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20 March 2003

Rob Tapert Responds To Dark Horizons Xena Movie Rumour

The following is from Sharon at Creation Entertainment

XENA MOVIE RUMORS -- There was a message going around from Dark Horizons
that ITV reports the film will go ahead with not only a soundtrack from Joe Lo Duca, but a special Xena and Gabrielle relationship theme song called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.  I checked with Rob and although his answer is unprintable <G>, it boils down to there's no truth to this latest rumor.



6 March 2003

Katherine Fugate Talks About A Xena Movie

The following is from Katherine Fugate's web site -

THE XENA MOVIE: at the pasadena convention, i was asked whether there would be a xena movie and whether or not i was being considered as the potential writer of the movie. i answered that there had been talks about a potential xena movie, and that rob tapert and i had met about potentially working together on one - SHOULD it come to fruition. as i said at the convention, every movie takes this path. and it's rob's job, as the producer, to find a writer and suggest that writer to the studio. at the convention, i was very cautious to state any xena movie, as i understand it, is in the inchoate stages of birth and anything could happen - as it often does. i would also like to add that i was honored rob spoke with me about potentially writing a movie. as i said at the convention, rob is the biggest ally a xena movie has and he's a loyal man to those he's worked with. if a xena movie gets made - it will only happen because of rob and his belief in one..



1 March 2003

Cult Times Scan On Xena Movie

Added scan from Cult Times that reports on the interview Lucy did for the NZ radio show about a possible Xena Movie



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