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31 December 2010

2010 AUSXIP Year In Review

2010 is coming to a close and we take a look back at some interesting developments in AUSXIP's growth over the last year. It's been quite a year from interviews to several sites becoming official fan sites. The highlight for me was watching AUSXIP grow. Now 14 years young, the site continues to grow. The site wouldn't be the same without the support and contributions from all of you. Thank you!

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and may 2011 be better for everyone.


  • 21 December 2010 - The brand new site for Jaime Murray is created / maintained by Mesh - AUSXIP Jaime Murray News and Multimedia
  • 15 December 2010 - AUSXIP (Australian Xena Information Page & AUSXIP Lucy Lawless) Celebrates 14 Years Online.


  • 28 November 2010 - AUSXIP Charity Auction and The Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club team up for the Annual Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity Sale
  • 15 November 2010 - The new Rob Tapert / Sam Raimi tv show Noir news and multimedia site is born



  • July 2010 Nick Tarabay / Ashur AUSXIP Spartacus Nick Tarabay - Cast site for the incredible Nick Tarabay who stars as Ashur

  • AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Celebrates 13 Years Online (July 1997 - July 2010)





  • March 2010 - AUSXIP Charity Auction is held to raise money for Starship Foundation / ROC Outreach Fund and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. - Total Raised: $17,610

  • 22 March 2010 - AUSXIP Interviews Crystal Chappell & Kim Turrisi (Venice The Series) by Christa Morris

  • 22 March 2010 - AUSXIP Interviews Crystal Chappell (Interviewed by Christa Morris)

  • 10 March 2010 - AUSXIP Katrina Law News & Multimedia site is born. Becomes the Official Katrina Law Fan Site.

  • March 2010 - AUSXIP Interviews Nick Tarabay (Ashur) - March 2010



  • January 2010 - AUSXIP Lesley-Ann Brandt News and multimedia site is born. Lesley-Ann is Naevia is Spartacus. Also a first for AUSXIP, the site becomes the official fan site for Lesley-Ann
  • January 2010 - AUSXIP Video is born. AUSXIP's own dedicated video site with video channels to Xena, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson