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29 April 2010

Xenaversity Auction Last Three Days!

2005PhotoCal2 smallPassing this along from Mr Jamester

Xenaversity Auction - THREE DAYS LEFT! Auction ends April 30th at 10pm Central time. Go get your bids in and get some great deals!



28 April 2010

Cold Case is "On the Bubble". Fan appeal Write to CBS!

I'm forwarding this on for Naj, who is the board owner of Look Again - A Cold Case Forum

Cold Case is "On the Bubble".  Fan appeal - Write to CBS! "Time Sensitive"
April 27, 2010

Dear loyal fans of Cold Case everywhere around the world,

This Sunday May 2nd from 9 - 11 pm (ET) is the Season 7 finale of your favorite CBS prime time drama. To ensure we have new cases for Lilly and the gang to solve next fall, fans must write a letter to CBS Entertainment. *USA.TODAY has announced this series "On the Bubble." The target dates for fan letter submissions are today through May 8. This may be the only opportunity fans have to let CBS know how much we desire to see a Season 8. Look Again is providing the address and letter information here: 

Cold Case needs our letter, envelope and stamp now!  We all know that past television series have been saved by the fans so don't put off this important opportunity to ensure another season of great new episodes.  Send your letter now.  It only takes 5 minutes of your time


Board Owner
Look Again - A Cold Case Forum



26 April 2010

Q&A with Renee at French Convention - Questions Wanted

Maureen DiscoveryXenan Warr from the site Xena Immortal (A French Xena site) will be interviewing Renee at the French Convention in August 2010.

Xenan would like people to submit their questions to him and he will be selecting them for the interview. The interview will be videotaped and be available on the Xena Immortal site after the convention.

Click here to submit questions

Click here for more information about this convention and to buy tickets



24 April 2010

ComingSoon Interviews Karl Urban 19 April 2010

ImageHe made a name for himself in TV shows like "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and its spin-off "Xena: Warrior Princess," but Karl Urban became more internationally known when he landed the role of Éomer in the second and third "Lord of the Rings" films. Since then, the New Zealand actor has gone on to star in films such as The Bourne Supremacy and the last year's Star Trek, which grossed $385.5 million worldwide.

ComingSoon.net talked to Urban recently about his role as the villain in the upcoming comic book adaptation Priest, in which he will face a warrior priest (Paul Bettany), a young sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and a beautiful priestess (Maggie Q). He also gave us his thoughts about the Star Trek sequel and beyond.

Read Interview

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22 April 2010

New Adrienne Wilkinson Show Reel

ImageAdrienne's new official show reel has been added to her official youtube page. It's also available on Adrienne AUSXIP Video Adrienne Wilkinson Video Channel.

Click here to watch on YouTube
Click here to watch on AUSXIP Video



22 April 2010

FearNet Interviews Ted Raimi

ImageTed Raimi's name may not be as well-known as his brother Sam's, but his face certainly is, having appeared in scores of genre projects – from Darkman, Candyman and Wishmaster to his recurring roles on Xena: Warrior Princess and in the Spider-Man films.

He's also appeared in FEARnet's own 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust web series. Raimi's directed his own web series too, Playing Dead, about a hard-luck actress who takes the job of Death. (The first season can now be viewed at Watchplayingdead.com.)

At this weekend's inaugural Wizard World convention in Anaheim, I caught up with Raimi, who told me when he plans to start shooting season 2 of his series, and his plans for his next web series. (Hint: We think you'll be happy.) Read what Raimi had to say after the jump.

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19 April 2010

Xenaversity of Minnesotta Xena Auction

ImageThe Xenaversity of Minnesotta is raising some money. Just received this note from Mr Jamester and passing it along:

Xenaversity Auction 2010 NOW OPEN!!

Auction STARTS Friday April 18th at 7pm Central Time and ENDS Friday April 30th at 10pm Central Time







19 April 2010

Hail Xena - Season 1 DVD To Be Released 20 April 2010


Xena Warrior Princess Season 1 is being re-released on DVD on 20 April 2010. The following was posted in the Los Angeles Times about the release:

If you’re nostalgic for warrior princesses, talk about “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Long before Lucy Lawless was going topless in Starz’ “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” she was just a warrior bent on overcoming her dark past and saving innocents to redeem herself in the campy ’90s cult TV series. Want to relive that Spartan costume? The first season is now available on DVD. (Tuesday) If you want vampires that don’t sparkle, talk about “American Vampire.”

