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AUSXIP Holiday Q&A with Sasha Alexander
Interviewed by Lori
- December 2013

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I thought it might be fun to do a holiday themed Q&A and Sasha graciously agreed to do it. Hope you enjoy it!

When preparing the Thanksgiving meal - are you the head cook or the chief helper in the kitchen?

I do the baking… Love it. But will attempt a turkey one day soon.

Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

My uncle's baked yams with pineapples and my mother's fresh cranberry sauce. I could eat it every day. 

Are you one that loves shopping on Black Friday or hate it?

I like the idea of it but only if I am the first one there in the am and leave early… otherwise I get overwhelmed. I don't find it fun to shop or die… what's the point? I like to buy things I want and need. 

Did you leave out milk & cookies for Santa when you were little?

I think so. My parents didn't really have those traditions so I feel like I might have imposed it to make sure he came. 

Growing up,  did you love or hate going to get your photo taken with Santa and why?

I have a classic photo with santa claus where I am screaming my head off. I am around 4 or 5 years old. I have to find it, probably at grandma's house. It is truly hilarious. 

Favorite holiday song?

All of them! They all bring me joy!!!

When opening presents, do you carefully unwrap the paper or just rip it?  


Favorite holiday movie?

A Christmas Story

Memorable present that you gave someone and couldn't wait to see their reaction to getting it?

My husband his new skis this year. And the grandmas' yearly photo albums of their grandkids are always a hit! I love watching them go through it. 

What's a favorite holiday family tradition that you have?

Sneaking in presents under the christmas tree for the children and waking up to them screaming and running in to see them all. Our holiday ski trip and christmas lunch with Nonna Sophia is always a memorable treat. 

What makes New Year's Eve special for you?  

Being with my Edoardo and close friends. Usually we are in the mountains skiing and someone will plan a fun night of great food and music and dancing!

Do you make New Year's resolutions and if so, are you good or bad about keeping them?

Every year after New Year's, Edoardo and I have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Geneva and talk about our resolutions and goals for the year. We write them down, seal them in an envelope and open them the following year. I would say we are pretty good about keeping them. Either way, it's always a special to talk about the year ahead and to reflect on the year that passed. 

With 2013 coming to a close, what are you grateful for this year?

Life. With the loss of a dear friend this year, I can only be grateful to be alive and healthy and surrounded by those I love and who love me. Life is hard. I am grateful to be living and doing the best I can.