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17 September 2011

Adrienne Wilkinson Hosting Xena and Venice Celebrity Meet and Greet!


With the announcement of the final Xena convention, Adrienne is pleased to announce her final VENICE/XENA celebrity meet and greet.

The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 26, 2012 from 7-9 pm in Burbank, CA at a location within walking distance from the host hotel for the final official Xena convention. Only 25 tickets are available to this event at a cost of $250 per ticket. Proceeds from sales of the tickets will benefit a family struggling with overwhelming medical costs.

Your ticket gives you access to our private party, where you will have the opportunity to mingle (over beer/wine/soft drinks and appetizers) in a casual atmosphere with at least five celebrities (including Adrienne) from VENICE: THE SERIES and/or XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. You will have the opportunity to talk to, get autographs from, and take pictures with the cast members!

Before purchasing tickets, please read this section carefully. By making a purchase, you are demonstrating that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions outlined below.

  1. Tickets are non-refundable, but you may transfer them to another individual at any time. To request a transfer, please email us at fanclub@adriennewilkinson[dot]com with the name of the original ticket holder and the name of the new ticket holder.
  2. Ticket does not provide transportation to Burbank, CA, hotel accomodations, or entrance to the final official Xena convention. Ticket only provides access to the VENICE/XENA meet and greet.
  3. Guests are subject to change based on scheduling conflicts. Remember, they're regular people too, and sometimes things come up.
  4. Tickets must be purchased via Paypal. Your Paypal email address will be used for all communications unless otherwise specified in the notes section of the purchase form. Also, if you are purchasing more than one ticket, please provide the names of all attendees.
  5. Specific details regarding the VENICE/XENA meet and greet (to include location) will be provided via email approximately one month prior to the event. We ask that you keep this information confidential so that you may enjoy the intimate atmosphere we are trying to provide without 'party crashers.'

Last year's ticket holders had an amazing time with several unexpected and very fun surprises! You won't want to miss out on this exclusive event, so buy your ticket today and be a part of Adrienne's final VENICE/XENA celebrity meet and greet!

Click here to buy ticket



11 September 2011

In Honour Of Those Lost - Little Xena and Gabrielle September 11

10 years ago a horror was unleashed on the United States and I doubt anyone on this planet isn't aware of the significance of this date 9/11. Lucia drew some artwork soon after that horrendous day that pays tribute / remembers those that lost their lives on that day.

Thank you Lucia. click on the image for the larger version




11 September 2011

Little Xena and Gabrielle Comic Strips by Lucia Revised Strips


The Xenaverse has some spectacular artists and one of the best is Lucia (aka Lootcha). September 1999 was the year we were introduced to two very animated characters - Little Xena and Little Gabrielle. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and the Xenaverse was entertained us with their antics. Lucia went on to draw some INCREDIBLE art of the bigger versions of Xena and Gabrielle and other characters.

Lucia has sent in her revised versions of Little Xena and Gabrielle in English as well as her native Portuguese. There are 53 comic strips which you can enjoy (and there are some in French as well).

You can download the individual strips or the complete 53 pieces in a zipped file.

Click here to view or download



10 September 2011

Lucy Lawless Interviews: First and Second Interview for Xena on 28 Oct 1995

I finally got around to converting these two interviews from the wmv formats. These two interviews were the first ones Lucy did to promote Xena. They were both done on the same day on 28 October 1995 and at the time they were filming Season 1 Episode 9: Death in Chains.


12 Daytime News 28 October 1995: Lucy's Second Xena Interview

Click here to watch video

This is Lucy's second interview about the show Xena Warrior Princess. It was via satellite from New Zealand and she conducted two TV interviews one right after the other. The first was with WGN News and the second was 12 NEWS on 28 October 1995. At the time they were filming Death In Chains.

and the first one:


LUCY LAWLESS Interview WGN News 28 October 1995

Click here to watch video

It is Lucy's very first interview about the show Xena Warrior Princess. It was via satellite from New Zealand with WGN News on 28 October 1995. At the time they were filming Death In Chains.