Click here to buy from Amazon.com



18 April 2010

Claire Stansfield Not Hemmed In Los Angeles Times


The Los Angeles Times features an article about Claire Stansfield and the remodelling of her home in the Hollywood Hills. Article submitted by Teresa. Check it out

Not hemmed in

For fashion businesswoman Claire Stansfield, one style won’t work. She wanted her Hollywood Hills home to evolve with her tastes.

Claire Stansfield isn't a woman who commits to one style. When she co-founded her high-end T- shirt company, C&C California, the idea was to create "a classic shirt that women could wear with Jimmy Choos or flip flops, depending on their mood."

So when Stansfield bought a traditional English country-style house in the Oaks neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills, she wanted that same flexibility, an environment where she could display her mother's fancy Limoges china one day, earthy Heath pottery the next — depending on her mood.

Committed to not committing? To prove that home décor can be almost as flexible as hemlines, Stansfield has set out to create a house that's simultaneously traditional and modern, cozy and spacious, loaded with objects and yet absent of clutter.

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16 April 2010

Vicki Pratt In New Giant Worm Movie on SyFy

ImageVicki Pratt is in a new movie on the Syfy channel and I have to say that it's been a long time since I've seen giant worms...reminds me of the giant termites on that other classic syfy movie "Alien Apocalypse". These are no ordinary worms...they eat people! Gosh! What's even funnier than this is that in the video clip for the movie on the syfy site; people are trying to kill each other while the worms are feasting...ick. Double ick! Such rude manners.

ImageVicki looks great...worms...not so great.
Alien Apocalypse has alot to answer for...giant people eating worms....

New York, New York – April 14, 2010 – Monstrous worms unleashed from their ancient crypts and vicious witches declaring war on humanity wreak havoc during Syfy’s May Saturday Original Movies.

In Mongolian Death Worm, premiering Saturday, May 8, at 9PM (ET/PT), treasure hunter Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints, Young Indiana Jones) and U.N. aide worker Victoria Pratt (Day Break) find themselves battling local bandits while searching for Genghis Khan’s secret tomb in central Mongolia. The crypt is guarded by man-eating Mongolian death worms, who grow very angry at being disturbed.



16 April 2010

Karl Urban at Melbourne Supernova Pop Culture Expo

Karl Urban is scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Supernova Pop Culture Expo on 17-18 April 2010. In addition to Karl appearing on stage, you can have a photo op and/or autograph


He’s back!

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Karl Urban now lives in Auckland. Born on June 7, 1972, he is the son of a leather goods manufacturer (who had hoped that Karl would follow in his footsteps). His first acting role was when he was 8 with a line on a television show however he did not act again until after high school.

He was offered a role in the NZ drama “Shortland Street” as he was preparing to attend Victoria University but after appearing on the show for the 1993-1994 season he only attended the university for one year before departing to pursue his acting career. Over the next few years he landed several theatre roles in the Wellington area before eventually moving to Auckland where a number of guest roles in TV series followed. Among his first roles was that of a heroin addict in the drama “Shark in the Park“, a guest starring role in the series “White Fang” and Caesar in both “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys“, all of which led to Karl’s big breakout role as Éomer in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Since then Karl’s star has risen powerfully and his resume now including films such as “The Chronicles of Riddick“, “Doom“, “Pathfinder” and “The Bourne Supremacy“. Most recently, and famously, Karl is appeared in the HUGE sci-fi smash hit, JJ Abram’s reboot of “Star Trek“, as Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. He’s already signed for the sequel and has heaps of films coming up!

Karl looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Brisbane and Melbourne events in 2010. There are signing and photo sessions throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) excluding breaks. Karl is conducting Q&A session each day.

* Autograph ($30 each) and photograph ($40 each) fees apply
* Q&A sessions free with admission
* Guest confirmed health and other commitments pending

The link to the main site for all the info is here

Also Mary McDonnell who played Laura Roslin’ in Battlestar Galactica will be there as well.



16 April 2010

Xena Alumni at Anaheim WizardWorld

ImageThere is a whole swag of Xena alumni are attending the Anahaim Comic Con from 16-17-18 April 2010

Those who will be there are:
Ted Raimi
Adrienne Wilkinson
Melinda Clarke
Kevin Sorbo
Tony Todd

Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802

For more info go here

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16 April 2010

Renee Filmnut Interview on AUSXIP Video

ImageJeff from Filmnut contacted me to let me know that his hour long interview with Renee back in February 2009 is now available in it's entirety. I have posted it on the AUSXIP Video Renee O'Connor Channel.


