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30 December 2010

2011 Xena Convention Update + Awareness Seminar

The latest from Creation Entertainment about the upcoming 2011 Official Xena Convention. The guests are:

Renee O'Connor, Brittney Powell, Jacqueline Kim, Hudson Leick, Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Claire Stansfield, Melinda Clarke, Charles Mesure, Charles Keating, Steven L. Sears, Ted Raimi, Katherine Fugate,
David Franklin

Creation Entertainment's Official XENA Convention is just one short month away and WE CAN'T WAIT!

We have a very special three days planned (January 28-30, 2011 in hopefully sunny Los Angeles) with 14 super-sensational guests, tons of events and extra attractions, parties, and fellow fans from around the globe. More than just a convention the Xena events are truly "family reunions" for the stars and this very loyal fan base! Close the doors on the outside world and join the celebration: it isn't the same without YOU!

Tickets for as low as $30 a day are NOW available in advance and for those that want to spring for reserved seats you can actually pick your seat with our new ordering system.


We are very proud to welcome a new event workshop to the convention from RENEE O'CONNOR. There is still some space left for your participation in this workshop, details below:


"Introduction to Awareness"
SATURDAY 8:30am - 11:30am

This Introductory class will be a short three hour segment which will highlight the feeling within our Awareness of a state of Presence, then continue by looking at the KEYS to sustaining this feeling.

WHAT IS AWARENESS TRAINING? Awareness training involves turning our attention inward to specific states of consciousness, with an understanding that this process of self-discovery is to be approached with curiosity, not judgment.




28 December 2010

Xenaverse Art New Artist - Barbara Bruno

ImageAdded a new artist to the Xenaverse Art section - Barbara Bruno.

Barbara has created her first Xena artwork.

Click here to view



28 December 2010

Xena Fiction - Conqueror Fiction by Missy Good

Added two Conqueror stories by Missy Good. Queen of Hearts has been finished and is available as a PDF and A Queen For All Seasons is ongoing. The first 5 chapters are available in html format.

ImageFor those not familiar with the Conqueror...The Conqueror was a character first seen in a Hercules crossover episode called Armageddon Now where Xena did in fact become the Conqueror of Nations that Alti predicted. Xena The Merciless is an adaptation of that character with Gabrielle finding a way into her heart.

Queen of Hearts (PDF) by Melissa Good
(Sequel to Shadows of the Soul)

Xena the Merciless finds herself dealing with an avalanche of change in her kingdom since she settled down and named an heir. But just when things look like they’re getting boring, a stranger from the East comes to challenge Xena’s throne and offer her a choice she no longer finds possible to make.

A Queen For All Seasons 1-5 (Continued) by Melissa Good
(Sequel to Queen of Hearts)

Xena the Merciless feels like her world is finally settling down into something she might even start to enjoy. The summer harvest was good, people are showing up for her Harvest Festival, and Gabrielle has some storytelling to a Persian prisoner for some tips on massage. The only clouds on her horizon besides the usual winter storms was that message she sent to the King of Persia along with his daughter's head. What, really, could go wrong?



28 December 2010

Uber Ficton Series - Dar Roberts & Kerry Stuart Fiction Page


I'm very pleased to announce that the DaKverse page - the Dar Roberts & Kerry Stuart fiction page has been redesigned (finally) and is back online.

All the stories in the series are now up to date including the short stories. I've been a fan of this series since Missy wrote the first story "Tropical Storm" and I've been hooked ever since. If you haven't read any of the stories yet, I highly recommend them. If you love Xena and Gabrielle, then you will love their ubers; Dar Roberts and Kerry Stuart, two very beautifully written characters.

Who are they? Glad you asked...they are the wonderful creations of Missy Good.

Dar Roberts, corporate raider for a multi-national tech company, is cold, practical, and merciless. She does her job with razor-sharp accuracy. Friends are a luxury she cannot allow herself, and love is something she knows she'll never attain. Kerry Stuart left Michigan for Florida in an attempt to get away from her domineering politician father and the constraints of the overly conservative life her family forced upon her. After college she worked her way into supervision at a small tech company, only to have it taken over by Dar Roberts' organization.

Her association with Dar begins in disbelief, hatred, and disappointment, but when Dar unexpectedly hires Kerry as her work assistant, the dynamics of their relationship change. Over time, a bond begins to form. But can Dar overcome years of habit and conditioning to open herself up to the uncertainty of love? And will Kerry escape from the clutches of her powerful father in order to live a better life? The answer to both questions is no - unless these two women can strengthen and cement the tenuous bond that forms between them. First they must face storms that neither expects . . . and live to tell the tale.

