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31 May 2011

Countdown: Hottest Legendary Warriors - Xena has a countdown of the Hottest Legendary Warriors and (rightly so) Xena is featured! I'm amused that Xena in her Amazon leathers/feathers is shown and not Xena in her traditional iconic leathers...Renee O'Connor was savvy to put Lucy in those Amazon leathers when she directed the episode "Dangerous Prey". Xena appeared in that outfit for all of a few seconds. There are more photos of the outfit than there is of actual footage!

Hop on over to the site to have a look at the list. Xena is listed as #4

If you wish to see more of Xena in that outfit - click here for the episode stills for Dangerous Prey


-- Reporting by MaryD and Tobias



27 May 2011

Lucy's Donated Xena Costume At The Smithosian's Museum of American History


In 2006, Lucy donated her personal Xena costume to the Smithosian's Museum of American History. In an interview the same year with Smithsonian magazine (November 2006) Lucy talked about her costume and it being donated to the Museum.

Below are pics of the Xena costume Lucy gave to the Smithsonian, taken in 2006 when it was being catalogued. The poster commented that there were 'no plans for display any time soon'. As yes the costume hasn't been displayed which is a shame because this is an iconic costume from a groundbreaking show.


Click here to view the images

- Reporting by Barbara Davies and MaryD



27 May 2011

Xena Image Gallery Update - Episode Promos and Adverts Season 3

Updated the AUSXIP XenaMedia section with episode adverts/promotional material for Season 3 with 1 episode promo for The Furies and a Generic Season 3 promo.


Click here to view images



26 May 2011

Xena Image Gallery Update - Episode Promos and Adverts Season 1

Updated the AUSXIP XenaMedia section with episode adverts/promotional material for Season 1 with 8 episode promos


Click here to view images or click on the thumbnail above

More scans will be added in the coming days.



25 May 2011

Xena Convention News - Hudson in Australia 12 and 13 November 2011

As reported a few days ago The Hub Productions is having a Xena convention in Sydney and Melbourne in November. This will be Hudson's second trip to Australia in 12 months (she was here for the Armageddon Expo with Renee). From the schedule Hudson and other guests will be whisked from Melbourne on Saturday night to attend the Sydney convention the next day.

The con organisers have updated their site with the following info

The Hub Productions Presents: Xena

The event features Hudson Leick & other guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectibles available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

Hudson Leick & other guests will be appearing on Saturday 12th November in Melbourne from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday 13th November in Sydney from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Click here for tickets and other info



25 May 2011

A Game With No Rules - Xena Alumni Featured in Full Length Short Film

NZOnScreen has a full length short film starring Xena Alumni Danielle Cormack, Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Marton Csokas. Click on the image to watch film or click here


A trio of future Kiwi screen stars smoke, smoulder, steal — and worse — in Scott Reynolds' serpentine short noir. Kane (Marton Csokas) and his Zambesi-clad woman on the side (Danielle Cormack) set about ripping off Kane’s rich wife (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) with bloody results.

Writer/director Scott Reynolds and longtime partner in crime, cinematographer Simon Raby, serve notice of their talents — and inspirations — with heady lighting, deliberately shonky back projection, and opening titles right out of Hitchcock. Muso Greg Johnson supplies the horns.



23 May 2011

Uber and Conqueror Fiction by Melissa Good

Conqueror Fiction

A Queen For All Seasons Parts 6-9(Continued)
by Melissa Good

Xena the Merciless feels like her world is finally settling down into something she might even start to enjoy. The summer harvest was good, people are showing up for her Harvest Festival, and Gabrielle has some storytelling to a Persian prisoner for some tips on massage. The only clouds on her horizon besides the usual winter storms was that message she sent to the King of Persia along with his daughter's head. What, really, could go wrong?

Uber Fiction

Partners Parts 9 - 10 by Melissa Good

The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper. There are no good or bad guys.
Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side. Has a somewhat slave status and no one really wants them around but is given to Agent Drake who is arm twisted into giving it a try.



23 May 2011

Classic Fiction by Isequeen: Free To Die, Bound To Live

In the aftermath of LOCKED UP, TIED DOWN, Xena and Gabrielle sail away from Shark Island Prison on troubled waters the two must navigate as an inescapable element of their journey together.


Genre: Classic / Alt



23 May 2011

Subtext Virtual Season Italian Verson - Season 9 Episodes 12 and 13

The Subtext Virtual Season Episode 9 in Italian have now been updated with episodes 9.12 and 9.13. They are also available in English, Portuguese and Spanish

#912 - Water, Water Everywhere

A shipwreck leads to deeper trouble than Xena and Gabrielle could ever possibly have imagined.


Also available Portuguese and Spanish


#913 - From Joyous to Grimm

Xena and Gabrielle learn the old adage: "Never take candy from strangers."


