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31 May 2010

S1 E21 The Greater Good Episode Promo


Xena Warrior Princess
Season 1 Episode 21 The Greater Good

When Xena is hit with a poisoned dart, Gabrielle must disguise herself as the warrior princess in a plan to save Salmoneus (Robert Trebor) from being killed by the warlord Talmadeus (Peter McCauley).

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30 May 2010

Gabrielle Video Season 1 Episode 21


AUSXIP Video Xena Channel

A grieving Gabrielle bashes a tree after the death of Xena in Season 1 Episode 21, The Greater Good

Season 1 Episode 21 The Greater Good

When Xena is hit with a poisoned dart, Gabrielle must disguise herself as the warrior princess in a plan to save Salmoneus (Robert Trebor) from being killed by the warlord Talmadeus (Peter McCauley).

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30 May 2010

Episode Recap: Season 1 The Greater Good

ImageI was channel surfing today and I flicked across to the scifi channel hoping there would be something interesting to watch on this lazy Sunday evening and I hear the very familiar theme to my favourite all time show!

Season 1 Episode 21 The Greater Good

When Xena is hit with a poisoned dart, Gabrielle must disguise herself as the warrior princess in a plan to save Salmoneus (Robert Trebor) from being killed by the warlord Talmadeus (Peter McCauley).

I loved this episode the first time I saw it and this time round it's even better. I think the most standout moments for me:

- Xena telling Gabrielle not to yell at her (those two are so cute together)
- Gabrielle and Argo (all their scenes - they are hysterical)
- Gabrielle in Xena's leather..if she were taller, Renee could have pulled off being The Warrior Princess
- Gabrielle trying to do the Xena yell (ooh major work needed)
- The Gabrielle Smirk (every time)
- "It's about the Greater Good" scene and Xena's request to Gabrielle...that's a tough request to be made of Gabrielle.
- Xena's Death (WOW)

- Gabrielle's grieving and tree bashing (MAJOR WOW) - the first time round this scene made me really appreciate Renee's acting abilities. Hooves & Harlots opened the door and this episode sealed the deal.

If I remember correctly (it has been 14 years) I created AUSXIP Renee O'Connor (aka The ROC Files) in July 1997 because of this episode. (If you're wondering about the timeline for that - I watched them in a mammoth marathon Season 1 session...thank goodness for video tapes and friends willing to dub them...if I also remember correctly the first time I had seen this episode was in 4th generation copy (awful, snowy copy that went from colour to b/w to something in between. Xena's head turned a greenish hue every now and then) but I was as happy as a piglet in mud.

- Xena's resurrection (This was the first one in a long line of death/resurrection scenes and we won't talk about the only death that didn't have a resurrection)

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Next week: Callisto! The Psycho with the best one liners!

Goodness I love this show even after 14 years!



30 May 2010

Jay Laga'aia At Star Wars Celebration Convention

Image Jay Laga'aia is a guest in the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Convention. Star Wars Celebration is the official Lucasfilm event celebrating all things Star Wars, produced by fans for fans. Celebrations are the largest Star Wars parties, featuring cast and crew celebrities, fans, costumes, music, live entertainment, autographs, collectibles, and panels — but mainly friends who gather to have fun and celebrate their love for the saga.

Star Wars Celebration V will take place August 12 - 15, 2010, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, celebrating the continuing televised adventures of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and looking forward to exciting new Star Wars projects to come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday, August 13, 2010 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday, August 14, 2010 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, August 15, 2010 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Star Wars Celebration V is being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, (Reported by Lori Boyles)

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29 May 2010

AUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless May 2010

ImageAUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless, star of Xena Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica and now the Domina of the Ludus, Lucretia on Spartacus Blood and Sand.

We conducted our first interview with Lucy in 2008 while she was preparing for her London concert debut and whilst working on the Adam Sandler movie "Bedtime Stories". In this interview Lucy talks about Xena, what her fans have taught her, working on Spartacus and her fellow cast mates, her involvement with Greenpeace and why that is so important to her. Does she has future in politics, childhood memories and more.

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28 May 2010

2011 Official Xena Convention News

ImageThe following is from Creation Entertainment about the 2011 Official Xena Convention in Los Angeles next January. No guests have been announced yet.

Every year fans from around the globe convene in Los Angeles for the
annual celebration of all things XENA and it is quite the party! 2011 continues the tradition and the dates to reserve are January 28-30, 2011.

At this early time we are opening up our Gold Weekend Packages for
sale: these are always quick sell-outs and this year you can pick your
actual seat in the theatre where all the guests and events occur.

Click on through and get yourself set: it isn't the same without YOU!


Your friends at Creation Entertainment for
The Official Xena Convention 2011



25 May 2010

Lucy Happy To Be Forever Xena


Lucy Happy to be Forever Xena
Monday 24th May 2010

Her next TV role is about to make her a screen icon all over again, but Lucy Lawless realises she will always be Xena in the hearts of her fans. But the star of new historical epic Spartacus: Blood and Sand, says the fans of her Nineties fantasy yarn have made her what she is today.

She told the Press Association: "They are fantastic. If you have those kind of fans you should value them because they are just so powerful and loyal and they will give you so much - they will stick with you." but she admits to sometimes feeling peculiar about the lengths her fans will go to prove their support.

She laughed: "I hate it when people get tattoos of me or Gabrielle. Sometimes they're really wonky!

"People can do what they want but people ask me to sign their arm and they'll run off and get it tattooed and they come back and show me and I'm like 'what have you done?' I hate that. I even feel weird signing a kid's T-shirt in case their mothers want to kill me. Please, no."