Click here to view site



27 December 2010

Xena Fan Fiction - A Queen's Tale by Melissa Good

A Queen's Tale by Melissa Good

A Queen's Tale is #18 in the Xena & Gabrielle Soulmates Series and is the sequel to One Wild Ride - click here to view the other stories

Xena and Gabrielle have eased back into life at home after their last harrowing adventure. Gabrielle has taken over running the Amazons, the Amazons have settled into their new home, and Xena's just chilling out and practicing her swordsmanship as she keeps an eye on little Dori. But as usual, the Fates are never content to leave them alone and soon enough trouble comes banging on the door and once again they have to decide whether to answer it, or this time, escape out the back window.



26 December 2010

The Bard's Corner - A Tropical Christmas by Melissa Good


Added a Dar and Kerry short story by Melissa Good

A Tropical Christmas by Melissa Good
Just a very short visit with Dar and Kerry and families



22 December 2010

Xena Season 2 on DVD Re-Release

ImageWe have seen the entire series on DVD now for quite some time but Universal has decided to re-release the seasons.

Season 2 will be released on 29 March (hey right on Lucy's birthday!). The five disc set is $19.99 but if you pre-order it from you get the discount down from $26.98 USD

Pre-Order from

The re-released Season 1 DVD is available here



19 December 2010

Subtext Virtual Season 9 Episode 5 - Yo Ho Ho

Image#905 - Yo Ho Ho

Italian Version

On a quest for a warm room and a soft bed, Xena and Gabrielle make a slight detour to roam the seven seas as pirates.

Also available in English Portuguese and Spanish



19 December 2010

New Xenaverse Artist - Aphrodian


Added Aphrodian to the Xenaverse Art Gallery. Her artwork is usually found in the comic "Xena: The Legend Of The Warrior Princess"

Click here to view artwork



17 December 2010

Hudson Leick on Brazillian TV

Hudson will be on CSI that will be shown in Brazil on 20 December 2010. The following tweet was sent to me to alert Brazillian fans of Hudson's appearance:

@HLeick: In december 20, Hudson Leick starring on CSI of the station Rede Record,episode "Bite Me"

The episode will be aired throughout Brazil, This is the page on IMDB:



16 December 2010

Auction for Nene Closes

The auction has now ended. It raised a grand total of $4,905. Thanks, everyone.

---- forwarded message follows ----
The auction to raise money for Xenaverse bard Nene Adams closes today,
so if you have been meaning to place bids on any of the items, place
them now. :)


News submitted by Barbara Davies



15 December 2010

Featured Xenaverse Artist - Lucia Nobrega

Today's featured artist is Lucia Nobrega. In 1998 I received an email from a Brazillian Xenite who asked me if I wanted to see some artwork she created. I fell in love with Little Xena and Gabrielle and they became (and still are) beloved characters in the Xenaverse.

Lucia is a supremely talented artist and a friend and I'm stoked to be able to showcase her artwork here on AUSXIP since 1998.

Check out the AUSXIP Lucia Nobrega Artwork Gallery where you will find Little Xena & Gabrielle, big X and Gabrielle, Artwork from fanfic and Missy's Dar & Kerry and lots more.

Click here to view



14 December 2010

A Lifetime Ago....

I was cleaning up some site stuff and I came across a blog post I did way way way way back...check it out. It cracked me up reading it...

Ramblings From MaryD
28 September 1997

Welcome to my ramblings. Firstly I would like to say to everyone that emailed me about my retirement from Tom's Fan Fiction Site, thank you for your support and very very kind words. I enjoyed editing and coding the stories on Tom's site. That chapter is now closed and I've embarked on another chapter.

What is that? To make the Xena Information Page a very informative and interesting site to come to. As many of you have seen I've added quite a bit of new material to the various sections of the page. And some tweaking.

What's new around here? For one thing I've added my favourite bards to the XIP Fan Fiction Page. All the stories on this site are my favourites and the bards are some of the best in the xenaverse. As of today I've added another new bard. Her name is Cousin Liz and let me tell you folks... Cousin Liz has written Illuminations of the Soul. I STRONGLY suggest you read this. It's one of the best stories I have ever read. Simple as that.

