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30 July 2010

Charles Mesure Series Regular on V

ImageThe following is a tweet from Ausiello about Charles Mesure's series regular role.

V scoop: ABC confirms that Charles Mesure (a.k.a. Hobbes) has been upgraded to a series regular in season 2. about 2 hours ago via web



25 July 2010

Michael Hurst & Jay Laga'aia From 1984!

michael-heraldonsunday250710The following article is from today's NZ Herald on Sunday and you get to see a very young Michael Hurst and Jay Laga'aia from May 1984!

It was taken for a fiction series called Heroes which was about a band.

Aren't those boys cute or what! Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan.



23 July 2010

Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice Movie - News From Comic Con

ImageUSA has just announced at Comic-Con a "Burn Notice" prequel movie, starring none other than Bruce Campbell.

Campbell will produce and star in the project, said USA programming chief Jeff Wachtel.

The movie will show Sam Axe on his last day of military service and how he became the character he is today.

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22 July 2010

Adrienne Wilkinson Limited Edition Items - Adrienne on Venice


The following is from Adrienne to help raise money for her charity. If you haven't heard yet, Adrienne is also in Venice Season 2. Check these out!

From now until September, buy 2 autographs and get one free!

Most of the proceeds from this shop goes toward Adrienne's annual charity, with a small portion used for maintaining the official site. All item prices include shipping.

For those wishing to donate to the family Adrienne is helping this year, please use the donation button below. All proceeds from the donations go directly to the family. For more information on the annual charity, visit the Charity page.

Click here to view and purchase



22 July 2010

Geek Culture’s 26 Most Awesome Female Ass-Kickers - Xena


Geek Culture’s 26 Most Awesome Female Ass-Kickers

**not that I mind journalists calling Lucy an Aussie but she isn't...very much a kiwi**


Statuesque Aussie Lucy Lawless filled out Xena’s tight skirts and leather vests with brawn and brains. The character first appeared in the 1995 to 1999 television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys before getting her own TV show. Making no apologies for Xena’s rib-cracking approach to problem-solving, Lawless remains a force to be reckoned with in Starz’s blood-and-sex-drenched Spartacus series. Read More

Reported by Barbara



20 July 2010

S1 E8 Promethius Episode Promo & Multimedia


Xena Episode Promo for Season 1, Episode 8 Promethius

Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) and Iolaus (Michael Hurst) join forces with Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) to free Prometheus (John Freeman), who has been chained by the gods.

Scribes and Scrolls: Written by R.J Stewart, Directed by Stephen L Posey, Edited by Robert Field.

Passing Parade: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Michael Hurst (Iaolus), John Freeman (Prometheus), Jodie Dorday (Jo), Pau Norell (Statius), Russell Gowers (Demephon), Sara Wiseman (Young Woman), David Mitchell (Innkeeper)

Disclaimer: Ioalus was harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, the Green Egg Men went on to live long and prosperous lives.

Story So Far: Xena and Hercules race to free Prometheus from chains after his capture puts man’s ability to heal in jeopardy. Gabrielle makes eyes at Iaolus.

More Multimedia For This Episode

| Review | Screengrabs | Episode Stills



15 July 2010

Karl Urban Interview with Superherohype

ImageWhen Karl Urban heard the lineup of the actors who were cast in Summit's action-thriller Red, the New Zealand-born actor said he couldn't pass up the chance to work with the likes of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker.

In early April of last year, SuperHeroHype went to New Orleans and hung out on the set for a day. Urban was very generous with his time and talked to us for 30 minutes about his character and what some of the challenges of playing a CIA agent were.

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15 July 2010

Danielle Cormack NZ Short Film Excerpt

NZFILMSHORTS | 06 July 2010

Writer/Dir. Felicity Morgan-Rhind / 15 mins / 2004/ NZ / Returning home for Christmas, a daughter confronts her father's dementia and the friction her presence creates within her estranged family./ Festivals: 2005 Achievement for Performance by an Actress [Danielle Cormack], Drifting Clouds Film Festival, 2005 Achievement in Scriptwriting [Felicity Morgan-Rhind], Drifting Clouds Film Festival / www.nzfilm.co.nz / Sales Agent: NZ Film Juliette Veber
or visit: http://www.nzfilm.co.nz/FilmCatalogue...

Drama/Gay/Lesbian/Gender Issues
Producer Nik Beachman
Production Company Second Cine


(Reported by Barbara Davies)



13 July 2010

Kathryn Morris For New Movie with Brad Pitt

"Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris scores "Moneyball" (Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris is in negotiations to play Brad Pitt's wife in the baseball film "Moneyball."

