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20 February 2004

Lucy Talks About Xena Movie GameZone & About.com

The following is from the Gamezone Interview - 20 February 2004

Do you think there's room for another chapter in the Xena series? Maybe a side-story or a movie of some kind?

LL: Yeah, I do, but if they don't hurry up and figure out who's got the right idea then I'll just be too old.

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The following is from the About.com Interview

Could there ever be a Xena movie?

I think the horse might've bolted on that one. I feel that by the time they get around to making one, I'll be too old for it. And who's going to want to see a 50-year-old woman?

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13 February 2004

MSN Chat Lucy Talks About Xena Movie

The following is from the MSN Chat Lucy did to promote the Season 3 DVD release.

johnnyA926a in Onstage_1 asks: Any chances of a Xena Movie or anything to that effect?

Lucy says: I have warmed to that idea but nobody knows who technically owns the rights. My feeling is that if it doesn't happen soon, I will be too old and people won't buy me in that role. I think Xena should live again whether I am playing her or someone else. She has a lot of lives in her.

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6 February 2004

Xena Movie Update from Katherine Fugate

The following is from Katherine Fugate's web site www.katherinefugate.com

"THE XENA MOVIE UPDATE: as it happens when i announce any updates on the xena movie's progress, of which THERE IS MARKED PROGRESS, at a xena convention, words are easily confused in a telephone game of facts that turn into fiction and speculation -- which leads to me getting tons of emails.

again, what i reported was: there has been progress. things are NOT THE SAME as they were last year. however, there is a rights issue that is taking place. whenever anyone buys the rights to anything, there are several options that can play out, usually within a specified time frame in the contract. during this time frame, studios can make the movie. or studios can pass, putting a script into turnaround so that other studios can buy it, paying back the costs the original studio paid out. when the rights revert back to the producer, he may then attempt to set the movie up elsewhere if the original studio chooses not to make a movie. there are all sorts of roads to travel based on individual contracts. they vary - but usually a time frame indicates some sort of action must take place or the creator can get his material/rights back. all rights are sold to a studio for anything to be made.

last year, the rights time frame was still in existence and rob was stalemated. he could do nothing except wait for 6 months to lapse so the rights issue can be raised. this year, that time frame has passed and now rob has hired lawyers to get the rights back so that he can make the movie. he is making progress. he believes he will get the rights. because of his work done in securing the rights, he has received my commitment to write the movie. i have written an outline for a movie. he has also received lucy and renee's commitment to reprise their roles in a movie. the commitment of a writer and stars is called a "package." rob now has a package for a movie. as a producer, his job is to get the rights and take this package to financiers in order to make the movie.

these are the steps required in getting any movie made and they must be done in order. the rights always come first. think of them as a pink slip. without the pink slip - he can't sell the car, or the movie, to any financier. that is what rob is doing. and he is doing this because he very much wants to make a movie. we all do. it is our goal. we all plan to achieve our goal. or we wouldn't be investing our time and money into this venture. period. we are all busy people with jobs so spending our time on a xena movie is only done because we want to make a movie. and because we care. i am not writing outlines and spending time talking about a xena movie to SPIN anything, as some have intimated to me. what is there to spin? i don't have the time to spin or hype something i have no intention of doing. do you? and what purpose would it serve?



2 February 2004

Xena Movie News from 2004 Xena Con

News of the Xena Movie from the 2004 Xena Convention:

Katherine Fugate stated that the script has been outlined and ready to go. The major stumbling block at the moment is that Rob Tapert needs the rights from Universal before they can start.

The studio wants Rob to make the movie. Lucy & Renee have signed up for the roles and all that's waiting is the rights issue. Katherine outlined that she would like as many as returning characters as possible. She didn't want to recast the role of Ares.

Katherine said that the movie would have to accomodate three groups: the fans, the casual viewers and those that know of Xena but haven't seen anything of the show.

The budget (as previously mentioned) is around 40 to 50 milliion.
many thanks to Rich (npcentral) at xenaweb2k



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