Angie Harmon on Oprah 27 September 2010

Angie Harmon on Oprah 27 September 2010

Posted by Lori On: September 28, 2010
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Angie was on Oprah 27 September 2010 Celebrity Dream Jobs – a 15 minute segment with Angie. Video created by Lori

While at the National Forensic Academy, Angie learns how to dust for fingerprints and examine blood splatters on a wall. Then, on a field trip to the Tennessee woods, the detectives take Angie on a body hunt. Buried in the ground is a fake human body that Angie is assigned to dig up without destroying any evidence. “This mannequin has been buried for three years,” she says. “That’s fascinating.”

While blood and bodies are anything but glamorous, Angie says what she enjoys most about being a homicide detective is solving a puzzle. “To be able to get in there and put all the pieces together and figure it out, you’re speaking for the dead,” she says. “You’re the voice that going to help these people.”

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