I would also like to remind everyone that Lunacy has her Fan Fiction Reports archived on the XIP Fan Fiction if you've missed a report..go and check it out!

I would also like to say that I am extremely pleased to have the reviews of John M. Kahane. John has been involved in fandom for a very long time, and if you are Babylon 5 fans, you will no doubt have seen his excellent Babylon 5 episode reviews. Well John has decided that the XIP will host the XWP Episode Guides! I am very excited by this because I've always enjoyed John's reviews.

As you can see XIP is growing in leaps and bounds. So stay tuned and check back often because you never know what might be coming up :-)



14 December 2010

Katherine Fugate Up For Auction - The Writers Guild Foundation

Katherine is up for auction and I have to say it's a pretty nifty thing to win especially if you are a writer. Katherine wrote the hit movie Valentine's Day not to mention that Xena episode fave "When Fates Collide" and a host of other great shows/movies.

The Writers Guild Foundation - 2010 Holiday Sale of Invaluable Experiences

This year our Holiday Sale of Invaluable Experiences is packed with amazing encounters. From a meeting with a leading literary agent to a round of golf with two hot screenwriters, this is the place to connect with that perfect gift. Call or email Sandy at (323) 782-4691 or to grab what you must have!!! You better move quickly because these personal adventures go fast. You’ll want to reserve your dream experience NOW, before Friday, Dec. 17 when they go on e-bay, are bid up sky-high, and are gone from your grasp forever.

Katherine Fugate will read your script and discuss over a meal ……….……..$1,500

Best known for her series, Army Wives, Katherine Fugate, who started as a child actor at age 6, also wrote the filmsThe Prince and Me, Carolina, and Valentine’s Day. Her latest screenplay, New Year’s Eve, directed by Garry Marshall and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert de Niro, starts filming in New York this January 4.

Katherine will read your script and take you to lunch and/or dinner in Los Angeles to discuss your script and/or career advice.

Call or email Sandy at (323) 782-4691 or to grab what you must have!!!



12 December 2010

Xena Warrior Princess Season 1 Episode Promos - S1E11 and S1E12

S1E12 – Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Xena Warrior Princess

Posted on: 12th December 2010

S1E12 – Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Xena Warrior Princess

Xena (Lucy Lawless) is summoned by the beautiful Helen of Troy (Galyn Gorg) to help end the bitter ten-year-long war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Scribes and Scrolls: Written by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster. Directed by T.J. Scott. Edited by Jim Prior. Passing Parade: Galyn Goerg (Helen), Scott Garrison (Perdicus), Cameron Rhodes [...]

S1E11 – The Black Wolf Xena Warrior Princess
Posted on: 12th December 2010

S1E11 – The Black Wolf Xena Warrior Princess

Xena (Lucy Lawless) goes undercover to aid a group of rebels following a shadowy leader known only as the Black Wolf. Scribes and Scrolls: Written by Alan Jay Glueckman. Directed by Mario Di Leo. Edited by Jim Prior. Passing Parade: Robert Trebor (Salmoneus), Kevin J. Wilson (Xerxes), Nigel Harbrow (Koulos), Emma Turner (Flora), Ian Hughes [...]



11 December 2010

Adrienne Wilkinson in 501stCast MiniCast: December 10, 2010: May the Force Be With Katie

Show Notes: May the Force Be With Katie (December 10, 2010)

Special Contributors: Ashley Eckstein, Katie Cook, Cynthia Martin, Angie Mayhew, Peter Mayhew, Mary Oyaya, Adrienne Wilkinson.

Listen to podcast

Post-Production: Dean Plantamura (TK-899)

Katie is a first grade girl who was teased for bringing her Star Wars water bottle into school because the boys in her class say Star Wars is only for boys. Since her mother posted the story on the web and thousands of people of all ages have read and commented to show support for Katie and any other children who are bullied for simply being themselves.

On December 10th, 2010, let’s really give her something to smile about. Wear a Star Wars tee shirt or something to show that you support Katie, Star Wars, female fans and anti-bullying.

Katie’s parents have requested that, in lieu of more gifts for Katie, donations should be made to needy children. Spread the immense amount of love and goodwill inherent in the support this lucky girl has received. Let’s make some other current and future Star Wars fans as happy as we’ve made Katie and keep the goodness going!

