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30 November 2013

What’s Next? The Stars of Xena and Hercules

The following short article is from the UK The Daily Mail Weekend Edition 30 November 2013 on what the
stars of Xena and Hercules are up to and in particular Lucy, Renee, Michael and Kevin.




16 November 2013

New Art by MaryD: Lucy Lawless as Velma Kelly

Here’s some art I created of Lucy as Velma Kelly in the Auckland Theatre Company Production of Chicago.

Size: 1600 x 1200

Images used are courtesy of the Auckland Theatre Company



For more about Lucy as Velma Kelly in the Auckland Theatre Company Production of Chicago, go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Chicago Subsite



4 November 2013

Xenite Con II Video of Renee, Hudson and Jennifer Sky

Excerpts from the Xenite Con II in Paris organised by @xivents. Video submitted by indiana.inparis Renee O’Connor Hudson Leick Jennifer Sky Con location: Paris, France



3 November 2013

Two Classic Alt Stories by Link: Then There Were We and Evolution

Here is the second and third stories from Link following her first story “A Dark Wood Rising” which was posted on 21 October.

Then There Were We
by Link

Story #2

This is the second of a set of three stories spanning roughly five Xena: Warrior Princess years (heh!); it’s not necessary to read the first to understand the second. But in case you’re interested, the first story is called “From a Dark Wood Rising” and can be found most easily if you click Back right about now. If you’d like to send a note, I do like e-mail (really, it’s like getting a Christmas present you don’t have to wait 360+ days to open!):ee_2_me




by Link

Story #3

This is the last installment of the Kaija and Tai’gee trilogy. It spans the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess, beginning after the uncertain end of Caesar’s and Pompei’s battle on Amazon Land and continues through the middle of Season 6 with the final destruction of the Greek Amazons. The characters and story lines belonging to the creators of Xena: Warrior Princess are well known at this point. My own characters weave into those initiated storylines and build out into my own and historical fact/potential; the first two installments do not have to be read to understand this story, but it would probably help. If you’re interested, the first story is called “From a Dark Wood Rising” and the second “When There Were We”.



Here’s the first story in the trilogy:

From A Dark Wood Rising (Classic / Alt)
by Link

This story is one of a series of three; the first two take place within about five years of each other, and the third spans almost thirty years. The stories build on each other but the first one doesn't have to be read to understand the second and so on. This particular tale is - generally - no more graphic than any of the X:WP episodes, however there are a couple of scenes of violence - the passionate, physical destruction of a body, which is specifically what constitutes an act of violence. The ancient world was just as gory as our own modern one, and while I don't try to tell it all like it was (like I'd know), I did try to insert what I thought was some truth in the way of life those two thousand years ago (including a lurid sprinkling of fantasy... Hey, if Rob and Sam can do it, why not me, right?).

Xenaverse chronology-wise, this story takes place somewhere around the middle of the third season - Gabrielle's Hope has been killed as a child, but she and Xena have recovered from their rift; semi-happily roaming the world again for adventure and lack of anything better to do.




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