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27 November 2010

Featured Artist of the Week - SherrieB

ImageThis week's featured artist is SherrieB - love her work and she has this fantastic Renee website which is just fab!

Check out her work here



25 November 2010

Katherine Fugate Appeal For The Wayuu Taya Foundation

ImageKatherine has written an appeal for The Wayuu Taya Foundation, a charity dedicated to raising a school in Venzuela for children of the indigenous Wayuu peoples.

Please click on the link and read Katherine's message.

What is the Wayuu Taya Foundation? The following is from their website:

Welcome to The Wayúu Tayá Foundation website! We are a 501(c)3 non governmental, nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to help improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous communities while maintaining and respecting their traditions, culture and beliefs. Wayúu Tayá Foundation was founded by Wayúu model and actress, Patricia Velásquez. Since its creation, Wayúu Tayá has concentrated its efforts in assisting the Wayúu, an indigenous group of over 450,000 people, located in the Guajira Peninsula of northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela.



25 November 2010

Creation Entertainment Merchandise Free Shipping News

Received the following from Creation. Unfortunately for those not in the US, the offer of free shipping is not valid but for those in the US who want to take advantage of this offer, here's your chance:


Thanks to our amazing and loyal customers this Thanksgiving weekend marks the start of our 40th year of presenting conventions and producing licensed merchandise for our fellow genre fans! Way back in 1971 as two teenage sci-fi media fans in NYC we presented the very first Creation Convention on Thanksgiving weekend and now, four decades later, we're still going strong!

To get the celebration going starting at 12:01 Thanksgiving Morning and running until 11:59 pm Saturday Night (November 27th) Pacific Time we're removing all SHIPPING COSTS from admission tickets, autograph tickets, photo ops and merchandise (all of it including apparel, photos, autographed items, glassware, etc from your favorite genre TV shows or movies). So please check out our website at and place your orders during the next three days without those pesky extra charges!


Your friends at Creation Entertainment



25 November 2010

Xena On The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows List

ImageXena has made it to number 35 in the Sci-Fi online list of the top 100 Sci-Fi/fantasy shows of the last 60 years. Not sure if I agree with what the best episodes were (the comedies) but it's a good writeup. Xena did pave the way for Buffy and the others. There hasn't been another show like it since.

The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows

35) Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001)

A spin-off from Hercules, villainous Xena became a heroine with her own comedy sidekicks. At its best in the comedy or self-referential episodes (‘The Xena Scrolls’, ‘Déjà Vu All Over Again’) and in its teasing the audience as to the exact nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship, later seasons became a little too serious and it lost its lightness of touch. This fantasy romp paved the way for many late-1990s TV heroines, from Buffy to Alias’s Sydney Bristow.

View the full list

News submitted by Helen



24 November 2010

Xena Subtext Virtual Season Episodes 9.03 and 9.04 Now Available in Italian

The Italian versions of Season 9 episode 9.03 and 9.04 have been added to the Subtext Virtual Season site. The episodes are also available in English, Portuguese and Spanish

#903 Roots

Italian Version

Also available in
English | Portuguese | Spanish

After their recent trials, Xena decides she wants to visit Amphipolis. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to visit with her. Can Xena and Gabrielle exorcise some of the ghosts of Xena's past?

#904 Horsefeathers

- Italian Version

Also available in

English | Portuguese | Spanish

Xena and Gabrielle work to save one of the last godly creatures, which leads them to yet another encounter with Aphrodite.



23 November 2010

Unconventional or Unheard of Pairings" Art & Fic Challenge

The following is from Mesh and this looks like a fab challenge!

Have you ever wanted to send the Warrior Princess on a hunt for
monsters with Ellen Ripley? Or dreamed up a universe where Gabrielle
would debate the finer points of ancient architecture with Sam Carter?
Well, this is your chance to share your off the wall ideas in the shape of wallpapers, banners or icons at the Femslash Fanart or Passion Perfect Livejournal communities in response to the posts made there.

