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30 January 2013

2013 Xena Convention Report by KTL - Hudson Leick

gal/Friday/Hudson/Photos_by_Kathy_Foster/_thb_DSC07808.jpg gal/Friday/Hudson/Photos_by_Kathy_Foster/_thb_DSC07806.jpg gal/Friday/Hudson/Photos_by_Kathy_Foster/_thb_DSC07812.jpg

The Final Journey Part 2
11-13 January 2013

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Con 2013 Hudson Leick Convention Report
by KTL


I’m sure there are many pictures of the “New Hudson” out there. But what a surprise it was to see her suddenly transformed self in person. And when I say “transformed” I don’t mean just physically. Her now sporting a brown mohawk hairdo instead of her usual blond locks might easily have been an appropriate and easy, "go on, work it girl" look for her usual stage persona.

At cons, Hudson has always played a close to psychopathic wild and crazy grrl. Her performances always included lots of sexual innuendo, lots of acting out her mastery of us, knowing that we’ll accept anything she throws out there. And be not just accepting of it, but happy to take it in and enjoy it.

But the Hudson we saw this year was I think—just Hudson. Not an act, not putting on a character, this time not playing a role she discovered early on that worked well and pleased us. So—just looking at her when she first came out didn’t really signal anything special about this appearance. But it definitely was a new experience for her and for us.

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30 January 2013

Hudson Leick Weekend Yoga Retreat 11-14 April in Praque

The following is from organisers, Star Events:

Image634951665361244738We are organizing a special event with Hudson Leick. Hudson is coming back to Czech Republic - but this time she will held her weekend yoga retreat April 11-14, 2013 near Prague. The event is strictly limited to 20 people (half of the tickets already sold) and this is the first time Hudson is offering this in Europe. The price is 260 EUR (340 USD) and includes accommodation, meals and program for all three days.

More info on http://www.ileickyoga.com/ or in our Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/132763200221153/





28 January 2013

2013 Xena Convention Lucy Lawless Convention Report by KTL

gal/Sunday/Lucy/Photos_by_Lori_Boyles/_thb_IMG_9639.jpg Con 2013 Lucy Lawless Convention Report
by KTL

Well, let’s just start with Lucy, shall we?

Lucy is always the last guest—I mean how do you top having the woman who brought Xena to life come out and say howdy to us? (Actually we did experience that one year—Lucy had to be there on Saturday rather than Sunday. And it truly was anti-climatic, at least for me. It was like, “Hey, ‘Xena’s’ already been here—how come we’re still here?”)

Every con I’ve been to I’ve noticed that when Lucy is coming up next, there is a palpable rising anticipation in the hall. People show excitement in their faces and in their posture. A lot of people suddenly arrive even though something else was on and they hadn’t come to the hall for that. There is a longer than usual line in the bathroom of people rushing to get in and out before Lucy beats them into the hall.

As the break time after the last event gets close to ending and the start time for Lucy’s time approaches, people walk into the hall fast and quick check the stage. Other people gather at the door and peek in. When they see the stage is still empty, they turn back to their friends and excitedly chat and laugh. Many of them re-gather restlessly in the hallway outside the theater, chattering and giggling with friends. Some pace along alone, absorbed in their interior thoughts and apparently just not able to stand still or come in and sit still as they wait because Lucy is coming, the woman who brought Xena the Warrior Princess to life is going to be standing on the stage in front of them any minute now. A lot of helpless, delighted grins flash out and stay goofily on people’s faces as they wait for Lucy to appear.




23 January 2013

Message From Renee About New Documentary + Xena Con

Renee posted the following on her Official Facebook page about a new documentary she is filming, addressing why she wasn't at the Xena Con with Lucy and also discussing the fake Twitter account:

Source: Official Renee O'Connor Facebook Page

Morning Friends! Thanks for the heads up about the fake Twitter account. I do not have a twitter account, and I do not know how to stop these idiots. You have to step me through it slowly, as I am truly a blonde. :) Ok, back to the real reason I am posting, I love Lucy, always will, but I could not be there again on Sunday. I am working on a documentary about Mary Rocamora who profoundly shaped who I am today, as did the lovely Lucy. So, my film on Mary is keeping me busy. There is another ebay post from me, ROCPRODUCTIONS, if you care to check it out. More soon...back to prep...

Love and Thanks. Renee

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22 January 2013

2013 Xena Convention Photos of Lucy Lawless by Kathy

DSC08534Added photos of Lucy Lawless by Kathy to the 2013 Xena Convention Galleries


Click here to view

You will also find photos of the other guests from the 2013 Xena Convention - click here to view



21 January 2013

Lucy Sings Burial Song at 2013 Xena Convention Video

The Burial song is a fan favourite from Xena Warrior Princess and it was sung by Xena at the funeral pyre of friends in a few episodes. Lucy sang a snippet of the song at the 2013 Xena Convention and a fan uploaded the video to youtube. Normally I don't post Creation Xena Convention videos (because filming is not allowed) but this is a snippet of the song and not the full thing. Below this video is the full song.

Burial was written by Lucy Lawless and Joseph LoDuca


2013 Xena Convention



The full Version as sung by Lucy Lawless on Xena Warrior Princess



Q: Does Lucy Lawless,star of Xena, Warrior Princess, sing the haunting song heard on the show from time to time?-Merry Crow,Cordove, Teen

A: Not only does Lawless 32 sing that melody-known as "The Burial Song"because it's used whenever an Amazon dies-she created it. The New Zealand born beauty told us the tune came to her while jogging one day, and it was orchestrated by Joseph LoDuca, who won an Emmy for the show's score. "We never dub Lucy's voice," notes LoDuca, who also wrote a Xena score based on Wagner's Ring Cycle, which has been featured this month. Incidentally, Lawless will hang up her shield in May; Xena is being cancelled after six seasons.