Pitt stars as general manager of the Oakland Athletics, Billy Beane, and Morris' character shares his passion for the game. Robin Wright, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman also star.

Bennett Miller is directing the Columbia Pictures project, which starts shooting in Los Angeles next week.

Morris has starred on the CBS procedural "Cold Case" for seven seasons. Her feature credits include "Minority Report," "Resurrecting the Champ" and "Paycheck." She will next appear in the indie film "Mother's Little Helpers," which opens in theaters in December.




13 July 2010

Gina Torres Interview - Give Me My Remote

ImageBetween ANGEL, FIREFLY, ALIAS and, as of last season, guest spots on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and GOSSIP GIRL, TV fans have known GINA TORRES for quite some time. But in ABC Family’s new drama, HUGE — which takes place at a fitness camp for overweight teens — TORRES is tackling a role that we haven’t really seen her in before.

Playing the counselor in charge, Dr. Dorothy Rand, her character is dealing with some personal and emotional issues as troubling as any of the kids under her care.

GIVE ME MY REMOTE got a chance to chat with Torres on the subject…

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12 July 2010

Xenite Memorial Update - Marjanka Oudshoorn

ImageThe Xenite Memorial has been updated (unfortunately) with the news from Barbara Bruno that Marjanka Oudshoorn lost her battle with breast cancer on 25 June 2010

She was a beloved friend to many in the Xenaverse, a great Xena fan and a sweet person.

My condolences go out to her family and friends.



11 July 2010

Xena Season 1 Episode 7 The Titans Video Promo


Season 1 Episode 7 The Titans

Xena must save an entire village when Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) unwittingly frees three ancient Titans, who have been imprisoned for centuries in stone.

SCRIBES & SCROLLS: Written by R.J. Stewart / Directed by Eric Brevig


Mark Raffety (Hyperion)
Amanda Tollemache (Thea)
Edward Campbell (Crius)
Andy Anderson (Hesiot)
Paolo Rotondo (Philius)
Syd Mannion (Calchas)
David Mackie (Rhodos)
Jack Dacey (Creon)
Sian Hughes (Young Woman)
Peter Morgan (Barkeep)
Maggie Tarver (Villager #1)
Simon Cameron (Villager #2)
Tania Anderson (First Woman)
Julianne Evans (Second Woman)

DISCLAIMER: No disclaimer

Gabrielle accidentally frees three Titans who worship her, then turn on
her. Gabrielle tries to defeat them single-handedly in order to prove herself to Xena.

Montage | Review | Screengrabs | Episode Stills



11 July 2010

Charles Mesure at 2010 Comic Con 24 July 2010

ImageCharles Mesure has been added to the growing list of Xena Alumni who will be at this year's Comic Con in July. On that list is Lucy Lawless, Karl Urban, Brittney Powell and Tim Omundson. Here are the details for Charles' panel:

24 July 2010 - 2:30-3:15 V Screening and Q&A—

The cast and creative team behind this thrilling drama series about the world's first alien encounter make their return to Comic-Con. Actors Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Morris Chestnut (Boyz n the Hood), Joel Gretsch (The 4400), Logan Huffman (America), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville), Charles Mesure (Xena: Warrior Princess), Morena Baccarin (Firefly), and Scott Wolf (Go) join executive producers Scott Rosenbaum (Chuck, The Shield) and Steve Pearlman (Related) for a Q&A session with fans and to screen a special highlight reel from the show's first season. From HDFilms in association with Warner Bros. Television, V will return midseason on ABC, and V: The Complete First Season will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this fall. Ballroom 20




8 July 2010

Karl Urban at Comic Con For Movie Red


Deadline.com just learned that Summit Pictures will be bringing two movies to the con this year. Read on for details on those two and a very exciting confirmation.

The first movie they are bringing is Red; an action/comedy starring an array of interesting actors and actresses. The panel will consist of stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban. Mary Louise Parker, director Robert Schwentke, and Warren Ellis, the writer of the graphic novel in which the movie is based. Though the absence of stars Morgan Freemen and John Malkovich are a bit disappointing, any panel that includes Helen Mirren is an incredibly awesome panel. They will premiere a new trailer for the film and I expect an odd but highly amusing Q+A to follow.

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8 July 2010

Xena Season 1 Ep 6 The Reckoning Video Promo


Xena Season 1 Ep 6 The Reckoning Video Promo

Ares (Kevin Smith) sets a trap for Xena (Lucy Lawless) aimed at returning her to her former life as a ruthless warrior.