Read the rules, join the conversation, share your art - see you

Click here



21 November 2010

Hudson in Australia for Armageddon Expo Convention in 2011


I believe this will be Hudson's first trip down under for a convention. I received the following today about an upcoming convention appearance by Hudson in two cities:

Gifts for the geek are bringing Hudson Leick to Australia next year as part of the

in Sydney at The Dome, Sydney Showground's
February 26/27th 2011

and in Adelaide at the Adelaide Showground's March 5/6th 2011

more info will be on their site- soon!



18 November 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guest Update - David Franklin

One more guest to the growing list of Xena guests for the 2011 Xena Convention. Seems the biggest name is missing...Lucy Lawless but I guess they are waiting to see what happens with Spartacus before anything is confirmed or not confirmed with her (maybe)


David will be appearing on stage on Friday, meeting fans, signing autographs and doing photo ops each day.

He will also be performing at the Celebrity Cabaret on Saturday Evening.

David joins the following confirmed guests:

Renee O'Connor,
Brittney Powell,
Jacqueline Kim
Hudson Leick
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Claire Stansfield
Melinda Clarke
Charles Mesure
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Ted Raimi
Katherine Fugate



18 November 2010

Katherine Fugates Pics from When Fates Collide & Convention News


Katherine has posted some pics from Behind The Scenes on When Fates Collide from way back when (10 years ago).

She's a guest the 2011 Xena Convention or as Steven likes to call it "The Herd Migration" (just love that).

Check out her pics



18 November 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guest Update - Ted & Katherine

More guests have been announced by Creation Entertainment for the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention in Los Angeles.



Appearing Friday on-stage and also participating in the Celebrity Cabaret on Friday evening. Mr. Raimi is not available for autographs or photo ops at this event.


Appearing Saturday

One of Hollywood's most successful screenwriters, Katherine created the hit TV series Army Wives and wrote recent hit films including Valentine's Day and The Prince and Me. She wrote the popular Xena episode When Fates Collide.

Ted and Katherine will join the following guests already announced:

Renee O'Connor,
Brittney Powell,
Jacqueline Kim
Hudson Leick
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Claire Stansfield
Melinda Clarke
Charles Mesure
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Ted Raimi



17 November 2010

New Artwork by Carpe Chakram - The Debt "New Lessons"


Added a gorgeous new artwork piece called "New Lessons" based on the Season 3 episode "The Debt" Part 2. Stunning episode.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) narrowly escapes execution for attempting to kill the ruthless young Emperor Ming T'ien (Daniel Sing) and finally repays the debt she owes her spiritual mentor, Lao Ma (Jacqueline Kim).

Click here to view Carpe Chakram's New Lessons



17 November 2010

Xena Cast on Twitter - Adrienne Wilkinson


The absolutely adorable Adrienne Wilkinson is now on Twitter!

Go to

It's the real deal (no fakes) account for Adrienne. Adrienne confirmed it was hers and it's square.

You can also catch Adrienne on:

- Her Official Site (love that site design)
- Facebook



17 November 2010

AUSXIP Xena Image Archive Update


The AUSXIP Xena Image Archive is slowly coming back. The Image archive is being restructured with images being consolidated into other galleries to make images easier to find.

In addition there is now a "New Images" section where you can see, at a glance, what's the latest images added to the galleries.

The current archives are online:

- What's new in the galleries
- Conventions
- Episode Stills for Season 1 - 6
- MaryD's Art
- Xenaverse Art

The following are still offline

- Xena Photoshoots
- Behind The Scenes
- Adverts & Promos
- Magazine Covers
- Comic Books
- Misc Images
- Screencaptures



16 November 2010

Xena Cast on Twitter - Musetta Vander



Musetta Vander (Ilainus) in Xena's 5th season Amphipolis Under Siege is now on Twitter!

