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30 October 2010

Xena Fan Fiction - XIPPY Story Of The Week

The other night I fired up my ebook reader and took a trip down memory lane. After finishing a story I've read a dozen times before and still enjoyed, I figured this would be a good time to bring back the XIPPY Awards and morph it into Story Of The Week.

The XIPPY Awards were born when I wanted to highlight great fiction that the Xenaverse bards were creating. I stopped the awards some time ago due to lack of time but that doesn't mean great fiction has stopped. It's time to revive them and change the format a little.

If you would like to nominate a story to be featured on AUSXIP, send your story choice to me - the story doesn't have to be on AUSXIP. It can be anywhere on the net.

Please let me know the name of the story, the author, WHY you enjoyed it and the URL. I will then post your mini review/comments along with the link to the story.

This week's featured stories are two of my all time favourites and I've read these so many times, I still enjoy them every time.


Darkness Falls by Melissa Good

The rift in the series between Xena and Gabrielle was traumatic enough and I was dreading reading fanfic about it but Missy came through with my favourite post rift story. She dealt with the issues that Xena and Gabrielle endured and crafted it into one of my all time favourites. Darkness Falls is about that journey back from Tartarus that Xena and Gabrielle took -- a look into a relationship that withstood the angst and the bitterness. An exceptional story


Lucifer Rising by S. Bowers
Uber Alt

This story was my first foray into reading Uber fan fiction - A friend recommended I read Lucifer Rising and what a revelation it turned out to be. This story is packed with adventure, intrigue, love that knows no bounds and a good dose of mystery thrown in. This is the story of Jude Lucien, an ex DEA agent and Liz Gardener a nosey reporter. This is a fantastically richly woven story that you will not be able to turn away from this xenaverse Uber classic.



29 October 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guests - Michael, Jennifer and Claire!

From Creation Entertainment about the 2011 Official Xena Convention

Let the joyous news be heard: today we are HAPPY to announce the signing of THREE fabulous guest celebrities to Creation Entertainment's Official XENA Convention coming to Los Angeles on January 28-30, 2011.

Direct from New Zealand comes two of that country's biggest stars: the one and only Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand! Their appearances are always a true highlight of our gatherings and we know you are looking as forward as we are to seeing them both again. Another oft requested star is also back: Claire Stansfield. Claire made her mark as Alti but more importantly her connection to the fans is indeed legendary as well!

Michael, Jennifer and Claire join already announced celebrities Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Jacqueline Kim, and Brittany Powell. More guests to come of course and THANKS to all for the one-day sell-out of the new Astrological Readings by Hudson. Hudson is also doing a limited attendance Yoga Class that is open for students at the site.

For tickets go to: Creation Entertainment



28 October 2010

Screentalk Interview with Joel Tobeck

Joel Tobeck on life as a bastard Posted on 26 October 2010

Credits: Interview, Camera & Editing – Andrew Whiteside

Actor Joel Tobeck has played a range of ‘off-centre’ roles from a drug addict to a ‘bastard in a wheelchair’. He has appeared in many TV shows including Shortland Street, Lawless, Mercy Peak, Hercules, Xena and This is Not My Life. Tobeck’s film credits include Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, Little Fish and Eagle vs Shark.

In this ScreenTalk interview, Tobeck talks about:

•Exploring the craft of acting in Niki Caro’s The Summer the Queen Came
•Loving playing Neil in the TV show and then film Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
•Playing a ‘bastard in a wheelchair’ in Shortland Street
•Having to ‘step up’ his acting in the American series Hercules
•The intensity of working on the set of Channelling Baby
•Why shooting the seance scene made him doubt his role in the film
•Working with Taika Waititi on the comedy film Eagle vs Shark
•Enjoying playing another nasty character in This is Not My Life


News submitted by Barbara Davies



27 October 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guest Update - Hudson Leick

Creation Entertainment has announced another guest for the 2011 Official Xena Convention.

We are happy to welcome HUDSON LEICK (Callisto) as one of our headliner guests for Creation Entertainment's Official XENA Convention returning to Los Angeles on January 28-30, 2011.

