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19 February 2003

Xena Movie News from Dark Horizons

The rumours are starting to come in thick and fast. Here is the latest one but keep in mind that as of last Sunday (9th Feb) nothing was concrete and unless someone in Hollywood has moved fast, this is still just speculation.

This news is from from the Dark Horizons web site http://www.darkhorizons.com/news.htm 
"Xena: The Movie: ITV reports that the film will go ahead with not only "a stunning soundtrack provided by the series' original composer - Joseph Lo Duca" but a special Xena and Gabrielle relationship them called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.



12 February 2003

Creation Asks For Help With Xena Movie

Your input needed! The "powers that be" have asked for the Creation audience's input on a Xena feature film. Please check out the pop-up poll at our site and register your vote today! http://www.creationent.com/

Katherine Fugate, writer of fan fave season 6 episode "When Fates Collide" spoke of the possibilty of penning the Xena movie herself. Katherine told at the Pasadena Convention last weekend that while the Xena movie is far from actually going into production, meetings between the studio and herself are a strong indication that there IS going to be a movie. Look for Katherine's panel in the convention reports for more details soon.



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