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13 September 2005

Message from bookdaft:

Hi Folks,

I am posting an update on the Xena comic/trading card game offer.  I will begin this week sending out the items requested from those whom I have received the necessary information.

I am still accepting requests for comics.  Over the last few weeks, a pattern has emerged in a few of the requests that is causing me some grief.  I am, therefore, amending my initial directions in the following manner:

1. I will accept requests from those living outside the United States.  But in your request, PLEASE tell me whether you live in the US or overseas.  I can't read your mind and many of the requests are from Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.  This tells me nothing.  The server may or may not be in the US, but that doesn't tell me where you are physically located.  The directions are different for those of you living outside the US than for those who live here.

2.  I have been receiving some requests from people who put in the subject line, something on the order of, "Hey, how are ya?" or worse, a blank subject line.  I don't use a spam blocker and use the subject line to delete what I am pretty sure is spam or unwanted e-mail. (I've become quite adept at recognizing the junk and the good stuff.)  I think I have caught all the requests, but I may have missed some who fall in this category.  If you have not received a reply from me by next week, contact me.  ( )   Almost all requesters have been good about making clear what their e-mail is about, but it appears I will have to make it clear:  Please put "Xena Comic Offer" or something of that nature in the subject line to alert me to what you are e-mailing me about.  Again, I can't read minds (and I'm not sure I want that ability.) 

Finally, Steve and I had a talk last Friday about the number of comics available.  Rest assured, everyone who has requested a comic will receive one.  Other than what I have on hand, though, the later requesters may have to wait for their comics.  Steve has contacted both Diamond and Dark Horse.  They will have to search their warehouses, but we are confident they will come through with enough.  I will be sure to alert requesters when my current stock has run out and they may need to wait a while for more comics to come in.

Keep writing Universal.  Nancy has created a nifty button on MaryD's site that easily takes you there.  If we keep nagging Universal every week or two, there is a better chance of getting the feature film we all want so much.

Disclaimer:  This promotion is being conducted without the prior knowledge or consent of Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Creation Entertainment, Universal Studios or anyone affiliated with the television series, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.


6 September 2005

There is a brief mention of the Xena Movie in an interview with Lucy for Crave Online.

"Lucy also mentioned that she’s probably a lot healthier now than when she was doing Xena. During that time she says she carried about 10 extra lbs of muscle on her. Since the ownership of the Xena character is limbo (there may be more than one owner, including her) there has been no progress on a film version. Lucy is very interested in doing a film version of Xena and would be unhappy if anyone else played the roll."

26 August 2005

You may have noticed the banner up the top? That was designed by Nance from The Xena Scrolls. If you have a site and would like to join in getting a message across to Universal that we want a Xena movie...grab the banner and link it to 
Universal Studios

That's the Universal Studios feedback form.

Xena Movie News is gathering pace with quite a few news/blog sites picking up the story.

  • Added link to Lesbianation 24 August 2005 Lucy Lawless wants to take Xena to the big screen. The 10th Anniversary DVD set of Xena: Warrior Princess just hit the shelves, packed full of fan favorite episodes and a variety of extra goodies. Even with all of the crazed popularity of the series still going strong, Xena can't seem to get to the big screen - no matter how much its star, Lucy Lawless, might wish it to be so. Click here to read more

  • San Francisco Examiner - 25 August 2005 Where's Xena: The Movie?
    Lucy Lawless, star of the cult favorite "Xena: Warrior Princess," says she's wanted to bring her character to the big screen for years. "I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it," the actress told The logistics of such a project are getting in the way of making Lawless' dream a reality — she says executives from the show disagree on who owns the rights, and until those questions get answered, Xena will have to continue life in rerun Siberia.


25 August 2005

Speaking of a Xena Movie...the following is from bookdaft..


I received a great response to the free Xena comics announcement, thanks in part to MaryD's generosity in posting it on her site. Prior to today, I have enough comics to fulfill each request with at least one comic book. Steve will acquiring more comics, I'm sure, so I may have more stock on hand.

I have good news and bad news: The bad news is that I caught some sort of bug, which has hampered my enthusiasm and ability to work on this project. The good news is that I am not on call this week and can begin anytime. I will be sending out instructions based on when I received them; i.e., FIFO (First In First Out). If you sent a request to me a day or two ago, it will be later that you will hear from me.

