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28 May 2012

Adrienne Wilkinson's From The Mouths of Babes Update

Latest from Adrienne and "From The Mouths of Babes" Series:

This weeks #FromTheMOB celebrity mini-interviews included:  John Schneider, Kathleen Kinmont, Hayden Black, Mindy Sterling, Antonio Sabato Jr., Catherine Oxenberg, Ken Lerner, Rahi Chun, Wolfgang Bodison, Sy Smith and Ed Asner.   See them all at 

New interviews added daily (look for upcoming interviews w/ Xena and Venice cast!). 



26 May 2012

Hudson Leick at Oz Comic Con Melbourne June 30 & July 1






Come out and meet Hudson at the Oz Comic Con in Melbourne on June 30/July 1

Click here for all the information







22 May 2012

Subtext Virtual Season Episode 7 Ocean Of Fire Italian Version

Ocean of Fire is the last episode of the Subtext Virtual Season. Enjoy!

Image634732623083544922#1007 -  Ocean of Fire
(Season Finale)

Now available in Italian

In the loneliest of times, Xena finds friendship and hope in most unexpected ways.


Also available in English and Spanish



22 May 2012

2012 Xena Convention Behind The Scenes Photos

Just posted some fantastic photos taken by KT Jorgensen (photographer for AfterEllen and AUSXIP) to the 2012 Burbank Xena Convention Photo Gallery.

You will find images:

Some of the images are from when William Shatner interviewed them for his documentary




Click here to view or click on the image above



11 May 2012

Super Heroines Through The Years Xena and Gabrielle

Seattle pi has  look at the Superheroines through the years and of course Xena and Gabrielle are featured (it wouldn't be accurate list about strong female characters without those two!)


09 of 32 XENA


Lucy Lawless as the title character In "Xena: Warrior Princess," a TV series that ran for six seasons from 1995-2001. Photo:



10 of 32 GABRIELLE

Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle, Xena's sidekick. Her relationship with Xena had subtly sexual overtones that reportedly made the show a hit with lesbians.



10 May 2012

New Xena and Gabrielle Art by Aiglon

Image634722284214345704 Added 38 new artworks by Aiglon to her Xena Warrior Princess gallery

The majority of the new art is episode art. That section will be soon redesigned / re-organised in season and episode order.


Click here to view



8 May 2012

New Xena Artist and Art by Serena - Winnie The Pooh Xena Style

I'm very pleased to welcome Serena to the AUSXIP Xena Art Section. She has created Xena and Gabrielle,
Winnie The Pooh style - not sure how to explain this; it's cute and hysterical.



Click here to view



8 May 2012

Adrienne Wilkinson's New Online Interview Series: From The Mouths of Babes

"From The Mouths of Babes" is a collection of impromptu 'on the street' interviews about Love, Life, and Self. New interviews will be added daily starting May 15th. Join the MOB.

Official Website:

Created by Adrienne Wilkinson.

Music: "Embrace" by Aimee Wilkinson



7 May 2012

Cats Fight Xenaverse Version

Oh my goodness this is funny. As many of you may have seen these two cats "arguing" on YouTube, Aglon has given them a Xenaverse flavour. The Ginger kitty reminds me of my own Zoe (Zoe passed away a year ago this month and although she looked like the irritated kitty in this video, she was less vocal)

Enjoy and have a good laugh!




6 May 2012

New Bard Aiglon Added To The Bard's Corner and New Fiction The Black Dragon

Image634718859821562500Image634718863431718750I am very pleased to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner. You all know Aiglon for her spectacular art but now she's ventured into another artistic area - writing her first fanfic. I was very impressed when I read it and invited her to The Bard's Corner.

Aiglon's story is called The Black Dragon (and she did the fanfic cover too) and it takes place after A Friend In Need Part 2. It resolves that episode. This is Aiglon's first fanfic and it's a great start. I've also awarded it the FanFiction XIPPY for May 2012.

Click here to read



5 May 2012


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