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        13 September 2005

We Want A Xena Movie Writing Campaign

Message from bookdaft:

Hi Folks,

I am posting an update on the Xena comic/trading card game offer.  I will begin this week sending out the items requested from those whom I have received the necessary information.

I am still accepting requests for comics.  Over the last few weeks, a pattern has emerged in a few of the requests that is causing me some grief.  I am, therefore, amending my initial directions in the following manner:

1. I will accept requests from those living outside the United States.  But in your request, PLEASE tell me whether you live in the US or overseas.  I can't read your mind and many of the requests are from Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.  This tells me nothing.  The server may or may not be in the US, but that doesn't tell me where you are physically located.  The directions are different for those of you living outside the US than for those who live here.

2.  I have been receiving some requests from people who put in the subject line, something on the order of, "Hey, how are ya?" or worse, a blank subject line.  I don't use a spam blocker and use the subject line to delete what I am pretty sure is spam or unwanted e-mail. (I've become quite adept at recognizing the junk and the good stuff.)  I think I have caught all the requests, but I may have missed some who fall in this category.  If you have not received a reply from me by next week, contact me.  (bookdaft@voyager.net )   Almost all requesters have been good about making clear what their e-mail is about, but it appears I will have to make it clear:  Please put "Xena Comic Offer" or something of that nature in the subject line to alert me to what you are e-mailing me about.  Again, I can't read minds (and I'm not sure I want that ability.) 

Finally, Steve and I had a talk last Friday about the number of comics available.  Rest assured, everyone who has requested a comic will receive one.  Other than what I have on hand, though, the later requesters may have to wait for their comics.  Steve has contacted both Diamond and Dark Horse.  They will have to search their warehouses, but we are confident they will come through with enough.  I will be sure to alert requesters when my current stock has run out and they may need to wait a while for more comics to come in.

Keep writing Universal.  Nancy has created a nifty button on MaryD's site that easily takes you there.  If we keep nagging Universal every week or two, there is a better chance of getting the feature film we all want so much.

Disclaimer:  This promotion is being conducted without the prior knowledge or consent of Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Creation Entertainment, Universal Studios or anyone affiliated with the television series, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.




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