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8 September 2010

Huge Change on AUSXIP - Katrina Law Sites Merge!

ImageI have some major news regarding an AUSXIP site. One of AUSXIP's sites will cease to exist as of today. That site is AUSXIP Katrina Law News & Multimedia.

I'm very excited to announce that AUSXIP Katrina Law - the Official Fan site for Katrina Law and the Official Katrina Law Site have now merged!

In AUSXIP's 14 year history, I have never merged with another site and then totally removed the AUSXIP name from it. I respect Katrina a great deal and I think she's a wonderful actress and person so the decision wasn't that hard. Another piece of good news is that I'll still be bringing you Katrina news but now as Katrina's official webmaster (still no rest for the insane). All updates will also be reflected on the main AUSXIP page which will link back to Katrina's site.

So. AUSXIP Katrina Law - no more. The Official Katrina Law Site has been redesigned by Katrina's friend Laura Teti and I'm the webmaster of this shiney brand new site.

Go check it out; it's gorgeous! Click here to view the site

Here's Katrina's Message:

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by my brand spankin' new site!

I would like to thank my very talented and creative designer (and long time friend) Laura Teti for refurbishing my online home.

She is wonderful and you can find her contact info in my links section if you need her services.

With the help of Mary D at We've merged two sites into one; my official fan site and the official site have now combined. Mary D has been a godsend and a guardian angel to me and with her magical mind behind the controls, you will find all the latest news, images, video and my blogs all in one easy location. We hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to the Official Katrina Law website!

Check back often for new photos, blogs and videos!