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5 September 2003

Vivendi Universal and Xena

Well the following news isn't exactly about the movie but those who own the rights to Xena. There has been some news around that Vivendi Universal (TPTB when it comes to Xena) were going to be sold to NBC but it doesn't look that way by an article in the Financial Times published 3 September 2003. What does all this have to do with Xena? Vivendi Universal (or the TV/Film arm of it) has the rights to Xena and if a movie is ever made, they will pull the purse strings.



2 September 2003

Lucy Chat on USAToday 2 September 2003

This is from the recent Lucy chat on - 2 September

Lafayette Indiana: As you know the rumors about a Xena movie are floating about. Has ther actually been any script work done? And If I may I recently Finished writing my First Xena novel which takes Place right at the end of the season ender. Does Sam Or Rob do anything to help unpulished authors in the area of Xena? Thanks Wahnika

Lucy Lawless: I only heard of this yesterday (the rumors). It hasn't been decided who the rights belong to, so I don't know of anything.

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1 September 2003

Xena Movie News From Strong Women of SciFi Con

The following is from the con report by Jeffrey Jay from the Strong Women of Sci Fi Convention in the UK - 30 August 2003

In answer to one question she said that she, Lucy and Rob all want to do a Xena movie and if TPTB get it up and running before they are on walking sticks, they will reprise their roles. She was asked if she still did martial arts, her reply was that she still does kick boxing, and has this week, restarted working with both staff and sais.



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