Facebook Event page:!/event.php?eid=113784095353278

An interview with Katie’s mom:

The blog that started it all:

Star Wars gear for girls:



9 December 2010

2011 Xena Convention Backstage VIP Passes and Other Goodies

The following is from Creation Entertainment about the upcoming (and fast approaching) 2011 Xena Convention:

The upcoming Official XENA Convention, set for January 28-30, 2011, offers some extra-special "experiences" that are up for auction starting today. These include:

• BACKSTAGE VIP PASSES that allow you to go behind the curtain all weekend and hang with the stars while also getting you first in line access for anything you have a ticket for (autographs, photo ops, parties, etc)

• PRIVATE ONE HOUR MEET AND GREETS for TEN FANS: get to know our celebrities up close and personal in these very intimate meet and greets. Set for these special events are:


Head on over to Creation's in-house auction site and get your bids on!



8 December 2010

VIP Cocktail Party - Claire Stansfield & Steven Sears CONFIRMED

ImageClaire Stansfield (Alti) and Steven Sears have confirmed to be at the VIP Cocktail Party that Adrienne Wilkinson is organising to raise money for her annual Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity. The money raised will go to support a family dealing with medical expenses. Here's your chance to talk to the absolutely wonderful Claire and Steven!

There are only 17 tickets left for this event so grab them while they are hot! - Click here to buy

VIP Cocktail Party. A total of 25 tickets are available. At least 4 celebrity guests (cast members from Xena or Venice (or both) will attend this excusive event. Party will take place on Thursday evening January 27th. From 7-9pm. Drinks and appetizers/horderves will be served. The exact location will be revealed once tickets are purchased. For those attending the January Xena convention - it will be conveniently located near the convention hotel the evening before the convention begins. You will not only have the chance to chat with and get to know the celebrity guests, but you are also welcome to take photo's and request autographs.

Tickets are $250 each. Ticket does not include travel to the event. Only guarantees entry to the event. All proceeds go to support a family dealing with medical expenses.


From Xena Warrior Princess:

** Adrienne Wilkinson, ** Katherine Fugate ** Claire Stansfield **Steven L. Sears

From Venice The Series

* * Crystal Chappell ** Michelle Carter (Michele King on Venice)

Two other actors have tentatively agreed and they will be announced shortly. Barring any unforseen event, the actors listed will be attending.

Click here to buy



7 December 2010

Xena Season 1 Episode Promos - S1E09 and S1E10

Updated the Xena Video Channel with the following episode promos

S1E10 – Hooves and Harlots Xena Warrior Princess
Posted on: 7th December 2010

S1E10 – Hooves and Harlots Xena Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 10 Hooves and Harlots
Xena (Lucy Lawless) must discover who murdered the Amazon princess Terreis (Rebekah Mercer) to avert a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs.

S1E09 – Death In Chains Xena Warrior Princess
Posted on: 7th December 2010

S1E09 – Death In Chains Xena Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episode 9: Death in Chains
Xena (Lucy Lawless) must rescue Hades’ sister Celesta (Kate Hodge), the embodiment of Death, from the clutches of King Sisyphus (Ray Henwood) or all mankind will be doomed to eternal life filled with suffering.



7 December 2010

2011 Xena Convention Ticket Information

The following is from Creation Entertainment about the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention:


Creation Entertainment's Official Xena Convention 2011 comes to Los Angeles on January 28-30 and we're looking forward to the celebration! Today we are letting everyone know that our top of the line Gold Weekend Packages are nearing sell-out and will be removed from sale on Thursday December 10th at 5pm Pacific Time. If you want to attend the convention in "full style" with all the extras now is the time to select your seat off our seating chart and get yourself set!

The weekend is shaping up to be super-spectacular with 14 wonderful guests ready to go! With general admission tickets $30 a day we hope to see all our fellow Xena fans out in full force!

For tickets go to

The guest list for the convention is:

Renee O'Connor,
Brittney Powell,
Jacqueline Kim
Hudson Leick
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Claire Stansfield
Melinda Clarke
Charles Mesure
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Ted Raimi
Katherine Fugate
David Franklin



6 December 2010

New Xena Art by MaryD - Dark Warrior


It's been a long time since I've created some Xena art. Xena was and still is one of my favourite shows and Lucy Lawless just inspires me as the Warrior Princess. I suspect the muse has come back because I've been rereading Xena fanfic (and what a joy that has been. The Xenaverse is truly blessed with supreme writing talent) so expect some more, if the muse sticks around.