Also available in Portuguese and Spanish



21 May 2011

Upcoming Xena Convention in Sydney and Melbourne in November 2011

ImageLooks like the Xena fans down in Australia is going to get some much needed love. Hot on the heels of the Armgeddon Con with Renee and Hudson comes the following news. No guest list announced yet. Many thanks to Alice for the heads up about this. Alice also mentioned that there is a possibility that Hudson would be back in Oz for the con.

The Hub Productions Presents: Xena

The event features the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectibles available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

The guests will be appearing on Saturday 12th November in Melbourne from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday 13th November in Sydney from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Click on the links below for ticket inclusions

Day Ticket $80
VIP Ticket $500
Platinum Ticket $850

All tickets will incur an additional $5.95 ticket booking & handling charge.
**Tickets will be posted two weeks prior to the event.**

Can't get to an event? No problem! We can provide absentee packs of autographs from the actors appearing at our events. Absentee packs will be made available within one month of each event, after any preceding events have finished.

To purchase absentee packs please download and complete the booking form below when available and email to

There are currently no absentee packs available.

For more info go here

News submitted by Alice Clarke on Twitter



21 May 2011

2012 Official Xena Convention News

Creation Entertainment has posted news about the 2012 Official Xena Convention. No guest list yet - just the location. The page isn't up yet just the announcement.

Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 27-29, 2012

The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

Click here to view



18 May 2011

Xenite Memorial Update - Cinthie/Ciegra Passes Away 14 May 2011


It is with great sadness I report on the passing of Cinthie/Ciegra. Ciegra was a long time member of the Xenaverse and the Merwolfpack. Her artwork was absolutely gorgeous.

Cinthie passed away on 14 May 2011.

I have added her name to the Xenite Memorial of those we have lost.



14 May 2011

Fantasy Women: Lucy Lawless - Daily Mail Weekend 14 May 2011

The Daily Mail Weekend (UK paper) takes a look at the two strong female characters played by Lucy Lawless and compares them

Fantasty Women: Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless adds another powerful female role to her CV in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (10 pm Sky1). It got us thinking how her latest part compares with the one that made her name

Xena Warrior Princess Vs Lucretia (Spartacus Gods of the Arena)

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan (Scanned by MaryD)


For more news, press, images and video on Lucy's role as Xena go to the Australian Xena Information Page (AUSXIP)

For more news, press, images and video on Lucy's role as Lucretia on Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena and now Vengeance go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus Subsite



12 May 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode Video Promos Season 1 Episode 23 Death Mask


Season 1 Episode 23: Death Mask

Xena (Lucy Lawless) is reunited with her brother Toris (Joseph Kell) and the two join forces to overthrow Cortese (Michael Lawrence), the raider who destroyed their village many years before.

Click here to view video

More Death Mask Multimedia:
- Credits
- Review
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- MaryD's Artwork



11 May 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode Promo S1 E22 Callisto - Two Versions


Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto – two episode promos. A little different to how I normally post the episode promos for Season 1. There are two versions - one is a normal ep promo for the episode and the other was during the countdown to the series finale "A Friend In Need" that looked back at the pivotal episodes of the show.

In December 1996 when I joined the Xenaverse, 9 episodes into Season 2 (my first S2 episode was A Solstice Carol and The Xena Scrolls on the same tape (how that for confusing a newbie fan) I hadn't seen Season 1 or episodes 1-8 of Season 2). I have a very distinct memory of when I first joined the Xenaverse in asking who Callisto was since the chatter was about this character. In the weeks that I was completely oblivious to the show, S2 Episode 5 Return of Callisto, then S2 Episode 7 Intimate Stranger, S2 Episode 8 Ten Little Warlords were shown with Hudson Leick as the fantastic Callisto. Feels like a lifetime ago but so much fun!

Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto

Xena (Lucy Lawless) must battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto (Hudson Leick), who is bent on revenge for the death of her family.

View Promo #1 | View Promo #2 (Countdown Series)

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10 May 2011

Video Promo S1 E20 Ties That Bind Xena Warrior Princess


Season 1 Episode 20 - Ties That Bind

In an attempt to win Xena (Lucy Lawless) back to lead his army, Ares (Kevin Smith) masterminds a plot involving Xena’s estranged father Atrius

Click here to view video promo for the episode

More Ties That Bind Multimedia

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Watch Season 1 Episodes promos for episodes 1 - 19 on AUSXIP Video Xena Channel



8 May 2011

Renee Interview with French Site Xena Immortal - 27 August 2010


The French Xena site Xena Immortal conducted an interview with Renee whilst she was in France for the "The Musical" Convention in 2010. Fans submitted their questions to the site and they were put to Renee. Renee graciously answered the questions and this is the finished interview. The interview is an audio interview set to images (nice touch). The interview was conducted on 27 August 2010.

Click here for the interview



7 May 2011

Nominate Lucy and Renee in The Hot 100

It's time for The Hot 100 again!

Our first annual Hot 100 (in 2007) came about in response to a Hot 100 list published by Maxim magazine. readers found Maxim's list to be "generally unbelievable and incorrect," so we invited you to create a list of your own and, thus, an annual tradition began!

