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3 November 2009

Upcoming Adrienne Wilkinson Charity Auction...

One of the cool things about organising a charity auction is all the stuff you get to see and go "ooh I wouldn't mind that..." - there's a ton of that going on this week as I organise the auction items to be put up on the charity auction page. I have to say the new software is pretty darn cool and I've been playing with that for the last week or so as well by creating dud auction items and buying them just to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

The next auction is Adrienne's official charity auction which will be held from 9-22 November. It's a little early this year - hey just in time for the holiday season and trust me, there is a ton of stuff here that is just amazing. Stuff from Xena, Star Wars, Charmed, Wire in the Blood, Photos, Twilight Film, Hudson's dress (although Hudson is not in it..heh), a dinner with Adrienne and Katherine (now that is worth something because I can guarantee you it won't be boring..not with those two) and so much more.

Check out Adrienne's message below and in the coming days there will be more video of some of the items to get you all in the mood!

The auction page is located here - and if you haven't registered yet please do because the item you want may be snapped up in the Buy It Now feature. Some items will be on auction and some items are Buy it Now.

Adrienne Wilkinson Chats About Her Upcoming Official Charity Auction on AUSXIP
9-22 November 2009