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30 October 2012

Lucy Video Interview: Late Night with Conan O'Brien 18 October 2000

Image634871787750194823Here's an interview from the vault. Lucy was on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on 18 October 2000 to promote Xena




You can also view screencaptures that I did from this episode here



Oops sorry you can see this? You need flash


You can see more Lucy interviews on AUSXIP Video Lucy Lawless Channel



29 October 2012

A New Breed of Hero - Xena Magazine Advert

A New Breed of Hero - From the executive producers of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys comes this promo for a new show that was to start in September 1995.




23 October 2012

Xena Promo Ads - Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2

Here's some wonderful adverts for Xena Warrior Princess from Season 1 (1995/1996). Black / white High Resolution Adverts.


Credits   |   Review   |   Screengrabs   |   Video Promo   |   Episode Stills   |   MaryD's Artwork

Xena (Lucy Lawless) journeys homeward determined to make amends for the sins of her past, but her efforts to begin a new life are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco (Jay Laga'aia).




Credits    |   Review   |   Screengrabs   |    Video Promo   |   Episode Stills    |   MaryD's Artwork

Xena (Lucy Lawless) comes upon a peaceful town that is under attack by the evil Cycnus (Jeff Thomas) and his son Sphaerus




20 October 2012

SciFi Now Magazine The 15 Women Who Changed SciFi - Xena

Looks like Lucy and Xena have made yet another list. This time in the SciFi Now Magazine Issue #72 - The 15 Women Who Changed SciFi


Many thanks to Tina on Twitter for the scans!



20 October 2012

10 Most Defining Performances in the History of Genre Television - Lucy As Xena #5

io9.com has a 10 Most Defining Performances in the History of Genre Television and no list would be complete without a mention of Xena because she did set the benchmark for all other strong female characters on television. Lucy As Xena at #5

Image5. Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess)

She started out on Kevin Sorbo's Hercules show, and then got her own spin-off as a reformed villain going around the ancient world helping people and being all heroic. Lawless helped made the television world safe for female action heroes ? but she also helped to redefine the "action hero" role as something involving a lot more heart and interior life than just the standard swaggerpants archetype. Here's a pretty great article by an acting coach about all the warmth and subtle technique that Lawless brought to the role of Xena, taking a seriously campy show and infusing it with a modicum of humanity. And vulnerability.

Read More of the List



19 October 2012

Adrienne Wilkinson's Meet & Greet with the Stars!

With the announcement of another final Xena convention, Adrienne is pleased to announce that she will host the final final (no, we mean it this time) VENICE/XENA celebrity meet and greet.  The party will feature at least 5 guests from VENICE and/or XENA.

GUESTS SO FAR - More to come





Tickets available here




17 October 2012

Featured Xena Video - Xena Movie Trailer

I think liked this video so it's today's featured video





6 October 2012

Upcoming Fan Created Calendar for Charity - A Fangirl's Many Skills

How's this for an awesome idea. Xenites raising money via a collaborative Calendar and money going to Starship Foundation and Greenpeace. A Fangirl's Many Skills: Xenite Calendar is one of a kind, collaborative fan project, soon to be released into the Xenaverse, a diversely unique fandom; a house of many talents. Check out the their facebook page and video












5 October 2012

Steven Sears Photos: Behind The Scenes Photos From Xena Set

screenshot_24Steven has posted photos from behind the scenes on Xena including Lucy, Tilly, there's one of Rob and assorted crew plus props.




Click here to view on Facebook



4 October 2012

AUSXIP Hosted Starship Spring Clean Raises $7,708!


The AUSXIP hosted Starship Spring Clean auction for Lucy Lawless Donated Xena Scripts & Costume finally tally raised has just been sent to me. Thanks to everyone who bid/won/donated. We raised $7,708.00!

Fantastic job everyone!


On Auction were the following items

  • Autographed Working Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 Script: Many Happy Returns
  • Autographed Working Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 Script: Soul Possession
  • Xena Costume From Season 6 Episode 3 Heart of Darkness + Boots
  • Uncut Xena In Motion Trading Cards
  • Autographed Working Xena Warrior Princess Season 5 Script: Married With Fishsticks
  • Argo Starship Warrior Princess Full Size Fibreglass Horse Designed by Lucy Lawless



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