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28 February 2017

AUSXIP On The Move...

AUSXIP On The Move

Just a bit of housekeeping - the AUSXIP Server has come to end of it's life and that means I'm upgrading the hardware. This is going to take a few days to migrate all the data on the server (and there is LOTS of it). Whilst the migration takes place, no new updates will be posted until the update is complete.

What does this mean for AUSXIP and all the sites hosted on the AUSXIP Server?


You shouldn't see any disruption to any sites. Just a matter of moving data from one server to another.

Battle On!




24 February 2017

Letter of Appreciation from Starship to AUSXIP and Fans Who Supported the Auction

I received the following letter from Starship regarding AUSXIP's 20th anniversary charity auction where we raised $18,000!

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger scan.




16 December 2016

2016 AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Charity Auction Tentative Totals & A Word of Thanks!

ImageWow what an exciting and exhilarating day this has been! I'm totally buggered but I've been crunching numbers and it has perked me right up. We have some tentative totals (tentative in the case that people may have donated instead of bid, people rounding up (they do that A LOT) when paying for their items). These are the raw figures and they have BLOWN. ME. AWAY.

Today has been an awesome way to celebrate 20 years of my baby!
Part 1 of the big bash celebrating AUSXIP's 20th Anniversary happened in March. That was a tiny auction and that raised
$2995 NZD

Part 2 was the Mother of all AUSXIP Auctions and that has raised...
$14,067.58 NZD

Plus I donated all my royalties from my coloring books and the AUSXIP Merchandise Store for all of 2016 - $1000 NZD

Grand total (NZD) is: $18,062.58

In the last ten years (2006 being the 1st Starship auction and AUSXIP's 10th Birthday) we have raised $173,062 for Starship. Doesn't that just blow your mind?
Roger and myself started the first auction - that was a rollercoaster ride - Renee's autographed items were supposed to be posted to Australia but they detoured to Austria instead of Australia and came back to me 1 day before the auction was to start...wwwwweeeee! Our first auction raised just over $8000. We were later joined by Lori Boyles for the last 3 auctions. I have such an awesome team. SERIOUSLY awesome, dedicated team.

Starship have gone to great lengths to help us by making the process SO EASY. These people are INCREDIBLE.

Lastly...all of you. I can't begin to tell you how much support has been given to this auction by all of you. Whether you donated, bid, you won or you spread the word. It's truly inspiring and I'm touched by your generosity and your love. A love for what Xena Warrior Princess has been about and continues to be 21 years later. An incredible fandom that is just EXTRAORDINARY in it's power and heart.



26 March 2016

New Amazons and Warriors 2 Coloring Book For Adults Now Available


MaryD's latest coloring book has been released! Amazons and Warriors 2 (Coloring To Relax The Mind Series Book 6) is now available to order from Amazon

All royalties from this book will be donated to Starship for 2016 as part of the AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Celebrations! Buy the book, have hours of enjoyment coloring in Amazons and Warriors AND support Starship as they help the kids - WIN/WIN!

Click here to purchase

Amazons & Warriors Adult Coloring Book Volume 2 is a great way to relax and unwind. Inspired by the legendary Greek Amazons and Warriors throughout history. You will find 40 illustrations to color. Find a quiet spot, turn off the TV and your phone. This is your time and relaxing with this mix of warrior power and strength.



19 December 2015

AUSXIP and the Xena Reboot

The Xena Reboot "Debate" has reached new levels of stupid. I understand and totally feel for people who want Lucy and Renee back as Xena & Gab. I want that as well BUT it's not going to happen the way we want it to happen.

Javier, the new chief writer and executive producer of Xena 2.0 has been harassed and his family harassed. That's just not right, folks.

Absolutely NOT right and borders on the insane. This is a tv show, not life/death. Take a step back and see it for what it is. You cannot harass, vilify and abuse others in such a fashion. It goes against what the show as about.

The latest idiocy that I've been told about is that I get paid for AUSXIP and that's why I'm promoting Xena Reboot. WRONG. I am promoting it because I like the idea - if I can't have Lucy & Renee as I want, this will be the deal I want. We don't get what we want some times. IT'S CALLED LIFE!

Now let me address the AUSXIP is bought line:

Okay I know most of you know this - well the oldtimers who have been visiting AUSXIP for 19 years - but for the newbies out there who don't know the history of the Xenaverse or AUSXIP.

I'm going to state it as plainly as I can. It has been brought to my attention that people are thinking that I get paid for AUSXIP and that's why I'm promoting the Xena Reboot.

1. AUSXIP is solely owned by ME. NO ONE has veto powers on this site. NO ONE. Not Rob, Not Lucy, Not Renee, Not Adrienne, Not Steve - NO ONE.

I don't have advertising and I don't allow advertising. What goes up on AUSXIP is only decided by me.

If I were to note down how much money I've spent on AUSXIP it would be over $20,000 on server fees alone since 1999 - not kidding. Not to mention the THOUSANDS of hours I have spent on this site. I CHOOSE to do so, it gives me joy. I choose to do what gives me joy and makes it fun.

I'm not saying this to get a pat on the head; just stating facts.

2. I have NEVER been paid to do AUSXIP - not by the fans (I don't accept contributions) nor by TPTB. NO ONE has paid me one red cent. I don't want to be paid for something I choose to have online. It's my choice. If I want, I will remove it when I feel like it.

One day when the joy runs out, I will remove it. It will be gone. Not out of spite or any other reason other than it stops being fun. That's the only rule.

3. I am NOT accepting money to promote the Reboot or any other favours.

I run AUSXIP. I own AUSXIP. My site. My rules. My choices.

You don't like the fact I'm for the reboot? Stiff cheddar. Get over it. I don't care and don't visit the site.

Thank you. That is the last thing I'm going to say about this.