SCRIBES & SCROLLS: Written by Peter Allan Fields. Directed by Charles Siebert

PASSING PARADE: Kevin Smith (Ares) Bill Johnson (Benitar) Christopher Mayer (Peranis) Danny Lineham (Grathios) Christian Hodge (Teracles) Phaedra Hurst (Teresia) Meryl Main (Areolis’ Widow) Sam Holland (Teen Son) Ross Harper (Polinios)

DISCLAIMER: No disclaimer

Xena is wrongly arrested for murdering a group of peasants and, while Gabrielle fights in the courtroom to free her, Ares attempts to lure Xena back to the dark side.

More Multimedia from this Episode
Montage | Review | Screengrabs | Episode Stills



7 July 2010

Xena UK Promo Clips on Xena Video Channel

Added two wonderful UK clips (videos created by Jayfirestorm/youtube) to the AUSXIP Video Xena Channel

ImageXena Promo UK TV April 2007

This is an advertisement that U.K. Channel 5 ran to promote the upcoming run of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’, which began on Saturday 12th July 1997. It is made up of clips from the early episodes ‘Sins of the Past’, ‘Dreamworker’, ‘Cradle of Hope’ and ‘The Path Not Taken’, set to ‘Ace of Spades’ by ‘Motorhead’.

Watch Video

ImageXena Channel 5 Promo Ad UK August/September 1997

This is an advertisement that U.K. Channel 5 ran to promote their run of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’. It is made up of clips from the first season episodes ‘The Titans’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘Death In Chains’ and ‘Hooves & Harlots’, set to ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

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7 July 2010

Xena S1 E05 The Path Not Taken Promo

ImageS1E05 – The Path Not Taken Xena Warrior Princess

Xena’s (Lucy Lawless) plan to prevent a war by rescuing a kidnapped princess brings her back into contact with murderers and mercenaries from her dark past.

Other Episode Multimedia
Watch Promo | Review | Screengrabs | Episode Stills



7 July 2010

Brittney Powell To Attend 2010 Comic Con


Bittney is heading to Comic Con to promote her new show Safety Geeks: 3D. The following press release is about the Comic Con attendance:

This year at Comic-Con in San Diego fans can meet “Safety Geeks: 3D” producers Dave Beeler, (actor, writer, producer; Safety Geeks: SVI, Invention with Brian Forbes) and Tom Konkle, (Arrested Development, Scare Tactics, Art of Football with John Cleese ) who is the actor, writer, producer, editor on Safety Geeks: SVI; along with Safety Geeks star, Brittney Powell (Xena, Airborne, Playboy).

The “Safety Geeks” series follows the comic adventures of a semi-elite force of safety experts; the P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard) team who is obsessed with making the world, along with bits of Canada, a safer place. The CSI-like team investigates accidents to find out what went wrong and who is to blame, however, their involvement causes far more damage than they prevent, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake. The award winning “Safety Geeks” web series is not your typical 1950’s 3D red and blue technique but uses a cutting edge 3D process.

The team will sign photos and DVDs and discuss the groundbreaking 3D technology used to create their web series, as well as giving the fans a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Safety Geeks second season, which begins filming later this summer.

The Safety Geeks schedule for the Autograph Area at the San Diego Comic Con July 22-24:
Thursday AA20 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Friday AA19 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday AA19 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Read More

(Reported by Lori Boyles)



6 July 2010

S1E04 Cradle of Hope Episode Promo

ImageS1E04 Cradle of Hope Xena Warrior Princess

Xena (Lucy Lawless) protects a helpless infant doomed by a prophecy that identifies him as a future threat to the King.

Watch Episode Promo

Other Multimedia

Montage | Review | Screengrabs | Episode Stills



5 July 2010

E! News October 1997 Renee O’Connor & Michael Hurst

ImageAUSXIP Video Renee O'Connor Video Channel has been updated with an interview Renee gave to E! News during the 1997 Valley Forge Xena Convention. Also interviewed was Michael Hurst for his role on Hercules.

Watch Video



5 July 2010

More Xena Promotional Image Scans


Here is the next batch of Xena Promotional Image scans.

Added Xena, Gabrielle & Xena/Gabrielle images

Xena and Gabrielle

The main Xena Promotional Gallery is here



4 July 2010

We Play Rough, Wanna Watch Xena Promo Video

ImageWe Play Rough, Wanna Watch? Xena Season 4 Promo

The Xena promo for Season 4 set to the song “Oops Upside Your Head”

Watch Video



4 July 2010

Stolen Xena & Fan Artwork on Ebay

Okay this is really a big issue and has been for the last 14 years that I've been a webmaster. I don't know why but people seem to think that stealing artwork (and video) is an okay thing just because it's on the internet. IT'S NOT PEOPLE.

