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        26 August 2005

We Want a Xena Movie - Universal Studios Feedback

You may have noticed the banner up the top? That was designed by Nance from The Xena Scrolls. If you have a site and would like to join in getting a message across to Universal that we want a Xena movie...grab the banner and link it to 
Universal Studios

That's the Universal Studios feedback form.

Xena Movie News is gathering pace with quite a few news/blog sites picking up the story.

  • Added link to Lesbianation 24 August 2005 Lucy Lawless wants to take Xena to the big screen. The 10th Anniversary DVD set of Xena: Warrior Princess just hit the shelves, packed full of fan favorite episodes and a variety of extra goodies. Even with all of the crazed popularity of the series still going strong, Xena can't seem to get to the big screen - no matter how much its star, Lucy Lawless, might wish it to be so. Click here to read more

  • San Francisco Examiner - 25 August 2005 Where's Xena: The Movie?
    Lucy Lawless, star of the cult favorite "Xena: Warrior Princess," says she's wanted to bring her character to the big screen for years. "I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it," the actress told SciFiwire.com. The logistics of such a project are getting in the way of making Lawless' dream a reality -- she says executives from the show disagree on who owns the rights, and until those questions get answered, Xena will have to continue life in rerun Siberia.



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