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        10 January 2003

A Possible Xena Movie In The Works?

There is speculatioin starting to circulate about a possible Xena movie. Lucy mentioned a movie in the latest Lesbian News magazine interview (see below) and yesterday she was on 91ZM in New Zealand. She indicated a movie was in the works. According to The Flik Spot


Lucy Lawless (Xena herself) confirmed the other day on a NZ radio station (91ZM) that a Xena Warrior Princess movie is planned. With a set budget of $50-60 Million (US) and the possibilty of a few big names joining the cast Universal is treating this film as a major Blockbuster."

In response to this information Sharon Delaney from the Official Xena Fan Club (Creation Entertainment) issued this statement:

"Rob would love to do one and has been working toward that end.  But nothing definite has been set yet.  It's still in the "3 or 4 years down the road" stage."

So it looks as if we are to wait just a little bit more for that movie.



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