News submitted by Zeta



15 November 2010

Xena Softball Shirts - An Update

Following my post yesterday about Creation creating some Xena Softball shirts - In part I said: Creation's design will have a small number on the front. Number 10 (X) has been chosen for very obvious reasons (and for those that don't know why...with Xena everythig happened 10 years before...and of course the Roman numeral for 10 is...X (love that). For Gabrielle, V1 (number 6) has been chosen because...Gabrielle had 6 toes on one foot (we found that out during the Season 1 episode "Dreamworker"

and I speculated that these may be the new uniforms for the softball teams organised by Penny and Regina. This afternoon I received a note from Kim alerting me to something I wasn't aware of about the softball game that was organised and the uniforms:

Penny & Regina created their own shirts via cafepress and the proceeds of those sales went to charity. How utterly cool is that! In addition to the girls making/buying their own shirts, they gave the donation to charity + the $1700 raised. That figure will go up with the auctioning off of the two autographed balls as well.

So I'm guessing they won't be using the Creation shirts for the game come next January :)



15 November 2010

Xena Art - Featured Xenaverse Artist - Calli


This week's featured Xenaverse artist is Calli. Calli has been creating fanfic covers, montages, wallpapers for close to 10 years! One of my personal favourites is the image to the left - Season 6 episode Coming Home. GORGEOUS! I've been a fan of hers for a very long time.

Check out Calli's work on her site Calli's Creations.



14 November 2010

Creation Entertainment Xena Softball Shirts

Creation is creating some softball shirts for the convention. I wonder if that idea was inspired by the fans who played for charity during the 2010 Xena Convention. Aussie Penny organised the Amphipolis Vs Potadeia softball game which raised an incredible $1700 for Starship (Amphipolis won). The girls played in the rain. It was coming down hard that day and they still played.

A couple of softballs were autographed by Lucy and Renee and they will be put up for auction by Creation (propably at the 2011 Xena Convention).

Creation are now creating Xena and Gabrielle softball shirts for the convention -- the Amphipolis Warriors and the Poteidaia Bards. Penny did say last February that they were going to continue to play the charity game at conventions so this may be their new uniforms!

Creation's design will have a small number on the front. Number 10 (X) has been chosen for very obvious reasons (and for those that don't know why...with Xena everythig happened 10 years before...and of course the Roman numeral for 10 is...X (love that).

For Gabrielle, V1 (number 6) has been chosen because...Gabrielle had 6 toes on one foot (we found that out during the Season 1 episode "Dreamworker"

I wonder if the shirts are going to have some blue for Xena and some green for Gabrielle or Purple for both. It will be interesting to see.

Penny and the girls will have nifty shirts to wear when they take to the field next year. Let's hope it's not raining when they do!



12 November 2010

Renee To Hold "Introduction To Awareness" at 2011 Xena Convention

Creation has released the following information about the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention.

ImageSpecial workshop that Renee is doing called "Introduction to Awareness" set for Saturday morning.

From the Official IAmAware site comes the following information and Price for "Introduction to Awareness"

'Introduction to Awareness' with Renee O'Connor

January 29th 2011, Los Angeles, CA

This Introductory class will be a short three hour segment which will highlight the feeling within our Awareness of a state of Presence, then continue by looking at the keys to sustaining this feeling.

Awareness training involves turning our attention inward to specific states of consciousness, with an understanding that this process of self-discovery is to be approached with curiosity, not judgment.

Get Your Tickets Here:

Seminar - $125.00 USD

Click here to order



12 November 2010

Rob Tapert Wins Screen Industry Award - Onfilm/SPADA Industry Champion!

Screen industry awards presented at the SPADA Conference on November 12. The award given to Rob was for Onfilm/SPADA Industry Champion! Congratulations Rob!

SPADA members include producers, directors, production companies and allied craft professionals working in film, television, TVC, video, post-production, animation and interactive media; lawyers and accountants, completion guarantors, and industry suppliers.

ImageRob Tapert

With his latest series, Spartacus, currently in production in Auckland, and all of his productions since 1993, Rob Tapert has brought in $NZ745 million of offshore funding to date. He has produced 375 hours of television in New Zealand, 309 hours of that before the Large Budget Screen Production Grant was introduced. His television series are: 5 x Hercules telefeatures, Hercules, The Legendary Journeys, Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess, Jack of All Trades, Cleopatra 2525, Amazon High, Legend of the Seeker and Spartacus. Plus feature films Boogeyman and 30 Days of Night.