Renee O’Connor, best known for her role as Gabrielle on Xena Warrior Princess has moved into the indie film world as a Producer (and actress) with the romantic comedy Diamonds and Guns. Filmnut interviewed her for this hour long interview.

Interview date: 29 February 2009

Watch Interview



14 April 2010

Zoe Interview from The Streamy Awards

Zoe Bell (Whip It, Game of the Death) interview at the 2nd Annual STREAMY AWARDS at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles April 11, 2010 - Interview by Samantha Sterner

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14 April 2010

Ted Raimi Interview from Streamy Awards

Ted Raimi (SeaQuest DSV, Drag Me To Hell) talks about his web series 'Plain Dead' and on directing at the 2nd Annual STREAMY AWARDS at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles April 11, 2010 - Interview by Samantha Sterner

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13 April 2010

Classic Fiction "Reflections" by Antonio Scaglioni

indexI'm pleased to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Antonio Scaglioni.

Reflections by Antonio Scaglioni

Note: This story takes its cue from the episode THE XENA SCROLLS, of the tv series "Xena:Warrior Princess", and from the episode FINAL OPTIONS, of the web series "Xena Warrior Princess Subtext Virtual Seasons", but it presents only my personal depiction of Xena
and Gabrielle, and it is written in the manner of a script of an SVS episode just as a tribute to the great work of that wonderful team.



13 April 2010

Zoe Bell and Ted Raimi At Streamy Awards

ImageImageZoe Bell and Ted Raimi attended the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards at the Orpheum Theater on April 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, California

Click here to view Zoe images

Click here to view Ted images

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12 April 2010

Superheroes inspired by 'The Ring' - Xena


The Los Angeles Times had an article on the how superheroes portrayed in the media today have been influenced by the 19th Century composer Richard Wagner and his four-opera cycle "The Ring Of The Nibelung".

Xena - In the sixth season of the TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess," viewers learn that Xena was once an evil Valkyrie who presided over a reign of terror in the show's mythological universe. And in the series, Xena even takes a dip with the Rhine Maidens in a nod to Wagner's "Das Rheingold."

Comic-book experts say that Brünnhilde and her fellow Valkyries have influenced the recent flourishing of on-screen female action heroes whose soft-butch exteriors hide an emotionally vulnerable core.

On TV, the most recognizable offspring of Wagner's Valkyries was the title character in the cult series "Xena: Warrior Princess." In the sixth and final season, which aired in 2000-2001, viewers learned that Xena ( Lucy Lawless) was once an evil Valkyrie who presided over a reign of terror in the show's pan-mythological universe.

The season featured three episodes inspired by the "Ring." In one, Xena takes a Sapphic swim with the Rhine Maidens -- a nod to the opening of "Das Rheingold," the first opera in Wagner's cycle.

Rob Tapert, a co-creator of "Xena" who is now working on the series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," said the entertainment industry's attraction to ancient heroes such as Wagner's is cyclical in nature due to advances in screen wizardry.

"The technology has changed and that means you can tell these stories all over again," he said from the "Spartacus" set in New Zealand. "These stories have withstood the test of time. It's really a matter of how we can do it all new for a new audience."

Read The Full Article



11 April 2010

Melinda Clarke To Appear at Anaheim Comic Con

ImageMelinda Clarke is an American actress who has primarily worked in television. Clarke portrayed the role of manipulative and cunning Julie Cooper on The O.C.

Clarke appeared on the daytime soap opera Days of our Lives as Faith Brown (where her father John Clarke was a senior cast member), and starred on Soldier of Fortune, Inc. for both of its seasons. She also guest starred on Xena: Warrior Princess as the Amazon chieftain Velasca, Firefly as the brothel madam Nandi, Charmed as the Siren, and has had five appearances on CSI where she played the dominatrix, Lady Heather. She also appeared in the Seinfeld episode "The Muffin Tops", playing Jerry's girlfriend who likes anything hairless.