Click here to view

You can view my other Xena art here



5 December 2010

Video: A Few Minutes With... Timothy Omundson

Video: A Few Minutes With... Timothy Omundson at the Paley Center's "Psych/Twin Peaks" Event
By Jim Halterman (TFC)

Actor James Roday is known for his comedic chops playing psychic detective Shawn Spencer on the USA hit show "Psych" but to those close to Roday, it's no big surprise to find out how much he loves the iconic - yet short-lived - series "Twin Peaks," which premiered 20 years ago to much fanfare on ABC. It seems that Roday has been wanting to somehow bring the two series together since the early days of "Psych" and with tonight's episode (which he co-wrote with Bill Callahan) he has finally done it. Seven cast members from "Twin Peaks" appear in tonight's "Dual Spires" episode where Shawn and Gus (Dule Hill) venture to the small town to solve (what else?) a murder. Many of the actors from both shows turned up at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills Monday night to see the episode for the first time and reflect back on the phenomena that was "Twin Peaks." Our Jim Halterman was there to chat with them on the red carpet before the panel began.


News submitted by Barbara Davies



4 December 2010

Washington Times - The List Favourite Princesses - Xena Warrior Princess

ImageThe world will have a glamorous new princess in April, when Kate Middleton is set to marry Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey. This week, the List looks at some noted princesses in recent history.

Xena: Warrior Princess — Played by Lucy Lawless, the leather-clad Xena uses her formidable fighting skills to help people in the supernatural fantasy adventure "Xena: Warrior Princess," which aired in from 1995 to 2001.

Read More



4 December 2010

The Real Deal - Lucy Lawless - Sun Sentinel 3 December 2010

ImageThe Sun Sentinel newspaper (03 December 2010) has a brief look at actors/characters that are The Real Deal.


Laugh all you want, but be honest: Would you pick a fight with the real-life Xena?



2 December 2010

A Friend In Need - Nene Adams - Auction Has Resumed

The auction to help Xenaverse bard Nene Adams (aka Bardwynna) has resumed. It will run from today until Dec 14th.

Nene Adams, aka Bardwynna, one of the first and still one of the most gifted of the bards in the Xenaverse, had a life-threatening infection which resulted in the amputation of her foot. She’s been in the hospital for over a month, and has a potential stay in a rehabilitation center to work on her mobility before she can be released and return home to her partner, Corrie.

The diverse and incredibly well-crafted stories at her site, Nene’s Living Library, have provided us with thousands of hours of free reading enjoyment. It’s time now for some payback. Friends, fans, and fellow authors and editors have banded together to offer some amazing items in an auction on her behalf.

All proceeds will go to practical medical aid — wheelchair, safety bars on stairways and in bathrooms, a ramp entry, transportation costs between home and physio, and eventually a prosthetic. Please be as generous as you can in your support: Bid early and often!

Click here for more



1 December 2010

Xena Images Gallery Back Online - Xena Photoshoots


The AUSXIP XenaMedia Galleries have been offline while I have been restructuring the archives. The Episode Stills were the first to be brought back online and now it's the Xena Photoshoots.

The Galleries are in three sections: Xena, Gabrielle and Xena & Gabrielle. There will be more images added in the next few days

Click here to view to view combined galleries

View Xena Only Gallery | View Gabrielle Only Gallery

View Xena & Gabrielle Gallery

Main AUSXIP XenaMedia What's New page is located here



1 December 2010

Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity Auction


Adrienne Wilkinson is holding her annual Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity Auction/Sale. All money raised goes to a family with medical expenses. As previous auctions, the shipping is free to anywhere in the world so here's your chance to grab some goodies. Most of the items are Buy It Now (pretty reasonable prices) and there's a couple of auction items.

Some of the items up:

VIP Cocktail Party. A total of 25 tickets are available. At least 4 celebrity guests (cast members from Xena or Venice (or both) will attend this excusive event.

Extremely Rare Renee O'Connor Personal 1997-1998 Xena Crew Jacket Renee's personal Hercules/Xena Cast and crew jacket 97-98 season. Very rare! Brand new condition. Size M. Shipping included. Donated by Renee O'Connor

Autographed Renee O'Connor Very Rare 1998 TV Guide Donated by Renee O'Connor

Autographed Renee O'Connor 2006 Shakespeare By The Sea Calendar - VERY RARE Donated by Renee O'Connor

Adrienne Wilkinson Autographed 8 x 10 Photos, Angel, Buffy, Xena, Star Wars and lots and lots of other goodies!

Check them out at AUSXIP Charity Auction site



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