It's theft. Someone goes to so much time and effort to create stuff and then to have it ripped off? Come on. If you don't know how to do something, ASK. The artist will be very happy to tell you how it's done. If you want something placed on your site, ASK! How hard can that be? I've never met an artist who wouldn't be thrilled to have their work showcased on sites WITH THEIR PERMISSION. It's not difficult to ask; all it takes is an email.

This mini rant was prompted by Klippart's message on twitter about her (and others) art being stolen and sold on ebay. This isn't a new thing but it's gut wrenching to know someone is just stealing your artwork or your music videos or whatever else.

Stolen art alert to other Xena or fan artist: http://bit.ly/dlvelc Is your stuff is being sold at eBay unauthorized?: http://bit.ly/9SesFX

It's so much easier to steal and pass it off as your own than it is to create it from nothing. Worse is someone stealing it and then selling it.

It will get to the stage where artists wonder if it's worth sharing their creations. No one wants that to happen but it will happen. The same applies for fan fiction and other forms of creative endeavours.



3 July 2010

Gina Torres in New Show "Huge"


AUSXIP Talking Xena Contributor BCNGal posted the following news in Xena Chat.

For those of you who didn't know already Gina Torres is on abc family's new summer show "Huge".

Funny, heartbreaking and provocative, Huge follows the lives of seven teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp, as they look beneath the surface to discover their true selves and the truth about each other.

Gina's character:

No-nonsense and all work, Dr. Rand truly believes in the program she provides at Camp Victory. She sees weight as more of a health than a beauty issue, but she does realize that the campers are struggling with a lot more than calorie counts and jumping jacks. On the surface she's stern, serious, and more than a little scary. But every once in awhile a glimmer of softness shines through that makes you think that maybe Dr. Rand knows what the kids are going through from experience. And maybe she's still got as much to discover as they do.

Chat about this on Xena Chat



3 July 2010

Tim Omundson At Psych Comic Con Panel 22 July 2010


Xena Alumni at Comic Con includes Tim Omundson (Eli) on the Psych Panel on 22 July 2010

Psych – Thurs, July 22. Time: 3:30-4:30. Location: Ballroom 20 (same as last year).

Confirmed Panel: James Roday, Dulé Hill, Maggie Lawson, Tim Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, and EXP’s Steve Franks, Chris Henze, & Kelly Kulchak.




1 July 2010

New Scans Xena Promotional Images


Updated the Xena Promotional Photoshoots section in the Promos & Adverts Gallery / AUSXIP Xena Images.

Added four new colour scans and one b/w scan to the Xena Gallery

Added one new b/w scan and one colour (which was from the same photoshoot and appeared in the Official Xena Magazine cover to the Xena & Gabrielle Gallery

I've got a few more to be scanned in and will be adding them shortly.

The combined galleries can be found here



1 July 2010

Melinda Clarke's New Show Nikita at Comic Con

Melinda is in a new show called Nikita. The following press release is about the show and her appearance at Comic Con


Stars and Producers of "The Big Bang Theory," "Chuck," "Fringe," "Human Target," "Nikita," "Smallville," "Supernatural," "V," "The Vampire Diaries," "Childrens Hospital," "Unnatural History," "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," "MAD" and "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" to Appear

Warner Bros. Entertainment's Nearly 3,000-Square-Foot Booth to Host Signings, Video Game Demos, Numerous Giveaways and More During the Convention

BURBANK, Calif. (June 29, 2010) - Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) is returning to Comic-Con International: San Diego in unprecedented fashion in 2010. A star-studded lineup of performers, producers and other members of the creative teams of a record 14 series from Warner Bros. Television, Warner Horizon Television and Warner Bros. Animation will be on-hand for panel sessions, screenings, media appearances and autograph signings. This will mark the largest contingent of talent from WBTVG ever assembled for the world's leading pop culture convention. (In 2009, WBTVG featured 12 television series at Comic-Con.)

Series stars and creative teams scheduled to attend include:

"Nikita": Stars Maggie Q ("Mission: Impossible III"), Shane West ("ER") and Lyndsy Fonseca ("Kick-Ass") join executive producer Craig Silverstein ("Bones")

"Smallville": Series stars to be announced join executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson



Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings: WBTVG continues its Comic-Con tradition of hosting a three-hour special sneak peek premiere event on preview night, this year offering fans two opportunities to screen one of the fall season's most highly anticipated new series: "Nikita," starring international action star Maggie Q. In addition to "Nikita," WBTVG will unveil special video presentations related to its other series.


New series "Nikita": Screening complete pilot in session

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