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9 March 2005

Will Xena Return? Lucy Talks To TV Guide Online

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The following is from TV Guide Online

Seeing Lucy Lawless brazenly snatch Halle Berry's role on Monday's Two and a Half Men reminded us how much we've missed the Aussie spitfire. Any chance she'll ever reprise her role as that sapphic icon, Xena, Warrior Princess?

"This whole idea of a Xena feature [film] keeps coming and going," Lawless tells with a sigh. "I've checked out of worrying and wondering and speculating about it. People keep saying, 'It's on! It's off!' I did just this morning hear something about it from my husband [Robert G. Tapert], who was the executive producer on Xena.

"They'd better hurry up," she laughs. "Otherwise, Renee O'Connor [who played Xena's sidekick Gabrielle] and I will be too old -- and nobody'll want to see us in short skirts before long. It's gonna be tragic."

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2 March 2005

Xena Movie: To Be Or Not To Be?

2 March 2005

Movie News from Windy City News Xena: To Be Or Not To Be?
  • Xena is one of those characters who appeals equally to lesbians and gay men--both camps know a quality ass-kicking babe when they see one. So Romeo was heartened to learn that Katherine Fugate, screenwriter of the "When Fates Collide" episode of the now-dormant Xena: Warrior Princess, along with the series' executive producer Robert G. Tapert, is working on a script for a big-screen Xena feature. But don't get too excited just yet. Right now it's only a script, and there's no way of knowing if that script will become a bought script and then a greenlighted script and then a shooting script. One thing's certain, though--if it all comes to pass, it shouldn't be anyone's but Lucy Lawless' to turn down first.



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