sasha Alexander: Thank you. You’ve done such a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done to help promote us and support us.

Angie Harmon: Yes. Wait a minute, I have a question. Did y’all just start this on your own, or…?

Lori: Yes

Liv: Yes, ma’am

Angie Harmon: You did, didn’t you?! I knew it. Thank you. Thank you very, very much.

Sasha Alexander: Now, how did you get the name AUS… AUS…


Angie Harmon: AUSXIP

Sasha Alexander: AUSXIP… Aus-pix! Aux-pix!

Angie Harmon: Okay, because I was like you [points to Lori] were the one on Aucks…pix? What is it?

Sasha Alexander: Aux-pix!

Lori: Well, it was originally a Xena: Warrior Princess site. AUS is because it was from somebody in Australia, and XIP was from ‘Xena Information Page’, so that’s where it came from.

Sasha Alexander: Got it!

Our time was very limited, as was the time for everyone there. Think of it as speed dating, but with interviews instead, so we had to quickly barrel into the actual asking of questions.

Liv: We were wondering, what darker aspects of your character would you like to see better represented? We see a lot of the light, fluffy…

Angie Harmon: Right… right, right, right…

Liv: Which is great, but is there anything about your characters that you would like to dig into on the darker side?

Angie Harmon: Oh, totally! I wish Jane would get pregnant.

Liv: Really?

Angie Harmon: Yeah, I mean, like literally, just in the books I wanted her [points to Sasha] to fall in love with the priest because that is just so forbidden.

Liv: Father Brophy

Sasha Alexander: Yeah

Angie Harmon: And I wanted Jane to, you know, to get pregnant and have to go through all of that, and… What? Does she want a baby? I would love that, absolutely love it.

Sasha Alexander: One of my favorite scenes in one of the books is with Jane when she doesn’t know that she’s pregnant.

Angie Harmon: Yeah, and she’s with Frost?

Sasha Alexander: And they’re at the church…

Angie Harmon: Yeah, with the baby in the fountain?

Sasha Alexander: Mmm-hmmm … and she’s in the bathroom, and I actually had said to Janet [Tamaro] at one point that I love those moments between two women. American television, kind of, doesn’t allow for this.

Angie Harmon: Yeah

Sasha Alexander: Where there’s an honesty about it. They just don’t want it because they like things to look a little bit, you know, glossier, like our apples are brighter than organic apples… like redder and, you know…

Angie Harmon: [mocking voice] Shiny.

Sasha Alexander: [returned mocking voice] They’re shiny!

[chuckles in the room]

Sasha Alexander: And, so, I love this moment where Jane just, as a woman, is in the bathroom kind of not feeling great, Maura understands, they’re there at a crime scene… Can you imagine being in that situation? Not feeling well whether it’s, you know, your cycle, whether you’re pregnant… Whatever is going on with you… There’s something so real about that.

Angie Harmon: Mmmm-hmmm

Sasha Alexander: That, to me, is kind of the stuff that that we always enjoy when something hits in that place that just feels like, oh, like that’s kind of the stuff that sometimes happens in friendships and in things between [women]…

Angie Harmon: That’s life; that’s life.

Sasha Alexander:  That is life, and I think that we both kind of love that kind of truth when it finds its place in the story.

Angie Harmon: Yeah, and I loved the stuff with Maura and, you know…

Sasha Alexander: The priest

Angie Harmon: Yeah, the priest, and, you know, she would be looking out the window and he would be sort of standing across the street just sort of watching over her, which that was so symbolic and cool.

Liv: Right?

Angie Harmon: You know? And how do you not have feelings for that? And then, of course, he’s gorgeous, and Maura is always that sort of dance-on-the-line, you know, kind of person, but not in a moral way but more in a logical way. [She’s like,] “Well I feel this for this person so why wouldn’t I act?” And she always sort of makes it real, and I begged, and begged and begged and begged for that. It’s so funny! We’re like begging for that.

[Funny mocking tone to imaginary Power That Be] Please let her fall in love with the priest! Please let her get pregnant. Oh muh gawd, please!

[more chuckles in the room]

Sasha Alexander: At this point, we’re just like, “Let them have somebody!

Angie Harmon: Just let them have sex! Please, oh muh gawd!

Sasha Alexander: There’s no serial killers… something

[more room chuckles]

Liv: We feel your pain if it’s any consolation.

Angie Harmon: I’m telling you… it’s just… but, yeah, those were some really… I would love for both of those, and I, as a friend, would love to just sit there and be like, [funny, mocking valley voice] “Oh muh gawd, what you gonna do? He’s so cute, but he’s a man of the cloth. What are you gonna do?”

Sasha Alexander: [laughter, returns funny, mocking valley voice] Man of the cloth, oh muh gawd!

Angie Harmon: Does he have abs? Did you feel them when you hugged him? [chuckles]

Sasha Alexander:  But it’s harder to do when you’re doing it on the short screen.

Angie Harmon: Yeah.

Lori: Okay, so will Jane’s relationship with Casey get resolved this season, and will she move on to someone new?

Angie Harmon: Umm… well… we’re kind of… we’re in the middle of shooting right now. We’re right dead center of the season, so the Casey relationship has been resolved. However, he is in Afghanistan, and a man from Rizzoli’s past, a lieutenant, has come in. They were both in the drug unit together. So there is this sort of… you know… what’s going to happen because Jane wants to be loyal and all of that, and that doesn’t necessarily happen when life happens.

Liv: Maura’s family dynamic has changed drastically since season one, and we’re wondering what effect that’s going to have on Maura as far as how she interacts with her environment and the other people around her as her family has grown and gone nuts.

Sasha Alexander: Well I think that it’s not only affecting her, but it’s effecting Jane because we start off the season, and Maura’s not so happy. She gave away her kidney, and nobody said thanks, and, so, Jane’s having to deal with Maura’s massive, depressive mood. [chuckles] That’s one thing.

Angie Harmon: That’s so cute.

Sasha Alexander: But then we start to unravel.  Paddy Doyle’s on trial, and that opens up a lot of mysteries, a lot more crime for the detectives to solve. There’s just a lot that we’re learning about Hope and Paddy and their history and Paddy’s… stuff that he’s been involved with the City of Boston. Like, all these things that…. And I think that, overall, what I sort of feel Maura is going through is really, like, you meet these people that you probably always wanted to meet and maybe they’re not the people you really want to know. So I think it’s drawn her closer, not just to Jane, but to Jane’s family and just knowing that’s her family. Jane’s her family more than the people she’s just met, and, so, it’s a tricky situation.

I think there’s a bit of an identity… moments of fragile identity crisis.

Angie Harmon: And it’s difficult for the cops.

Sasha Alexander: Yeah

Angie Harmon: Because we have to, you know, obviously we have to solve the case and put away this person that we’ve been after for years, but we all love her [nods to Sasha] immensely, and, so, we’re trying to sort of delicately…

Lori: Balance?

Angie Harmon: Yeah, because… you know…

Sasha Alexander: So I think its fun because of that real, personal stuff. When a case does get personal, it’s definitely… there’s more to play.

Angie Harmon: Yup. It’s more fun.

Sasha Alexander: Because you have your own feelings, but, then they’re both professionals, and they have to get their jobs done.