20 January 2013

Lucy Lawless Behind The Scenes Convention Photos by KT Jorgensen

Here are two behind-the-scenes photos from the 2013 Xena Convention by KT Jorgensen. The first photo also appeared in AfterEllen.com but the second one is new. I just loved both these photos; a relaxed Lucy Lawless in the green room. Many thanks to KT for contributing the images.

If you are going to cross post these images to other sites and/or Facebook, can you please leave the copyright credit as is. Credit should go to KT who took the photographs and who graciously is sharing them with AUSXIP.






20 January 2013

Xena Episode Stills Season 6 Ep 17 The Last of the Centaurs


Added three scans of the Season 6 Episode 17 The Last of the Centaurs.

Click here to view scans

Xena and Gabrielle become embroiled in a conflict between centaurs and Lord Belach (Marton Csokas), whose daughter has run off with one of the hoofed creatures. Xena has conflicted emotions, however, as Belach is the son of her past lover Borias and the centaur, Xenan (Hamish Hector-Taylor), is the son of the deceased Ephiny.

SCRIBES AND SCROLLS: Written by Joel Metzger. Directed by Garth Maxwell.

Edited by Tim Batt.

PASSING PARADE: Danielle Cormack (Ephiny); Marton Csokas (Borias/Belach); Hamish Hector-Taylor (Xenan); Katrina Devine (Nicha); Margaret-Mary Hollins (Madra); Kim Michalis (Natassa).

STORY SO FAR: Xena tries to stop Belach, the vengeance-filled son of Borias, from killing the last of the Centaurs -- Ephiny’s son, Xenan, who has eloped with Belach’s daughter.

DISCLAIMER: The Centaur population was severely harmed during the making of this motion picture.

REWIND FOR: Xena telling the gender and species of Nicha's unborn child, simply by using her hand. 'Course these days, we're reduced to using that clunky old thing called an ultrasound.

Bad Xena's attempt of appearing more alluring to Borias by throwing away her walking stick. You had to feel sorry for her though, thinking he wouldn't notice the grossly deformed double-limp she had happening as she slinked her way up to him. Speaking of Borias, anyone else think his wife has THE creepiest eyes? The were almost completely white under some lighting...

That eye-watering landing by Belach as he landed on Xena's get away horse in the 'abduction scene'. Many a male viewer, was wondering I'm sure, how he managed to stay upright after that sickening 3-point landing.


"Can you say anything that doesn't insult my intelligence?" A thousand lines come to mind, all of them containing the initials 'RT'. Can you guess boys and girls? *g*

"The blood of Borias is in your son." Xena to her namesake Xenan. Hmm....a talking horse with a Russian accent...I smell an animated spin-off in the making.

"Word of advice for you kid - never step between two people and their passion." Now where's a Joxer when you need one? Is he ever lucky he never interrupted bad Xena when she was having a 'feel free to interpret' moment with one of her 'grrl' friends.

Read the Review of the Episode



20 January 2013

From The Mouths of Babes: Victoria Pratt

Here's Vicki Pratt in Adrienne Wilkinson's youtube series "From The Mouths of Babes"





16 January 2013

Steven Sears 2013 Xena Con Cabaret Rehearsal Audio Files

Image634939666447799157Steven attended the 2013 Xena Convention and he sang at the Cabaret. He performed one of my all time favourite songs, Hallelujah, in addition to other songs. Unfortunately we don't have footage but Steven has kindly allowed me to host the mp3 files of his rehearsal recordings.

Many thanks to Steven for the use of the mp3 files! Have fun listening. My favourite, as always, is Hallelujah.

Added to AUSXIP Steven Sears Online



14 January 2013

Photos from 2013 Xena Convention by Lori Boyles

Lori has sent in her photos that she has taken with her normal camera after also tweeting up a storm on @ausxip

Check out the 2013 Xena Con Page for all the photos



Photos by Lori Boyles

Charles and David





Claire and Vanessa


Paris and Musetta


Steve and Julian


Vicki and Jennifer






Photos by Lori Boyles









14 January 2013

Lucy Photos From 2013 Xena Convention 13 Jan 2013

lucyAUSXIP Assistant Editor Lori Boyles was tweeting up a pic storm this afternoon on the @ausxip twitter feed and also on the @lucylawlessnet feed

Here are the photos from Lori's camera. She was tweeting pics AND taking photos...how's that for multi-tasking! Many thanks to Lori for going that extra mile for the fans who couldn't be there (like myself).


There are 247 photos of Lucy. Click here or the image to take you to the photos



For more Lucy Lawless at various events, please see the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Event section



13 January 2013

2013 Xena Con - AUSXIP Twitter Pics

Lori has been busy live tweeting the 2013 Xena Con on the @ausxip twitter page. Here are the photos so far.
Renee did her Awareness Seminar today and also popped out on the stage to say hello surprising fans.



Stay tuned for more photos when Lori comes back from the con.



11 January 2013

Lucy as Xena Photos from the Xena Set

It's amazing what you find on twitter and people's photo drawers. Check out the two photos from the artemis' (http://twitter.com/artfly) tweet feed from today




4 January 2013

Hudson Leick Full Body Relaxation CD PreOrder - Released at 2013 Xena Con

Hudson Leick's Full Body Relaxation CD now available for Presale! Please note that, for the Presale, these CDs will only be available for pickup at the Xena convention. However, we are planning for them to be available for purchase (nationally and internationally) in February 2013.

Click below to pre-order:






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