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14 February 2018

On This Day in 2001...

Today is Valentine’s Day in Oz but to me this day has a HUGE significance in my life. AUSXIP played such a huge part in my staying sane during a turbulent period where I was married to an abusive man for 16 years (1985 to 2001) AUSXIP was born in December 1996 and in that time it kept me from going to totally round the bend. I walked out on 14 February 2001 – VALENTINES DAY. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened that way. To many who ask why AUSXIP is still around 20+ years…that is the reason. I fell in love with Xena, what she stood for and what she wanted to do in the world. I immersed myself in art, fanfic and news about the show. It was my touchstone, my saving grace and a way to escape into my own world called the Xenaverse.

i want to talk to anyone who is currently in that is situation. Trust me I know it’s not easy, it never is. Double the risk if you have children or if you have been isolated from your family/friends, have no means of financial security. The only person who can make the decision to walk away is YOU. There are people who can help you but you have to want to walk way. Your feet have to get the message from your brain to WALK AWAY. For your life, your sanity, your happiness. No one can make the decision for you. It can be done. It will be hard but the hardest decision is to make that decision in the first place. The rest gets easier.

My life has been pretty special since then and I have achieved quite a lot from my wish list and gained so much in ways of friends, a healthy life, healthy attitude and joy/happiness. I have been asked when will I stop AUSXIP and just find time to do other things (has anyone noticed the other things I have been doing? writing books, starting a publishing company, started a design business, travelling the world, raised $$ for charity, been comfortable in my own skin and the list goes on). The answer to the question is HELL NO.

Thank you to my Xenaverse family for keeping me sane (even when you were off your heads with flamewars, gabdrags, shipper wars and all sorts of other mischief). You are INCREDIBLE and if I had to stumble into a fandom, this was the PERFECT fandom to make a home in.

If you are in such a situation, please talk to someone – there is a solution to the problem. If you are in Australia go here or google domestic violence support. You will find it.