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21 February 2011

A Bard in Need Update - This Fandom ROCKS!

Yesterday I posted about Gina's call for help and yesterday the Xenaverse responded as you guys always do: with generosity and a willingness to help a fellow fan. I LOVE this fandom! There is no other like it.

Here is Gina's latest update:

"Yesterday morning when I posted that update, I felt as low as I ever felt in my life. Nothing lay before me but darkness. I went to work and then, when I came home and turned on my computer, checking my email, I was overwhelmed by the response. I mean, I've said that before, overwhelmed, but I don't think I've actually experienced it until yesterday and continue to, today. I can't express how light I feel. I haven't stopped smiling (and crying a bit, but it was from joy.) I've always known I've had the best readers... no, the best friends in the world. People reached out with such kindness and such caring. They helped me at a time when I need it most, and never expected. I can't thank you enough, I don't know how (except possibly to rededicate myself to my writing with a vengence and get more stories out this year for J/7, for Bad Girls, and yes, as many novels as I can come up with.) I will be answering every email though it will take me some time.

There have been a multitude, and each one is a warm hug to me and a reminder that I'm not alone. I'm ashamed to admit that when I updated, I honestly thought that there weren't that many who would even read it after so long. But I was completely and happily wrong. I heard from people I hadn't heard from in years, but each email made me smile with the memories of the particular story they had commented on, of the discussions we had, and of the fun we enjoyed in those interactions. And then there were those who I never knew were there, but reached out now. I've been reading the JB series over from the beginning the past week, not just for inspiration, but for the joy it had brought me to write it, and the memories. Now I feel like Seven when she was first embarking on her relationship with Janeway. Words are inadequate. They're not enough. I struggle to find them, to say all the things that are in my heart, in my head, the humble gratitude and, yes, the sheer honor that I feel that so many people care, that my stories somehow entertained and touched so many people that they would think of me with such... love.
I love you all. Not in a 'I love ya, man' kind of way, but with a warm, welling swell in my chest and stomach, of the feeling that no matter what else happens, this has to be a pretty darned good life that such things are possible.
People reached out with more than love, as you know, clicking on the donation button above. That was more than overwhelming. It was rescue and salvation. I'm not only no longer being pulled under, I'm not even treading water. I'm out of those dark waters entirely and into the bloody boat. I'm standing on the bow, the wind on my face, feeling as if anything is possible again.
I don't have any stories to post today. I heartily wish I did. But I can post the first chapter of what stories/novels I've been working away at the past year. I hope you enjoy them.

Millennium #22
Cross Purposes
For Queen & Commonwealth

Thank you from all that I am."