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25 September 2009

A Bard In Need Auction Update

As most of you are aware, AUSXIP has launched an auction to raise money for one of our own, Kim Pritekel who needs eye saving surgery. One of my biggest fears is losing my sight and I think that goes for many people. Faced with such a prospect and knowing there is something you can do to fix it but being unable to do so has to be such a terrible tangle. Kim finds herself in this position and that is why AUSXIP has come on board to help out.

While I was in New Zealand, Mesh has taken this under her wing and has set up the AUSXIP Auction page with over 158 items (and more to come). Bards and fans have banded together in donating items for this auction. I love this fandom and one of the major reasons is that it supports its own, the stars of the show and anyone remotely associated with Xena. For the Greator Good in this case is for one of our own. Thank you to everyone who contributed and who has bid/is bidding. There is also a paypal button on the auction site if you want to donate without bidding.

If you have previous registered for AUSXIP Auctions, you can bid on the items using the same username and password. If not, you can register by going here and if you are not sure what your username and password is - please go here

Mesh sent the following note about the latest auction updates:

Hi guys,

Last night MaryD's books were added alongside Susan Meagher's SF series. Today more signed and unsigned titles followed by CL Hart, Chris Anne Wolfe, Paula Christian and others. In the process of adding the last (rather large) batch of unsigned books.

Please make sure to start at the CATEGORY LIST at the following link, that way you won't scratch your head as to what is signed and what isn't.

There's also a Twitter friendly short link y'all could add to your Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages, blogs and whatnot:

Be sure to check out the listing for Kim's Short Story you provide the ideas for at

Check to bid on getting Kim's Upcoming 1049 Club Dedicated to You!

Exciting stuff, terrific donations from the authors, fans.

I love this fandom.