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29 June 2009

AUSXIP's Atomic Meltdown Recovery...

The recovery from May's AUSXIP Atomic Meltdown is still ongoing. I've been working on bringing back the AUSXIP Legend of the Seeker news archive (that's currently up to November 2008) and now I'm happy to report that my site dedicated to Steven Sears is back online!

I posted a note from Steven on 2 May 2009 and then AUSXIP got hit by the hackers and the seriously dead server so you all may  not have read Steven's update on his new job with Cookie Jar. Go over and have a read! Thanks everyone for your patience.

The convention page also needs to have parts of it resurrected and other assorted things. This year AUSXIP Celebrates 14 years online and these last few months, I can see where all the work has gone <g>

Once again thanks for your patience!




27 June 2009

Art Content - Create an AUSXIP Banner!

Here's something different - over at AUSXIP Talking Xena Forum there is an art contest with a difference. Create the banners for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless, AUSXIP Flawless Diva (Lucy's Music Site) and AUSXIP Renee O'Connor. This is a unique opportunity to have your artwork placed on top of the site and all it's inner pages. If you are interested in submitting artwork check out the guidelines:

» Create a Lucy Banner for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless
» Create a Flawless Diva Banner for AUSXIP Flawless Diva
» Create a Renee Banner for AUSXIP Renee O'Connor



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