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28 September 2009

A Bard In Need Auction Update

Firstly I want to say many many thanks to everyone who is supporting this auction; it's just so amazing to see the support in this fandom. Mesh has been organising this auction and doing a fantastic job. The following is an update:

An update to the Auction currently underway:

A couple last minute additions to "A Bard In Need Auction" auction on AUSXIP.

Signed Warlord Metal by D. Jordan Redhawk, donated by the author.

Signed On Azrael's Wings by D. Jordan Redhawk, donated by the author.

Unsigned Engravings of Wraith by Kiera Dellacroix (#2), donated by Roxanne.

Unsigned Icehole by Kiera Dellacroix, donated by Roxanne.

Please note that while most items end on the 3rd, some may end on the 4th depending on the server time or your location.

There are several items there are more than one copies are listed of, peruse the category listing and bid away!

Winning bidders can pay via Personal Check, Money Order or PayPal. Once the auctions close, you will be emailed payment details.

If you would like to help Kim but don't wish to bid on any items, you can email mesh[at] for Kim's mailing address to send donations to. You can also donate via paypal on the auction site:

For questions about the auction please email Mesh at mesh[at]