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        21 July 2004

Lucy Interview on This Way Out - Xena Movie News

21 July 2004

Lucy gave an interview to the Radio program "This Way Out" and a possible Xena movie was mentioned - 21 July 2004

JP: You have done a wonderful service in bringing that to living rooms across a broad area and I guess I might put a pitch in there that, you know, were so many, in particular, I think of girls, because I think of my god-daughter who was probably about 6 at the time when Xena came on and I just think of how many of other little girls  she represents who so excited and so into the show Xena and it makes me think that there really is an audience for a movie...

Lucy: I agree. I'm REALLY ready to. It's taken me 3 years to get back in the world. I think being a tv star makes a social retard and it's taken me a long time to deal with bureaucracy. You know arranging things for yourself [laughs]

JP: you mean like getting your laundry done and knowing when your taxes have to be filed.

Lucy: Knowing when your taxes have to be filed, paying your bills, getting your kids signed up at school, all sorts of things I never was able to take care of before. So I relinquished all responsibility for that stuff and now that I'm adjusted. I'm rising like a phoenix from the ashes! [laughs]

JP: She's sitting up in her chair with energy.

Lucy: No kidding. It's really taken me this long to go 'BRING IT ON' so I would absolutely consider doing a Xena movie. I'm ready. I'm ready to work again.

JP: We are very excited to hear thoughts of a Xena movie are perhaps percolating

Lucy: I'm receptive but I don't know, I have this funny feeling that like the world's my oyster because I'm so happy. It doesn't matter what happens. I don't know I've discovered the secret of life. Be happy NOW, man and got an AIDS benefit  up in San Francisco, I'm singing with the Seattle Men's Choir next year doing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Just fun stuff like that and now I've come back to the States and I'm ready to start working. So I don't know, I'll let you know.

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