Watch more Lucy Interviews on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Video Channel

Click here for more on Lucy's role on Xena Warrior Princess



8 September 2011

2012 Xena Calendars by Universe Now Available to Order has the 2012 Xena Calendar available for order. These are not the same as the Creation Entertainment calendars. The publisher is Universe. The price is $13.99

Xena Warrior Princess Wall Calendar: Airing in more than 100 countries from 1995 to 2001, Xena: Warrior Princess was set in a fantastic version of ancient Greece and followed the adventures of Xena and her trusty companion,


Gabrielle, as they fought to save innocents from evil. The show quickly became an enormous international sensation and unleashed a new icon into the world. Embraced by millions of fans for her bravery, wit, and attitude, Xena enjoys a Buffy-like cult following. A must-have for any fan, the collectible Xena Warrior Princess 2012 Wall Calendar features images of the entire cast. Xena: Warrior Princess is a trademark of Universal TV Distribution Holdings LLC and a copyright of Universal Television Enterprises LLP. Licensed by NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group 2010. All Rights Reserved. (tm) and (c) 2010 Universal Television.

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7 September 2011

New Lucy Lawless as Xena Artwork by LouLou

Added new Lucy Lawless as Xena artwork by LouLou - click here to viewImage




6 September 2011

Ted Raimi Wants Lucy To Guest on Web Series Morbid Minute

ImageTed Raimi seems truly happy directing Morbid Minute, his new horror anthology web series for Raimi has appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV shows, including genre favorites like the Evil Dead films, Candyman, Shocker, Midnight Meat Train, Drag Me to Hell, and Maniac Cop 3. Now the actor steps behind the camera for Morbid Minute, which he is writing and directing.

He was asked if any of his friends will be making an appearance on the show. His answer?

In a few months I am hoping to shoot an episode with my old buddy Bruce Campbell. I'd also like to get my old friends Lucy Lawless and, if I ask real nicely, Jeffrey Combs. So I am looking forward to shooting more.

Do you have roles planned for all of them?

I have roles for all of them. I have a stack of stories at home written for them.

Read the full interview



5 September 2011

Xena and The Rugby World Cup in New Zealand?


What do you mean there is no connection between Xena and The Rugby World Cup? Other than the pic to the left which was a promo for Xena on NZ TV which read "Even Lomu Doesn't Crunch Tackle Like Xena" back in the day.

The Rugby World Cup opening ceremony taking place in Auckland this Friday, 9th September. Expected audience in the worldwide millions.

Where is the Xena connection? The Director of choreography and Head of costumes are - Shona McCullagh and Jane Holland :-) Both of whom worked on Xena.

[Shona was featured on the Who's Gurkhan? behind the scenes footage, she was seen teaching both Lucy & Renee their respective dances. Jane took over from Ngila from Season 5 and appears in a couple of interviews on the Season 5 and Season 6 DVDs]

Click here to read more on NZ Herald Site about the World Cup
and here

This reminded me of a music video by Neil Finn which featured Lucy and the fantastic All Blacks (as an Aussie I should be barracking for the Aussie team but...I'm going to let this slide) for the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Neil Finn is one half of the kiwi supergroup Split Enz (Australia keeps wanting to claim them as ours...yeah right...). Lucy was invited to be a part of the music video and she accepted. Lucy was pregnant with Julius at the time.


there is also an interview with Lucy about the music video. The interview was originally sent to me in rm format and by today's standards wasn't a crisp copy but it's a great interview - it was done back in 1999 by NZJester (thanks!)

News submitted by Jo



4 September 2011

Xena on Netflix in Canada - Update

ImageFor Canadian fans with Netflix - here is some great news. You can catch the Warrior Princess an and her bard on Netflix now - many thanks to Klippart!







2 September 2011

Adrienne Wilkinson and Goodnight Burbank!

Great news for Adrienne Wilkinson! Adrienne sent in the following news:

Goodnight Burbank is going to TV!!! The 6 episodes they shot are heading to cable/satellite channel HDnet. They premiere Oct 12, Wednesday at 9pm ET and run for the next 6 weeks

HDnet can be found on a huge variety of cable carriers so to see where it is in your neck of the woods, visit the website and enter your zip code in the "channel finder" box halfway down the right-hand side of the page. For Dish Network subscribers it's Channel 362 and for DirecTV subscribers it's Channel 306.This also means Goodnight Burbank is now available in more countries as HDnet is in Canada. Canucks can check us out on Shaw Direct where HDnet is available on channels 275 & 363.

The news debuted in today's Hollywood Reporter and here's the link:

And here's a link to him talking about it in person at a CBS podcast called "What's Trending" yesterday (cued up to the time he starts talking it up):



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