The new series airs Tuesdays on Bravo at 10pm.




20 May 2010

Michael Hurst in Sweeney Todd Press Release

The following is a press release for Michael's new show from and Michael's Official site: Michael will play Judge Turpin in Peach Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd at the Maidment Theatre

Sweeney Todd - A Musical Thriller
Maidment Theatre, Auckland CBD, 3 Jun – 26 Jun

Attend the tale of 'Sweeney Todd'...

Ad Feedback Stephen Sondheim’s 'Sweeney Todd' is a thrilling tale of vengeance and true love, featuring some of the finest music ever written for the theatre. Set in Victorian London it tells the infamous story of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, who forms an enterprising business relationship with Mrs Lovett, the proprietor of the downstairs pie-shop.

Sondheim’s most thunderously exciting score underpins a production of spine-tingling wit, humour and tenderness, that has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike – including Oscar and Golden Globe success for Tim Burton’s big screen box office hit, which starred Johnny Depp.

Now, Peach Theatre Company ('The History Boys') brings this iconic musical thriller to the Auckland stage for the first time in decades, in an electrifying production that features a world-class cast and a live orchestra.

Directed by Jesse Peach, this razor-sharp production stars international musical theatre sensation Ross Girven as Sweeney, and multi-award-winning Christchurch actress Lynda Milligan as Mrs Lovett. They are joined by Kiwi theatre legends Michael Hurst, Sophia Hawthorne, and Paul Barrett, Australian favourites Tyran Parke and Michael Lee Porter, and NZ Idol finalist Jessie Cassin, supported by an 11-strong chorus that includes Antonia Prebble, Ray Columbus and David Aston.

Don't miss this electrifying production of Sondheim’s glorious masterpiece, staged to mark the composer’s 80th year.


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17 May 2010

SVS Season 8 Episodes 11 and 12

Italian Versions of Season 8 Episodes:

#811 - March 19, 2003
Italian Version

Behind the Scenes of the Subtext Virtual Seasons (English)

Let us show you what it takes to put together the Subtext Virtual Season Episodes.

Also available in Portuguese    Spanish

#812 - April 2, 2003
Italian Version

Life's Little Challenges (English)

Hoping for a night of simple peace, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in mortal danger trying to defend a remote town instead.

Also available in Portuguese     Spanish



11 May 2010

Lucy as Xena in Hottest Female Action Stars Poll


The Huffington Post has posted a poll on the Hottest Female Action Stars: Who Got In the Best Shape?

Lucy is featured as Xena and is number 16 in a pool of 21 photos. You can vote for Lucy.

Scarlett Johansson worked hard to slip into her catsuit for 'Iron Man 2,' but she's not the first female action star to get ripped for a role. Which of these ladies were in amazing shape?

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10 May 2010

Classic Fiction by Iseqween


Opportunity Knocks
Written by: Iseqween
Genre: Classic / Alt

Early in their journeys, Gabrielle bumps into reminders of the life she left behind, as had Xena during the second episode CHARIOTS OF WAR.
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5 May 2010

New Lucy Pic with Mike Westgate

Image Here is a cool pic of Lucy with Mike Westgate who a sound mixer and recordist in New Zealand.
The pic appears to be around early 2009.

Mike WestgateSound Mixer and Recordist

Mike Westgate began working in sound in his native England. Since moving to New Zealand in the 1970s, he has contributed his skills to documentaries, drama series, and more than 20 features, and passed them on to a new generation, both on film sets and as a guest tutor at South Seas Film & Television School.

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News submitted by Barbara Davies



5 May 2010

Melinda Clarke on The Vampire Diaries

ImageWhen news broke that Melinda Clarke would be joining "The Vampire Diaries" as Kelly Donovan, Matt and Vicki's absentee mom, fans who knew her from her work on "The O.C." and "C.S.I." were thrilled.

After three episodes, Clarke has already left a considerable mark on Mystic Falls. Her character convinced Jenna to let her hair down, hooked up with Damon, preyed on Caroline's insecurities, and likely did a number on the town's liquor supply. Clarke's shining moment, however, came when Kelly Donovan learned Vicki's body had been found after months of assuming she'd just run away.

In a scene without any dialogue, Clarke made Kelly's grief believable and powerful. Thursday night's episode, "Under Control," is the last of Clake's four-episode stint on "The Vampires," but that's not to say we won't be seeing her again. Melinda sat down to talk about Kelly's chances of returning to Mystic Falls, her experiences working with the cast and crew, and even the pilot she recently shot for The CW.

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5 May 2010

Xena Prop House Newsletters Update


After a short break, the Xena Prop House newsletters are back.

Volumes 38 to 42 are now available
Click here to download

For those that don't know what the Xena Prop House Newsletter is, a little backstory.

The newsletter is run by Barbie. Dedicated to Prop and wardrobe collectors everywhere for Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules Legendary Journeys

The inception of Xena Prop House is based on a passion for discovery and joy in collecting Xena and Hercules weaponry, wardrobe and set dressing items. Collecting props has quickly grown between faithful Xena and Hercules fans and we would like to challenge you to enter into our world of prop collecting. We welcome you to collaborate with our forum, contribute your personal collecting experiences and your knowledge of props.

By receiving our publication you will engage in positive ideas and information about set used and replica props that will reverberate among all who share our passion! We will complete the circle by fulfilling our desire to locate other prop collectors or anyone that has information to pass on.



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