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10 January 2003

A Possible Xena Movie In The Works?

There is speculatioin starting to circulate about a possible Xena movie. Lucy mentioned a movie in the latest Lesbian News magazine interview (see below) and yesterday she was on 91ZM in New Zealand. She indicated a movie was in the works. According to The Flik Spot


Lucy Lawless (Xena herself) confirmed the other day on a NZ radio station (91ZM) that a Xena Warrior Princess movie is planned. With a set budget of $50-60 Million (US) and the possibilty of a few big names joining the cast Universal is treating this film as a major Blockbuster."

In response to this information Sharon Delaney from the Official Xena Fan Club (Creation Entertainment) issued this statement:

"Rob would love to do one and has been working toward that end.  But nothing definite has been set yet.  It's still in the "3 or 4 years down the road" stage."

So it looks as if we are to wait just a little bit more for that movie.



6 January 2003

Xena Movie News from Lucy - Lesiban News January 2003

From the Lesbian News article Lucy thinks there MIGHT be a movie and would like to see it in the present day, fighting wrongs in New York.

"Despite the apparent final ending of Xena and the series, Lawless assures her fans that if there is a way to resurrect the character, she and Tapert will do so. "The ol' girl aint dead yet," she says "Of course there is a way for her to come back. My husband loves Xena so much and he's the leading proponet of Xena sequels and prequels and blah, blah. He would love to do that so much."

She's open to reprising the character and hopes to do so within the next three years because she's not sure she wants to be running around in that Xena outfit when she's 40. This time, though, she would like to see Xena on the big screen and in a modern day setting. "I would like to see Xena and Gabrielle running about in modern day New York," she says "There's a lot of trouble these days for super heroes to solve. I think there's a real sense of people wanting a hero at the moment. It could be a slightly lighthearted way to have a bit of escapism and something's that gonna make you feel like the world's gonna be OK. We always wanted the show to be about the triumph of good and ultimately that the good stuff wins out. We're all drawn to that, we all want to believe that, especially these days."

click here to read full article from Lesbian News - January 2003



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