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9 April 2010

Interview with Joe LoDuca - Examiner.com

joseph_loduca.jpg Exclusive Interview: Composer Joseph LoDuca on the music of LEVERAGE and SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND  - Examiner.com

Jumping in with both feet in 1982, he became involved with the trio of Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and actor Bruce Campbell for the iconic splat-stick horror film Evil Dead. He developed such a strong bond with them that whenever any of them would request his services, he would jump at the chance. After paying his dues in the horror film circuit, the team graduated into epic television franchises, first with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and then to greater success with Xena: Warrior Princess.

Although there have been low points as well as highs, LoDuca attacks each project with equal enthusiasm. He eventually added producer/director Dean Devlin and actor-turned-director Jonathan Frakes to his list of working partners, and his career exploded into more feature film and high-profile television work.

Currently, LoDuca is writing music for two popular television series simultaneously, Leverage for TNT and Spartacus: Blood and Sand for Starz. Until it was cast aside indefinitely in early March by Disney/ABC Television, he was also working on the Emmy-winning fantasy series Legend of the Seeker.

Read on, as we sit down and discuss the manic, musical world of Joseph LoDuca!

Read Full Interview



7 April 2010

Lucy Lawless Society Shaper in NZ Impact Players Book


New Zealand Impact Players: Good People Make a Difference

Lucy is featured in a new New Zealand book called New Zealand Impact Players. The book was published in February 2009 and is now available on fishpond.com.au.

Each Impact Player exhibits one or more of the stated values to be encouraged, modelled and explored: excellence; innovation, inquiry and curiosity; diversity; equity; community and participation; ecological sustainability; integrity; respect. Activities for students address the key competencies: thinking; using language, symbols and texts; managing self; relating to others; participating and contributing. It supports the eight principles such as Treaty of Waitangi, Cultural diversity and Future focus where citizenship and enterprise are important.

Table of Contents

Kate Sheppard and Jim Salinger - Community Crusaders -- Samuel Parnell and Sam Morgan - Society Shapers -- Te Puea Herangi and Lucy Lawless - Warrior Princesses...

Available now from fishpond.com.au
New Zealand Impact Players: Good People Make a Difference



7 April 2010

Desperate Remedies with Kevin Smith & Jennifer Ward-Lealand DVD

ImageDesperate Remedies with Kevin Smith and Jennifer Ward-Lealand

New Zealand Cinema Collection

Release Date: 1st January 1993
Run Time: 90 minutes
Format: PAL
Aspect: 16:9
Director: Stewart Main, Peter Wells
Cast: Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Kevin Smith, Lisa Chappell, Cliff Curtis, Michael Hurst
Producer: James Wallace

In the 19th century town of Hope, beautiful Dorothea Brook has a problem. Her sister Rose is addicted to opium and her villainous boyfriend Fraser who supplies her with it. Dorothea hires Lawrence, a handsome young immigrant to marry Rose and extract her from this destructive relationship.

Complications arise when Dorothea and Lawrences find themselves increasingly attracted to each other. Dorothea's companion' Anne sensing a rival pushes her into a marriage of convience. Sex, power and manipulation abound as the situation calls for ... desperate remedies

Buy DVD from fishpond.com.au



7 April 2010

Xena Photo Club Images March 2010 Haunting of Amphipolis #2

ImageOfficial Xena Fan Club Images for March 2010 continues from February 2010 with episode stills froms from the Season 6 episode 2 "The Haunting of Amphipolis"

Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles (Anthony Ray Parker) when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.

Click here to view the preview images

More Multimedia can be found here from this episode
Montage | DJWP Synopsis | SLK Review | Screengrabs - DVD



7 April 2010

Xena Photo Club Images Feb 2010 Haunting of Amphipolis

ImageOfficial Xena Fan Club Images for February 2010 is from the Season 6 episode 2 "The Haunting of Amphipolis"

Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles (Anthony Ray Parker) when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil.

Click here to view the preview images

More Multimedia can be found here from this episode
Montage | DJWP Synopsis | SLK Review | Screengrabs - DVD



7 April 2010

Xena Music Video Pick Of The Week


This is a pretty cool video that I've added to AUSXIP Video. The video was created by DayJolie80 and it's called "Xena and Gabrielle - Make It Hot"

Check it out



7 April 2010

Xena Convention in Europe - Schedule Now Available

ImageHere is the updated info about the upcoming convention with Renee in Europe from Xenan Warr:

Well, it has just been announced and it's ready to be sung! Yes, the exclusive and new schedule of the Musical Convention with Renee O'Connor and two more guests has just been published on Ultim'Art's website.