He was the first major offshore producer to see the potential of New Zealand not only for stunning locations, but also for talented crews, actors, directors, producers, editors, stunt performers etc. In 17 years of operating in New Zealand, he has enabled the growth of local infrastructure and the development of skills by providing the projects, the challenges, the training and the promotions, while continually raising the bar. He has been responsible for the careers of thousands of kiwis, all the while developing new ways of making television. He is respected and loved amongst kiwi crews for his innovation, generosity and humour, as well as his enormous contribution to the growth of the industry in this country.

Tapert's early days were with his producing partner Sam Raimi on cult hits Darkman and Evil Dead, a partnership which has also included the feature films The Quick and the Dead, The Gift and The Grudge.


News submitted by Pat



10 November 2010

Fanfic Author Starting Site for PDF Books

From Kim Pritekel about her writing/novels:

After posting novels and stories free online for ten years, I've decided it's time to start up a website where new novels, short stories and web series can be sold in PDF ebook form for an extremely low price. This is what I do for a living, so it's time to stop giving it away, as a few of you have asked why I do. Also, lately many have been asking about my work in ebook form, which However, none of my published work will be on this website, so sorry, guys! unfortunately isn't quite available with my publisher yet, so here's your chance!
Come check it out at: There will be more stories available soon, so keep checking back, or you can simply join the K Productions Yahoo Group for emailed updates.

Kim Pritekel



8 November 2010

Tony Todd In New Movie One By One: Death's Door

ImageAmerican World Pictures has acquired the film One by One: Death's Door from Mad Crapper Films at this year’s AFM.

The film stars veteran actor Tony Todd, Douglas Tait, Sally Kirkland and Chris Bruno and was written and directed by Kimberly Seilhamer, and produced by Mark Erikson, Sheri Reeves, and Kimberly Seilhamer.

Read More



8 November 2010

Xena Music Video Unforgetable by Sabina Shamsed

ImageXena Music Video – Unforgetable by Sabina Shamsed

This is s super video not only because it’s a great montage of footage but Sabina sings the soundtrack to it!

The song is Unforgetable which was sung by Ruslana at the 2004 Eurovision Contest.

View on AUSXIP Xena Music Videos Section



8 November 2010

Xena Fanfic Bard - Della Street on Femslash4fans Radio 18 November 2010

I was very interested in the following message that was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena. I'm a HUGE Della Street fan - love her fanfic (you can find a full listing here - ABSOLUTELY love her writing. Especially Back Trouble , Bargain Hunting, Beyond Sex to name a few.

Dear readers,

I'm extremely excited about this announcement, as I've hoped to have this guest on my show - literally - for a year now. Those of you who are familiar with her work will know why, and you'll be sure to tune into the LIVE show at 10 PM EST on Thursday, November 18th:

Writers Whose Work is More Diverse Than a Thanksgiving Dinner - Della Street

Femslash4Fans Radio has prepared something special in the last show before the Thanksgiving holiday, even more special than pumpkin pie or jello mold. Joining the ranks of past guests like Fembuck, Dreiser and Sharon Bowers - whose work was too well-written and diverse to be limited to a single fandom - Della Sreet has been a talented and prolific author in some of the Internet's most popular femslash communities. I've wanted to have Street on my show for over a year now, but it was only after she recently returned to the Internet to begin writing fanfic for the TNT drama "Rizzoli & Isles" that I got my chance. Call it an early Christmas gift for everyone involved. We'll be focusing on the four shows where she's made the biggest contributions - "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (where she is better known as D.S.), "Star Trek: Enterprise", and best of all, "Facts of Life". Joining us will be my co-host Harriet, who was herself a past guest on my show for the "L&O:SVU" show this past December.

