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        2 February 2004

Xena Movie News from 2004 Xena Con

News of the Xena Movie from the 2004 Xena Convention:

Katherine Fugate stated that the script has been outlined and ready to go. The major stumbling block at the moment is that Rob Tapert needs the rights from Universal before they can start.

The studio wants Rob to make the movie. Lucy & Renee have signed up for the roles and all that's waiting is the rights issue. Katherine outlined that she would like as many as returning characters as possible. She didn't want to recast the role of Ares.

Katherine said that the movie would have to accomodate three groups: the fans, the casual viewers and those that know of Xena but haven't seen anything of the show.

The budget (as previously mentioned) is around 40 to 50 milliion.
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