I am supporting a Xena Reboot.




7 November 2015

2016 Xenite Retreat Webmaster Panel with MaryD and Kym Taborn (


Upcoming Events

Well here's a first. I'm going to be on a panel (along with my friend Kym Taborn from Whoosh ( about the early days of the Xenaverse at the Xenite Retreat in California. A panel of some sorts...

I'll have my Xenite webmaster hat on for that! I have lots of hats.

Date: 22-25 April 2016
Where: Canyon Creek, California
Why: Celebrating Xenite fandom and talking about AUSXIP



9 July 2015

Knock Out Obesity Foundation

This is a fantastic initiative that the Xenite Retreat will also be supporting.


Awesome initiative. Please share.

Posted by Mary Dee on Wednesday, July 8, 2015



19 May 2015

Xena Uber Fiction Review: The Pocket Watch by Cheyne Curry

ImageThe Pocket Watch
Description: Jenna Coleman and her partner, Brynne, have a committed, loving relationship. A frisky beginning to a beautiful Indian Summer morning becomes one of continuous horror woven into the fabric of everyone's history.

Content Warning: This is a fictional, detailed depiction of one woman's personal 9/11. It may not be for everyone.


Fan Fiction: Uber

There are many stories to be told about one of the most infamous days in history. There are some stories that grip you from the beginning and won’t let go. You sob because you know they are real. Yes they are fiction but they are based on fact.

The Pocket Watch is one of those stories.

We all know the events of 9/11 and the devastating effect it had on thousands of lives. Over 3,000 people lost their lives that day and many first responders suffered and died from the poisonous toxins they breathed in while searching the debris.

The Pocket Watch is one of the most moving pieces of fiction I have read in a long time. It tells the story of a courageous firefighter and the woman she believes may have died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Cheyne makes you care for the characters and that, for me, is what makes a great story. Can you feel for the characters? Do you care what happens to them? Are you willing them on?

Beautifully written and it's a timely reminder of how easy love could be lost.

Rating: 5/5

Read: The Pocket Watch by Cheyne Curry



5 May 2015

MaryD's 4th Novel Awakenings - Pre-Order for 1 June Release



Pre-Order for 1 June Release

2nd Edition available now to pre-order - Contains additional material new to this edition

The fourth installment of the Intertwined Souls Series, Awakenings, continues the journey of two extraordinary women, Eva Haralambos and Zoe Lambros to Greece and Germany. Having gone back to Greece to reclaim Zoe’s inheritance after the Greek Civil War had ended, they are confronted by their own haunted memories and secrets.

Eva not only has to deal with her wartime memories in a town that despised her, but she also has to contend with a figure from her past. The festive wedding of a wartime hero brings to light Eva’s strength in facing her fears.

Zoe contends with own harrowing memories and relives a day that shattered her soul but out of the darkness there is light.

They get help from two formidable women—Zoe’s Aunt, Dr. Stella Nikas-Lambros, an exuberant, zany character in her own right, and Theresa Mitsos, the quiet, gentle soul with extraordinary paranormal abilities.

In Germany they discover secrets that have spanned generations and shocking revelations. Their lives are once again altered in ways neither of them expected.

Follow this emotional journey of Eva and Zoe. It's more than a lesbian romance. Secrets are revealed, new abilities are found and risks are taken.




30 April 2015

MaryD Fiction Newsletter for April 2015 Released

arriving02The MaryD Fiction newsletter for April has been released!

Sign up to subscribe to Mary D Brooks Fiction Newsletter- Sign up for content you won't find on the official main site or on facebook/twitter, giveaways, news about upcoming novels and related topics not covered online.

Read chapters from the upcoming Book 6 of the Intertwined Souls Series "Brave Hearts Dare" and more!

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20 April 2008 - Lucy Lawless graciously agreed to be interviewed in between working on the Adam Sandler movie "Bedtime Stories" and preparing for her UK Concert debut in London next month. Since I personally love The Actor's Studio...we did our own version with Lucy. Full Interview       

Renee O'Connor


26 April 2008 - Renee once again agreed to be interviewed by Christa (and KT this time) at Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay which was held in Los Angeles on 26 April 2008.

Full Interview       

Renee O'Connor


AUSXIP reporter Christa interviewed Adrienne on 23 June 2007 in Los Angeles. This interview is quite lengthy and so interesting. Adrienne talks about her career choices, living in Hollywood, being a voiceover actress, her new Star Wars role, Xena and her thoughts on working in New Zealand, working with Lucy, Renee, Kevin Smith and much more.

Full Interview

Renee O'Connor


Members of the AUSXIP Talking Xena message forum submitted questions for Rob and they were sent to him. Rob graciously agreed to answer the majority of the questions which were fantastic and very informative, humorous and enlightening. It's not often you get such an indepth interview from a Holllywood producer. Sit back and enjoy one of the best interviews with Rob Tapert.

Full Interview


Christa and I had the opportunity to sit down with Steven Sears for a lengthy interview while I was in the US. It's a fascinating interview about Steven's childhood growing up as an Army brat and what led him to acting and then writing. He talks about the writing process and what is required to be successful. Steven talks about the Xena Day Strike march that was to happen (the interview was on the January 11 and the Xena Day Strike march occured January 24) and how he has been touched by the Xenaverse's generosity and other aspects of the fandom.

Full Interview

Renee O'Connor


AUSXIP Interviewed Katherine on January 29, 2008 - a few days after the 2008 Burbank Convention. It's a great interview dealing with Katherine's path from possible lawyer to successful writer and producer. She talks about why she changed from law to directing and writing, writing in general, what writing for Xena meant to her and the fan support during the WGA strike. Katherine also talks about Army Wives and how she became involved and what it's like to work with the whole AW team.

Full Interview

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