Those of you who are unable to listen live will be able to download the show after. Those of you who ARE, will be able to join the chatroom while we talk if you create a membership at (with no obligation to host your own show!).

Sincerely, Allaine



7 November 2010

Xena Cast News - Michelle Nicastro Passes Away

It's more sad news for Xena fans this week. Right after the news of Cousin Liz passing away in October, we have news that Michelle Nicastro has passed away aged 50. Michelle sang on the spectacular Season 3 episode "The Bitter Suite" and she was the singing voice for Hudson as Callisto. I honestly thought Hudson sang that herself because it sounded so much like Hudson. has posted the news about Michelle.

ImageMichelle Nicastro Passes Away at 50 has learned from her longtime friend and record producer Bruce Kimmel that Michelle Nicastro has passed away at the age of 50 from cancer.

She provided the voice of Princess Odette in The Swan Princess and its sequels, The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain and The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom, and the singing voice of Callisto for the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Bitter Suite".

The following video is not of Michelle singing on The Bitter Suite but the video description is:

Two's Company was a benefit for the Los Angeles City College Alumni and Associates at the Alex Theater in Glendale, November 2007. It was an all-star evening of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz songs (the composers were in attendance), introduced by alumni Cindy Williams. Here's the wonderful Michelle Nicastro singing Menken and Ashman's Part Of Your World - trivia note - it was the first song we ever recorded together, for our album Toonful. Musical direction by Richard Berent, directed by Bruce Kimmel.


News submitted by Barbara Davies / Video Links submitted by Carpe Chakram



7 November 2010

Mel B Interviews Lucy Lawless About Xena and Being Typecast

Fire21420020 (2)Mel B: It's a Scary World Season: 1 Episode: 9 Mel talks to actress Lucy Lawless about being typecast. Hear the "Xena: Warrior Princess" star's insight.


Click here to view interview

News submitted by Barbara Davies



6 November 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guest Update: Charles Keating & Steven Sears!

The guest list for the 2011 Xena Convention is growing with Creation's latest update!

The annual "family get-together" of Xena fandom and celebrities is a weekend that we're very much looking forward to and we hope that you'll be there for the celebration! We're working round the clock to deliver a sensational line-up of guests, events and attractions and we're well on our way with 11 guests already announced including today's addition of CHARLES KEATING ("Zeus") and STEVEN L. SEARS (Co-Executive Producer and Writer, and one of our favorite celebrities!).

Read More



6 November 2010

Featured Xenaverse Artist - Rebekah Lynn


This week's featured Xenaverse Artist is Rebekah Lynn.

Rebekah has created some beautiful art and she is truly a gifted artist.

Click here to view her Xena art on AUSXIP

You can check out her official site as well - Rebekah Lynn Southwind Art



5 November 2010

Featured Episode Art - Xena Season 2 Episode 12 "Destiny"

ImageThis week's featured art gallery is a group of montages I created during Season 2 for the episode that looked back at what made Xena turn to the dark side. Originally this episode had a different ending but because of Lucy's Jay Leno accident where the horse slid from underneath her and she ended up with a fractured pelvis, Xena stayed dead and it led to one of the best season 2 episodes (and Season 2 was fantastic) in The Quest.


A bit of personal trivia: the third montage on the page is the first montage that was signed by Lucy Lawless (having being sent off to RenPics on the hope it would get autographed. It did, which let me tell you sent me into the stratosphere for quite some time). I still own that printed out montage and the of my most prized Xena collectibles. I was still a newbie at Photoshop and to Xena. Doesn't mean much to anyone else but it sure makes me smile when I see it.

Click here to view gallery



5 November 2010

2011 Xena Convention Guest Update - Melinda Clarke & Charles Mesure

The Adventure Continues.... Creation Entertainment's Official XENA Convention returns on January 28-30, 2011 and we are VERY EXCITED about the guest list so far.

Today we are happy to add two new guests:
MELINDA CLARKE (Velasca) and
CHARLES MESURE (Archangel Michael)

Both of these stars have had fantastic careers since appearing on Xena so it is great that they are taking the time to return to their early "roots" to be with the audience that first embraced them.

