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17 April 2012

AUSXIP Staff Update: New Contributing Editors

I'm very pleased to welcome two new members to the AUSXIP staff. Aiglon and Olansamuelle join AUSXIP as Contributing Editors.

The contributing editor regularly contributes material for publication  but is not involved in the editing on AUSXIP. In respects to Aiglon (who has her magnificent art on AUSXIP - Look at Aiglon's Art subsite) she will be helping me with the art and other images as well as being an AUSXIP  reporter for Poland and Europe.

Olansamuelle, in addition her fantastic  Spartacus: Draw Them All comic strip will be helping with Spartacus related articles and also be an AUSXIP Reporter for Spain.

Aiglon and Olansamuelle join Mesh, Roger and Tobias as contributing editors.

Lori Boyles is Assistant editor and I'm Chief Editor.

Battle On!