I have an new announcement to make. When I saw Steve and picked up my pull, he had some Xena Trading Card game decks to give away. I have about 12 base decks and a number of add on packs. All are unsealed, so they may or may not be intact. These are free as well and, as before, I only ask that you contact Universal, requesting a movie. The URLs for Universal are below:

Contact Links


Contact Form

If you want one of these sets of trading cards, contact me at  You can still request a free comic.

DISCLAIMER: This promotion is being conducted without the prior knowledge or consent of Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Creation Entertainment, Universal Studios, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. or anyone associated with the television show, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.



18 August 2005

Sci Fi Wire 18 August 2005 - Xena Movie Still in Limbo

  • Added article from Sci Fi Wire - 18 August 2005. Xena Movie Still In Limbo
    Interview with Lucy about the movie. Lucy Lawless, who starred in six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess, told SCI FI Wire that a proposed Xena movie remains caught in a legal haggle. "I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it," Lawless said in an interivew. "I've been wanting to do it for years." But, she added: "Nobody can agree who owns the rights, and it's a big fat pain in the ass." Click here to read more

11 April 2005

German TV Highlights Magazine - Translation

9 March 2005

More Xena Movie News

The following is from TV Guide Online

Seeing Lucy Lawless brazenly snatch Halle Berry's role on Monday's Two and a Half Men reminded us how much we've missed the Aussie spitfire. Any chance she'll ever reprise her role as that sapphic icon, Xena, Warrior Princess?

"This whole idea of a Xena feature [film] keeps coming and going," Lawless tells with a sigh. "I've checked out of worrying and wondering and speculating about it. People keep saying, 'It's on! It's off!' I did just this morning hear something about it from my husband [Robert G. Tapert], who was the executive producer on Xena.

"They'd better hurry up," she laughs. "Otherwise, Renee O'Connor [who played Xena's sidekick Gabrielle] and I will be too old — and nobody'll want to see us in short skirts before long. It's gonna be tragic."

Read More

2 March 2005

  • Movie News from Windy City News Xena: To Be Or Not To Be?

    Xena is one of those characters who appeals equally to lesbians and gay men—both camps know a quality ass-kicking babe when they see one. So Romeo was heartened to learn that Katherine Fugate, screenwriter of the “When Fates Collide” episode of the now-dormant Xena: Warrior Princess, along with the series’ executive producer Robert G. Tapert, is working on a script for a big-screen Xena feature. But don’t get too excited just yet. Right now it’s only a script, and there’s no way of knowing if that script will become a bought script and then a greenlighted script and then a shooting script. One thing’s certain, though—if it all comes to pass, it shouldn’t be anyone’s but Lucy Lawless’ to turn down first.
29 January 2005

Updated Xena Movie News - 2005 Xena Convention

  • Many fans were expecting to hear that the movie deal has been signed, sealed and ready to roll. That news didn't materialise. Basically what we had before - we wait and see as to who signs for this baby to proceed. Katherine is still slated to write the movie and she hopes it's soon because she's got another movie in the works with Jennifer Aniston. According to Rob, it's a wait and see game at the moment. So no steps back but no steps forward
18 December 2004

Is Terrell Smith going to be cast for the Xena Movie?

Terrelle Smith for the next Xena Movie? According to Mercury News Terrelle may be heading for the Xena movie

A new Xena movie is also in the works, and Smith said he's friends with one of the writers, Katherine Fugate.
"She told me she's writing it and they're looking for a guy like me. Hopefully, next off-season I can do something like that," Smith said.





21 July 2004

Lucy gave an interview to the Radio program "This Way Out" and a possible Xena movie was mentioned - 21 July 2004

JP: You have done a wonderful service in bringing that to living rooms across a broad area and I guess I might put a pitch in there that, you know, were so many, in particular, I think of girls, because I think of my god-daughter who was probably about 6 at the time when Xena came on and I just think of how many of other little girls  she represents who so excited and so into the show Xena and it makes me think that there really is an audience for a movie...

Lucy: I agree. I'm REALLY ready to. It's taken me 3 years to get back in the world. I think being a tv star makes a social retard and it's taken me a long time to deal with bureaucracy. You know arranging things for yourself [laughs]

JP: you mean like getting your laundry done and knowing when your taxes have to be filed.

Lucy: Knowing when your taxes have to be filed, paying your bills, getting your kids signed up at school, all sorts of things I never was able to take care of before. So I relinquished all responsibility for that stuff and now that I'm adjusted. I'm rising like a phoenix from the ashes! [laughs]

JP: She's sitting up in her chair with energy.

