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27 March 2004

Lucy Interview Malay Mail Online Xena Movie News

Malay Mail Online (New Strait Times) - 27 March 2004

 interviews Lucy about Xena and her other project including the prospect of a Xena movie.
Thus, the next question posed to Lucy was the fate of the series.
 "I've no idea but I don't think there's any possibility of Xena being revived," she said.
  She said the main reason was due to the rights to the series which had not been resolved.
  "Until this issue is settled, I don't think there'll be a new series," she said.
  However, she admitted there had been talks about bringing Xena to the big screen.
  "It'll be great to see her on the big screen and yes! I'll do it if the project is on," she said.



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