The schedule of the convention here

Important, I tell you once again that the Packages of The Musical Convention are available and if you haven't still bought your Pass, do it now! I was told that they are bought rapidly and that the guest of Buffy and the guest of the mystery show will be announced very soon. So, the Packages will be bought even more rapidly!

Buy right now your Pass here

Here find the step by step way of how to buy your tickets

It's gonna be three days of fun with conferences, autographes and photoshoots but above all, songs, dances and other surprises, each more fun than the last! You were dreaming of a musical show? With your favorite actors? This convention is for you!

A topic has been created on Talking Xena where you can find a lot of infos and help to help you to go to this convention, it's here: http://talkingxena.yuku.com/topic/18539

And, more important, don't forget to buy your Pass!!!



6 April 2010

Zoe Bell Article Scans The Red Bulletin Magazine

Zoe-picJo scanned an article and a pretty cool photo of Zoe on fire from the NZ Herald magazine supplement "The Red Bulletin Magazine" April 2010 issue.

Red Bulletin Magazine April 2010

Zoe Bell
One of Hollywoo'd most famous stuntwomen is a 31 year old from New Zealand who does the really hot stuff; she likes being set on fire - and that's just for starters.

Click here to read article scan



6 April 2010

New Fan Created Xena Comic Series

ImageThe Xena-Immortal web site has started a comic series based on events that would have taken place after A Friend in Need.

The website states:

The story of the comic takes place after the end of the show, when Xena makes her ultimate sacrifice and leaves Gabrielle following her path alone. We are beginning the season 7. There will be from 13 to 22 episode for that season.

Check out the comic series



2 April 2010

Xenites And The Greater Good

As many of you know the AUSXIP Charity Auction has ended and I've had my first real 'do nothing, watch videos and be totally lazy' day in a long while. Now back to work...

I'm quite sure that if I asked many fans on how their economic situation is, they would say it's horrible. It is. We've had a terrible 2009 and 2010 seems to be a tad better for some and not so good for others.

This year's auction showed me how much love you all have. How much respect, love and a willingness to dig deep. Xenites are EXTREMELY generous. Even those who didn't win or couldn't bid, gave a little. I was just amazed when I received the first half of the paid list from Starship yesterday. It had people's names on it that didn't win but who contributed, it had people paying extra on top of what they won. I shouldn't have been surprised because that's what you do and have done over the years but this year it's different. Despite the recession, the loss of jobs and other financial burdens, Xenites fans dug deep. That desire to help for the greater good is inspirational. As Lucy said in her message

I have never worked on a show with a fanbase as giving as the XWP gang. I guess it was the nature of the show and its message that formed such a community.

This is very very true. I've been involved in other fandoms and I have NEVER across anything like the Xenaverse. Last week I received an email that I want to share with you all with the writer's permission. It reads in part:

"Knowing that this money is really going some real place and will benefit a good cause which on top makes Lucy happy, is really the main reason for me to spent those "saved" Dollars...

Lucys appreciation of her fans is one of the first things, I realized when first coming to AUSXIP and the Xenaverse, that make her and Renée so special...because I have never witnessed anything like that before. So her letter makes me proud to be part of this giving "gang" ...doing it anyway and it defintiely is a very consious choice to spent this hard earned money for their (Lucy's and Renées, well and AUSXIPs) Charities...because even though Lucy always tries to disconnect the fans graciousness from her persona...in the end I think it has almost everything to do with her own graciousness...Fans willingness to give is undouptedly to a great deal because of her. And to me that is how I realize that one person really can make a difference, because we are all connected. I am kind of moved by this whole auction thing..."

Thanks everyone for making this fandom what it is. We have our troubles; we have our squabbles..any family does. What we do best is come together for the Greater Good.

I'm going to close with my favourite quote that I think applies because Xenites have a huge capacity for love and for giving.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller



2 April 2010

Gina Torres On ABC Drama Huge

ImageThe Hollywood Reporter has announced that Gina has been cast in the ABC family drama "Huge"

On "Huge," set at a weight-loss camp for teens, Torres will play Dr. Dorothy Rand.

The show revolves around the lives of teens and staff at a weight-loss camp as they discover who they really are under the glib surface of appearance.

Huge is based on Sasha Paley's 2008 novel, and it's being developed by the people who brought you Wicked and My So-Called Life. Also, the show's executive producers hail from Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.



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