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25 September 2009

Going Down Memory Lane...DUX Anyone?

I was having a nice chat with a friend today about being in the Xenaverse since forever. Along the way I found out he had AUSXIP's very first banner (why he kept this banner is a mystery to me) Thanks Saul! You're a worse pack rat than me!


You will all notice that AUSTRALIAN is missing from the banner although I did pick a very nice photo of our dynamic duo..I still like that photo; it's one of my favourites. Can't say much about the font or the bevilled banner (I was obsessed by bevilled images for some odd reason..good thing I grew out of that phase <g>)

I wasn't very creative about the name either but then what I really wanted to call the site was Down Under Xena (now obviously I didn't use that for very obvious reasons but the appreviation was fun DUX)

Seems like a lifetime ago...