Hudson joins already announced celebrities


For tickets go to Creation Entertainment



27 October 2010

Xena Shooting Scripts At Creation Entertainment Auction

The following was sent by Creation Entertainment in their most recent newsletter. I must say of all the Creation goodies over the years, this one is cool.:

From the production offices of Renaissance Pictures, we've been given the original script books for Xena Warrior Princess! Each 2 1/2" binder contains the shooting script with colored pages as well as other never-before-seen treasures that go into making a Xena script.

For example, some might have the original outline and earlier drafts, notes from Rob Tapert to the writers, storyboards, research on the clearance of names, cast and credits list.

These one of a kind super-collectibles will be auctioned off starting today with the first 8 scripts from Season One. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of television history at a great price!
(Episodes, other than the first, open up at a minimum bid of $100)



CLICK HERE TO GO TO CREATION'S IN-HOUSE AUCTION SITE. http://www.creationent.com/auctions/index.asp



25 October 2010

Xena Mention in Armed and Sensuous - Arkansas Democrat Gazette

The following Lucy / Xena mention is from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette dated 24 October 2010 from the print version.
It's part of a larger article which is also available online (registration required)

Armed and Sensuous - TV's gun-toting' women had Arkansas role model



Read article online (registration required)



25 October 2010

Xena Art by G Snider - Xena and Gabrielle Legacy


Added new artwork of Xena and Gabrielle from Season 6 episode "Legacy" by G. Snider.


Click here to view


You can view G Snider's artwork here



25 October 2010

Xena Image Galleries Offline

The Xena Warrior Princess image galleries have been taken offline.

I'm redesigning the section and merging several galleries.

They should be up by the end of the week.



25 October 2010

New Artist - Xenaverse Art Gallery + Art


I'm very pleased to welcome G. Snider to the Xenaverse Art Gallery.

Click here to view artwork



25 October 2010

Lucy Quote in USA Today on Kick-Butt Female Action Characters


USA Today - 24 October 2010
For these TV actresses, the time for action is now

One could argue that network TV hasn't had a real kick-butt female action star since Alias and Buffy the Vampire Slayerwent off the air. What conditions are necessary for the creation of such a rare specimen? "You can't be a whiner," says veteran TV warrior Lucy Lawless (Xena, Spartacus). "And they have to write for you as though they would a man. Your very femaleness is the counterpoint."

With those and other qualities in mind, USA TODAY examines this season's crop of newcomers who can fill the void.

Read More



24 October 2010

Nene Adams Auction Postponed

Auction for Nene Adams

Auction Postponed

With more time and research, Nene’s partner has discovered that some of the medical bills will be covered through various means. Until we know for sure how much they’ll actually need to get them through this troublesome time, the auction has been postponed.

All bids are frozen (unless you want to remove them.) All money donated to the nenesauction @gmail.com Paypal account sit there (unless you want it returned.) Email nenesauction @gmail.com if you want those funds back.

Thanks to everyone for their interest! As soon as we know more, we’ll reopen the auction!

In the meantime, keep thinking good thoughts for Nene as she undergoes treatment of a pretty horrific infection and has surgery on her foot. She is grateful for the support and asked her partner to share this with everyone:

I wanted to thank you all for you many kindnesses and generosity. Rest assured that although my recovery may be long, the outpouring of love from my readers, supporters, fellow writers and editors will keep me going for a long while yet. With many thanks and much gratitude,

Nene Adams



24 October 2010

A Friend In Need - Nene Adams

Auction for Nene Adams

Nene Adams, aka Bardwynna, one of the first and still one of the most gifted of the bards in the Xenaverse, has a life-threatening infection, no health insurance, and no money to pay for the surgery and medicine she needs in Europe, where she lives with her partner Corrie. The diverse and incredibly well-crafted stories at her site, Nene’s Living Library, have provided us with thousands of hours of free reading enjoyment. It’s time now for some payback. Friends, fans, and fellow authors and editors have banded together to offer some amazing items in an auction on her behalf. All proceeds will go to her for her medical care and recovery. Please be as generous as you can in your support: Bid early and often!


Please forward to any list / forum.

