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        18 January 2007

Movie News From 2007 Convention

The following is from the Dogged con report:

Rob says they'll be doing q&a. He says the first question will probably be, is there going to be a Xena feature? Says the  people at Universal say the feature has a future, but not with Lucy and Renee and not for ten more years. "Her will is being wilted away quickly because she... feels it's something she could do again, and do justice to, because she knows how many people would love to see. I don't know what's going to happen."

He says there is interest, but he can't make any promises, but he said, "If I was a betting man, I'd say something's going to happen."

"It's a matter of what's a story, what would happen, what would they do? One thing that keeps the people very interested is doing something that would enable them to it "outside the box" - computer etc. I'm only concered with, is there a good story to tell... two hours of great entertainment."

Fangirl asked: "Would you have a large part of the story be based on bringing her back, or would you just kind of....?"

 Rob: "I keep wondering that same thing. That's a lot of baggage. Certainly a lot of incarnations running around."

Read the rest of the report here



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