We also have a brand new first time photo op available: "A Necessary Evil" Duo Photo Op with MELINDA CLARKE & HUDSON LEICK and YOU! Awesome We still have a small number of GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES left, so please come aboard NOW.... additional ticket options available soon!

Click on through to get yourself set for the annual "Family Reunion" of all folks Xena and keep watching for new exciting announcements!

For tickets go to: Creation Entertainment

More Convention News

? 2011 Xena Convention Guests - Michael, Jennifer and Claire!
? 2011 Xena Convention Guest Update - Hudson Leick
? 2011 Official Xena Convention Guests Announcement
? Official Xena Convention Note for Music Video Artists



3 November 2010

The Passing of Cousin Liz - Chris Remembers

folderChris Clogston has sent me a link to her blog in which she shares her memories of Cousin Liz. As many of you know, Liz passed away in October. I'm waiting on the date and other details before I update the Xenite Memorial Page

Many thanks to Chris for sharing this with us. Click here to read



3 November 2010

Xena Art by Carpe Chakram

ImageAdded five new Xena related artworks by Carpe Chakram


View art here



1 November 2010

Redesigned MaryD's Xena Warrior Princess Episode Art Season 1-6

ImageI have been redesigning / reorganising my artwork section. I have now desgined the section in Season and Episode Name to make them easier to identify.

There are 271 episode montages/artworks based on each episode. These were created between 1996 and 2001 (with a smattering of beyond 2001 but I can't remember when I did those).

Click here to view entire gallery here

Organised by Season / Episode Name
- Season 1 - 34 Artworks
- Season 2 - 32 Artworks
- Season 3 - 36 Artworks
- Season 4 - 37 Artworks
- Season 5 - 36 Artworks
- Season 6 - 96 Artworks


For those curious as to which montage was created first - it's Season 2 Episode 9 A Solstice Carol (goodness knows what Xenaverse artists could have done with high res episode stills back in the day...we didn't have them so we made do with small screencaptures - the quality wasn't great but it let everyone be creative. We have it really great today with huge episode stills and HQ caps but back in the day...just small/medium captures and very grainy. That's why the early work was restricted to 500 x 500 px in size. The screencap quality increased and so did the size of the art. What I would have given to have high quality stills especially from Is There A Doctor In The House (that blue filter drove me insane trying to get good shots that weren't dark). The artworks need alot of work but it was FUN!

Screencaptures were created by Tom's Xenafan site and later by Judi who created them for AUSXIP.

It was all thanks to Rob Tapert and Studios USA for allowing the fans to create screencaptures and be creative.



1 November 2010

Xenite Has Passed Away - Cousin Liz

This is very sad news, Lida has forwarded the news from Paws that Cousin Liz has passed away. Cousin Liz was one of the original oldtimer Xena fans and ran the site "Xena Soulmates". I will be adding Cousin Liz to the Xenite Memorial Page later today.

My condolences go out to Cousin Liz's family and friends.

The following is the message:

From: Dawn McDermott <>
Date: October 30, 2010 8:56:17 AM EDT

Dear Pups,
I received an email this morning informing me that we've lost yet another one of our members, Cousin Liz. Even though we lived in the same town and I didn't know her very well, except through email exchange, I enjoyed our conversations.

Liz knew she wasn't well and a few weeks ago she asked me if I would take on the task of collecting all of her Xena collectibles and making sure they were sold or auctioned off for charity. We agreed upon two charities. She knew that Crystal and I volunteered for a no-kill animal rescue shelter here where we live in Allentown, PA, so she chose that as one. The other is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund For The Cure as the other, knowing that we
rode with members of the DC Pups to the Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally every June, for that cause. I was honored that she asked me to do this for her and I will do everything
in my power to carry out her wishes.

I will let the Pack know when the items will go up for auction/sale after Iinventory everything. There are some pretty special things in her collection.

In the mean time, please say a prayer for Liz. She will be missed.




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