Lucy: No kidding. It's really taken me this long to go 'BRING IT ON' so I would absolutely consider doing a Xena movie. I'm ready. I'm ready to work again.

JP: We are very excited to hear thoughts of a Xena movie are perhaps percolating

Lucy: I'm receptive but I don't know, I have this funny feeling that like the world's my oyster because I'm so happy. It doesn't matter what happens. I don't know I've discovered the secret of life. Be happy NOW, man and got an AIDS benefit  up in San Francisco, I'm singing with the Seattle Men's Choir next year doing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Just fun stuff like that and now I've come back to the States and I'm ready to start working. So I don't know, I'll let you know.

Click here to read entire interview


19 April 2004

The following is an excerpt from an interview Katherine Fugate did with Box Office Mojo on 16 April 2004

Will there be a Xena movie?

Fugate: I'm supposed to write the script. I've outlined it, but [the deal is] not signed and sealed. It was assumed that Robert Tapert, the creator and executive producer, who is married to Lucy [Lawless, the actress who played Xena], was supposed to get the rights back from Universal. Under that assumption, I was approved as the writer with Lucy and Renee [O'Connor, the actress who played Xena's sidekick, Gabrielle] signed to reprise their roles. But now there's some big legal battle. Universal isn't sure who has the rights and everyone has a different conclusion.

BOM: What's the plot?

Fugate: This is what I'll say about a cult movie. I'm friends with Gillian Anderson [Scully on The X-Files, who went on to star in the X-Files movie]. There are expectations on many levels of a TV-based movie. You have original fans, those who saw it maybe a few times, hardcore fans who don't want to see any exposition because they've seen every episode maybe five times, and then you have people who have never seen it and you have to try and tell them a whole new story. There are so many angles. People have many desires; I was listening to Gillian, and [X-Files] is still Chris Carter's show, but some people wanted Mulder and Scully to be together and some didn't and that's it. Once you make a decision, you're going to alienate people and you're going to make others thrilled. It's the same with Xena.

BOM: Are Xena and Gabrielle going to be lovers?

Fugate: [I]t was pretty clear that they were [lovers]. But the series wasn't about a lesbian relationship as much as it was about a heroine. I don't want to write a domestic drama. It's clear that they're lovers but that's not going to be the focus.


27 March 2004

Malay Mail Online (New Strait Times) - 27 March 2004
interviews Lucy about Xena and her other project including the prospect of a Xena movie.

Thus, the next question posed to Lucy was the fate of the series.

"I've no idea but I don't think there's any possibility of Xena being revived," she said.

She said the main reason was due to the rights to the series which had not been resolved.

"Until this issue is settled, I don't think there'll be a new series," she said.

However, she admitted there had been talks about bringing Xena to the big screen.

"It'll be great to see her on the big screen and yes! I'll do it if the project is on," she said.


20 February 2004

The following is from the Gamezone Interview - 20 February 2004

Do you think there's room for another chapter in the Xena series? Maybe a side-story or a movie of some kind?

LL: Yeah, I do, but if they don't hurry up and figure out who's got the right idea then I'll just be too old.

Click here to read the interview


The following is from the Interview

Could there ever be a Xena movie?

I think the horse might’ve bolted on that one. I feel that by the time they get around to making one, I’ll be too old for it. And who’s going to want to see a 50-year-old woman?

Click here to read the interview

13 February 2004

The following is from the MSN Chat Lucy did to promote the Season 3 DVD release.

johnnyA926a in Onstage_1 asks: Any chances of a Xena Movie or anything to that effect?

Lucy says: I have warmed to that idea but nobody knows who technically owns the rights. My feeling is that if it doesn't happen soon, I will be too old and people won't buy me in that role. I think Xena should live again whether I am playing her or someone else. She has a lot of lives in her.