News submitted by Barbara Davies



22 October 2010

Subtext Virtual Season 9 - Italian Versions E1 and 2

Image#901 Who Watches the Watcher - Part 1

- Italian Version

Also available in
English | Portuguese | Spanish

While minding their own business and trying to get a little rest from the road, Xena and Gabrielle discover a religious cult doing it's best to ruin their fun and everyone else's - but the simple problem soon becomes far more complicated than they ever imagined.


Image#902 - Who Watches the Watcher - Part 2

- Italian Version

Also available in
English | Portuguese | Spanish

Xena and Gabrielle track down the source of a religious farce spreading across the countryside, only to find a shocking kernel of truth at it's core.



17 October 2010

New Book by KG MacGregor - Mother Load


Mother Load: Book 4 in the Shaken Series is now shipping from www.bellabooks.com; or if you prefer, you can download the ebook straight to your digital reader. The first three books in the series -- Without Warning, Aftershock & Small Packages -- were also published by Bella Books, and are based on the Shaken trilogy that appeared online here at the Bard's Corner.

This story follows Anna Kaklis, whose auto business is reeling from the economic downturn; her wife Lily, mired in one of the most important legal cases of her career; and their adopted son Andy, who is still getting used to the idea of having a family to call his own. What better time for Lily to get pregnant? One of the pivotal characters in Mother Load is Sylvie Saint-Laurent, a Xenite who won the character auction at MaryD's, and made a generous donation to Starship Hospital. You can read all about this book and others at www.kgmacgregor.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support you've given my work over the years. I'm always proud to call the Xenaverse my home.



16 October 2010

Alison Wall (Minya) Facebook Page


Alison Wall, the wonderful kiwi actress who played the lovable Minya has a facebook page.


Click here to view

News submitted by Barbara Davies



14 October 2010

2011 Official Xena Convention Guests Announcement


Creation Entertainment has announced some of the guests for the 2011 Official Xena Convention in Los Angeles.

Creation Entertainment's Annual Official XENA Convention: The XVI Celebration comes to Los Angeles on January 28-30, 2011 and YOU are invited to be part of the fun! It's a family reunion of celebrities and fans, an event that has stood the test of time and is always a fabulous weekend for all!

Today we are launching the list of guests booked for the convention and we're off to a great start:

RENEE O'CONNOR (Gabrielle)

Keep watching for exciting news about guests, panels, events and contests! Now is the time to lock in your GOLD WEEKEND Packages (the most upscale way to attend). You can select your actual seat off of our floorplan NOW and you'll note that our GOLD WEEKEND section is getting close to capacity.

We've also put on sale RENEE, JACQUELINE, and BRITTANY photo ops and autograph tickets.

For tickets / photo ops and autograph tickets - click here



14 October 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Artwork - Xena


Added Carpe Chakram to the Xenaverse Art Gallery. Her first artwork on AUSXIP is dedicated to Xena, Aphrodite, Gabrielle and Ares in "Treasure The Ta-Tas" for the special month of October. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Have you had your breasts checked lately? Now would be a great time to do it. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Click here to view artwork



5 October 2010

For US Fans Only - Double Dare & Angel of Death

Hulu.com is a great way to catch up on movies/tv shows but unfortunately it's only available to US viewers. So if you are in the US then you are in luck. You can now view

ImageDouble Dare (Zoe Bell)

DOUBLE DARE is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about the struggles of two stuntwomen in male-dominated Tinseltown to stay working, stay thin, and stay sane.

It features Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

Watch it on Hulu



ImageAngel of Death (Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless)

Based on an original script by comics writer Ed Brubaker, Zoe Bell stars as a deadly assassin who turns on her masters after suffering a gruesome head injury.

Lucy Lawless plays her neighbour. See more of Lucy in this role

Watch it on Hulu


News submitted by Barbara Davies



2 October 2010

Creation Entertainment 2011 Xena Calendars + Special Bonus

ImageImageThe journey of Xena and Gabrielle is celebrated in our TWO full color super-cool 2011 calendars filled with fantastic imagery selected by Xena Fan Club Manager Sharon Delaney. Now is the time to place your order for your calendars so you have them for the Holiday Season.

We have a VERY special limited time offer (expiring October 10, 2010) which gives everyone who purchases BOTH will receive a FREE hand signed autographed Xena character photo. You have a one in twelve chance of getting a Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor signed photo, but EVERYONE who orders gets something!

Click here to order



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