In our endless quest to provide a forum for lesbian/bi women to express your opinions about all things related to pop culture, we present the Hot 100 poll again this year. If you find yourself frustrated by mainstream (i.e. heterocentric) culture's definitions of "sexy, "attractive," or, well, "hot," then this is your opportunity to proclaim your appreciation for the women who you think embody those terms.

In the form below, you can submit your nominations for the 10 women you think are the hottest on the planet. They can be gay or straight, young or old, and of any race or nationality — basically any woman you find desirable. The woman with the most votes will be No. 1, the woman with the second highest number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it doesn't matter what order you list the names in the form).

Click here to nominate



7 May 2011

FilmShaft Karl Urban Priest 3D Round Table Interview - 03 May 2011


Exclusive: Karl Urban “Priest 3D” Round Table Interview

New Zealand actor Karl Urban has enjoyed a great rise in fame since appearing as Eomer in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Up next is Priest 3D, the long awaited graphic novel adaptation from director Scott Stewart (Legion).

Very recently Urban chatted to select UK film sites in a round table interview about his role as Black Hat in Priest 3D, vampires, graphic novels and comic books and his forthcoming role as Judge Dredd.

Click here to read the full interview on



7 May 2011

Convention Update - Melinda Clarke To Attend T3 in the UK


Melinda Clarke will be attending the T3 Convention in the UK between 24-26 June 2011.

A three day convention for fans of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and CHUCK featuring:
• guest talks
• photo and autograph sessions
• competitions
• parties
• and much more

24-26 June 2011 at the Radisson Edwardiam Hotel, Heathrow.

Click here for more info about tickets and other info



6 May 2011

New Lucy Artwork by Cindy R

Added two new artworks by Cindy R to the Lucy Lawless Artwork Gallery


Click here to view!

Submission guidelines for artwork to the gallery can be found here



5 May 2011

Lucy Video Interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show 11 February 2003

Here's an older interview with Lucy appearing for the first time on the Jimmy Kimmel show. This is quite funny as I had wondered why I hadn't posted about this interview before and then looked at the date. I was in the US for the 2003 Xena Convention (my FIRST Xena convention) and saw the interview on the TV live! It was also the first time I had seen Lucy in person up on stage. Check out my photos from that con. Had such a great time. Ah memories. That 2003 con was excellent!

Jimmy Kimmel Show 2003 – Lucy Lawless 11 February 2003
Posted on: 5th May 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Show 2003 – Lucy Lawless 11 February 2003

Lucy appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on 11 February 2003. Lucy was also attending the 2003 Xena Convention so she took the opportunity to go on the talk show.

Watch Part 1

You can watch Part 2 (Lucy and Jimmy introducing a kiwi band) and Part 3 Lucy is part of the guest lineup at the end of the show (both snippets are on YouTube)



4 May 2011

Xena Costume & Mention on TV Show "Breaking In"


TV Guide is reporting that a character on the show Breaking In dresses up as Xena at Comic Con:

What do you get when you mix Goonies fandom, a Xena: Warrior Princess costume, Avatar blue paint and 130,000 plus comic book convention attendees together?

"The geekiest episode so far" of Breaking In, star Odette Annable tells

On Wednesday's episode, airing at 9:30/8:30c on Fox, the Contra Security team travels to Comic-Con International in San Diego to protect the (sadly, fictional) first print of Goonies 2. In order to stay undercover and protect the print, the team must dress in costume just like the attendees, so expect to see Avatar and Chewbacca-wannabes and a Xena: Warrior Princess doppelgänger, courtesy of Annable.

Read the full article



2 May 2011

Video: Lucy Sings Loch Lomond at 1999 Santa Monica Xena Convention


This was a wonderful video of Lucy singing Loch Lomond. “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, or simply “Loch Lomond” for short, is a well-known traditional Scottish song. Lucy sang this song at the 1999 Official Xena Convention in Santa Monica 23-24 February 1999

Click here for the video

Check out the great pics and report from the convention on AUSXIP Xena Convention Page

Santa Monica
Lucy Lawless & Kevin Sorbo

Santa Monica (Images by Wendy Sparks)
Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert



2 May 2011

Joe LoDuca To Score Movie "Soldiers of Fortune"

ImageThe site Film Music Reporter is reporting that Joe LoDuca has signed on to score the upcoming movie "Soldiers of Fortune".

Soldiers of Fortune is about: Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures, only this time things don't go exactly to plan. (IMDb)

As many of you will know Joe was responsible for much of the beautiful score on Xena Warrior Princess.

He also did the score for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and is currently scoring the TNT drama Leverage.

Click here to read more about the movie

-- Reported by Barbara Davies



1 May 2011

New Lucy Artwork by Carpe Chakram

Carpe Chakram sent in some gorgeous new artwork of Lucy as Xena as well as her 3 second cameo as the punk girl from Spiderman.


Click here to view the gallery



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