Click here read full transcript

6 February 2004

The following is from Katherine Fugate's web site

"THE XENA MOVIE UPDATE: as it happens when i announce any updates on the xena movie's progress, of which THERE IS MARKED PROGRESS, at a xena convention, words are easily confused in a telephone game of facts that turn into fiction and speculation -- which leads to me getting tons of emails.

again, what i reported was: there has been progress. things are NOT THE SAME as they were last year. however, there is a rights issue that is taking place. whenever anyone buys the rights to anything, there are several options that can play out, usually within a specified time frame in the contract. during this time frame, studios can make the movie. or studios can pass, putting a script into turnaround so that other studios can buy it, paying back the costs the original studio paid out. when the rights revert back to the producer, he may then attempt to set the movie up elsewhere if the original studio chooses not to make a movie. there are all sorts of roads to travel based on individual contracts. they vary - but usually a time frame indicates some sort of action must take place or the creator can get his material/rights back. all rights are sold to a studio for anything to be made.

last year, the rights time frame was still in existence and rob was stalemated. he could do nothing except wait for 6 months to lapse so the rights issue can be raised. this year, that time frame has passed and now rob has hired lawyers to get the rights back so that he can make the movie. he is making progress. he believes he will get the rights. because of his work done in securing the rights, he has received my commitment to write the movie. i have written an outline for a movie. he has also received lucy and renee's commitment to reprise their roles in a movie. the commitment of a writer and stars is called a "package." rob now has a package for a movie. as a producer, his job is to get the rights and take this package to financiers in order to make the movie.

these are the steps required in getting any movie made and they must be done in order. the rights always come first. think of them as a pink slip. without the pink slip - he can't sell the car, or the movie, to any financier. that is what rob is doing. and he is doing this because he very much wants to make a movie. we all do. it is our goal. we all plan to achieve our goal. or we wouldn't be investing our time and money into this venture. period. we are all busy people with jobs so spending our time on a xena movie is only done because we want to make a movie. and because we care. i am not writing outlines and spending time talking about a xena movie to SPIN anything, as some have intimated to me. what is there to spin? i don't have the time to spin or hype something i have no intention of doing. do you? and what purpose would it serve?


2 February 2004

News of the Xena Movie from the 2004 Xena Convention:

Katherine Fugate stated that the script has been outlined and ready to go. The major stumbling block at the moment is that Rob Tapert needs the rights from Universal before they can start.

The studio wants Rob to make the movie. Lucy & Renee have signed up for the roles and all that's waiting is the rights issue. Katherine outlined that she would like as many as returning characters as possible. She didn't want to recast the role of Ares.

Katherine said that the movie would have to accomodate three groups: the fans, the casual viewers and those that know of Xena but haven't seen anything of the show.

The budget (as previously mentioned) is around 40 to 50 milliion.
many thanks to Rich (npcentral) at xenaweb2k


8 October 2003

Return Of Dead Xena from "The Mirror"
XENA Warrior Princess is to return after being killed off in the
cult TV show. Fans were outraged when Xena, played by Lucy Lawless, was killed in the last-ever episode. But Lawless, 35, has agreed to film a Xena movie. She said: "I don't want another multi-year contract. I've three kids and it's not an option. A movie is short-term."

SHARON MILLAR, RETURN OF DEAD XENA. , The Mirror, 10-08-2003, pp 20.

5 September 2003

Well the following news isn't exactly about the movie but those who own the rights to Xena. There has been some news around that Vivendi Universal (TPTB when it comes to Xena) were going to be sold to NBC but it doesn't look that way by an article in the Financial Times published 3 September 2003. What does all this have to do with Xena? Vivendi Universal (or the TV/Film arm of it) has the rights to Xena and if a movie is ever made, they will pull the purse strings.

3 September 2003

This is from the recent Lucy chat on - 2 September

Lafayette Indiana: As you know the rumors about a Xena movie are floating about. Has ther actually been any script work done? And If I may I recently Finished writing my First Xena novel which takes Place right at the end of the season ender. Does Sam Or Rob do anything to help unpulished authors in the area of Xena? Thanks Wahnika

Lucy Lawless: I only heard of this yesterday (the rumors). It hasn't been decided who the rights belong to, so I don't know of anything.

Click here to read the entire transcript

1 September 2003

The following is from the con report by Jeffrey Jay from the Strong Women of Sci Fi Convention in the UK - 30 August 2003

In answer to one question she said that she, Lucy and Rob all want to do a Xena movie and if TPTB get it up and running before they are on walking sticks, they will reprise their roles. She was asked if she still did martial arts, her reply was that she still does kick boxing, and has this week, restarted working with both staff and sais.

29 July 2003

It seems quite a few people have been getting excited (judging by the emails I've received over the weekend) when Yahoo Movies posted that a Xena movie is imminent. :-) So far nothing has been set, the Yahoo Movie site is just repeating what the Xenaverse has known since the Official Xena Convention in Feb 2003. So at this point there is nothing to get excited about. Unfortunately.

20 March 2003

The following is from Sharon at Creation Entertainment

XENA MOVIE RUMORS -- There was a message going around from Dark Horizons
that ITV reports the film will go ahead with not only a soundtrack from Joe Lo Duca, but a special Xena and Gabrielle relationship theme song called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.  I checked with Rob and although his answer is unprintable <G>, it boils down to there's no truth to this latest rumor.

6 March 2003

The following is from Katherine Fugate's web site -

THE XENA MOVIE: at the pasadena convention, i was asked whether there would be a xena movie and whether or not i was being considered as the potential writer of the movie. i answered that there had been talks about a potential xena movie, and that rob tapert and i had met about potentially working together on one - SHOULD it come to fruition. as i said at the convention, every movie takes this path. and it's rob's job, as the producer, to find a writer and suggest that writer to the studio. at the convention, i was very cautious to state any xena movie, as i understand it, is in the inchoate stages of birth and anything could happen - as it often does. i would also like to add that i was honored rob spoke with me about potentially writing a movie. as i said at the convention, rob is the biggest ally a xena movie has and he's a loyal man to those he's worked with. if a xena movie gets made - it will only happen because of rob and his belief in one..


1 March 2003

Added scan from Cult Times that reports on the interview Lucy did for the NZ radio show about a possible Xena Movie

19 February 2003

The rumours are starting to come in thick and fast. Here is the latest one but keep in mind that as of last Sunday (9th Feb) nothing was concrete and unless someone in Hollywood has moved fast, this is still just speculation.

This news is from from the Dark Horizons web site 
"Xena: The Movie: ITV reports that the film will go ahead with not only "a stunning soundtrack provided by the series' original composer - Joseph Lo Duca" but a special Xena and Gabriel relationship them called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.


12 Februrary 2003

Your input needed! The "powers that be" have asked for the Creation audience's input on a Xena feature film. Please check out the pop-up poll at our site and register your vote today!

Katherine Fugate, writer of fan fave season 6 episode "When Fates Collide" spoke of the possibilty of penning the Xena movie herself. Katherine told at the Pasadena Convention last weekend that while the Xena movie is far from actually going into production, meetings between the studio and herself are a strong indication that there IS going to be a movie. Look for Katherine's panel in the convention reports for more details soon.

10 January 2003

There is speculatioin starting to circulate about a possible Xena movie. Lucy mentioned a movie in the latest Lesbian News magazine interview (see below) and yesterday she was on 91ZM in New Zealand. She indicated a movie was in the works. According to The Flik Spot


Lucy Lawless (Xena herself) confirmed the other day on a NZ radio station (91ZM) that a Xena Warrior Princess movie is planned. With a set budget of $50-60 Million (US) and the possibilty of a few big
names joining the cast Universal is treating this film as a major Blockbuster."

In response to this information Sharon Delaney from the Official Xena Fan Club (Creation Entertainment) issued this statement:

"Rob would love to do one and has been working toward that end.  But nothing definite has been set yet.  It's still in the "3 or 4 years down the road" stage."

So it looks as if we are to wait just a little bit more for that movie.

6 January 2003

From the Lesbian News article Lucy thinks there MIGHT be a movie and would like to see it in the present day, fighting wrongs in New York.

"Despite the apparent final ending of Xena and the series, Lawless assures her fans that if there is a way to resurrect the character, she and Tapert will do so. "The ol' girl aint dead yet," she says "Of course there is a way for her to come back. My husband loves Xena so much and he's the leading proponet of Xena sequels and prequels and blah, blah. He would love to do that so much."

She's open to reprising the character and hopes to do so within the next three years because she's not sure she wants to be running around in that Xena outfit when she's 40. This time, though, she would like to see Xena on the big screen and in a modern day setting. "I would like to see Xena and Gabrielle running about in modern day New York," she says "There's a lot of trouble these days for super heroes to solve. I think there's a real sense of people wanting a hero at the moment. It could be a slightly lighthearted way to have a bit of escapism and something's that gonna make you feel like the world's gonna be OK. We always wanted the show to be about the triumph of good and ultimately that the good stuff wins out. We're all drawn to that, we all want to believe that, especially these days."
click here to read full article from Lesbian News - January 2003



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