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28 June 2014

Steven Sears The Novelist–Check Out His First Novel

Steven Sears is now a novelist! Welcome to the club, Steven!
Check out Steven's new novel below - Let's help Steven get his novel writing career off to a great start.


and you can buy it as part of a bundle (pretty decent price)

Image635395853766452653This is an alternate world, divided by power. Not the power of politics or wealth, but literally by power. There are Normals, like you and me. Regular people with regular problems. And there are Supers, people who have developed superhuman abilities. Heroes and Villains who play narcissistic games for the cameras backed by corporate sponsors. In the usual comic book world, they would be fighting the noble cause, with human flaws.
But our alternate world is a bit more honest. They fight for money. Sponsorship, corporate backing, endorsements. And the Normals eat it up, they bet on the outcomes, they buy the merchandising, the root for their heroes AND their villains even though they run the risk of being ground underfoot in these showcase battles.
For the Normals, It's like living your life in the center of a World Wrestling ring or the middle of a NASCAR track.
It's a multi trillion dollar industry. Society is based on it. It's perfect for the powers that be, they have a major stake in the status quo. It's an industry where the very people most at risk, the Normals, are caught up in the thrill and adventure of the battles. Who would want to change that?
A strange, new, unknown hero is taking down the Supers. No one knows who he is, or where he came from. He doesn't seem to have sponsors, he's acting outside the Super Rules of engagement.
He is a threat to everything the world has become. So who is he?
He is a she. She is a college student. She has no powers at all. But she has a focused rage that will bring them all down, once she discovers their secret.
To quote VilleAnne:
"It's a fucked up world with fucked up rules and fucked up people doing fucked up things. If it weren't for the fucking companies that fuck people up, we'd be more fucked than we are. But the fuckers they pay are the fuckers we love, which is fucked.
I could walk away from it. After all, there is no way to change it, no way to fix the system, right? Everybody knows one rule is absolute... Normals can't stand up to Supers.
But fuck it. I'm in."



25 June 2014

1995 and Xena Warrior Princess - SFX Magazine June 2014


SFX Magazine - 250th Issue
June 2014

1995 was a year in which science fiction became science fact

Then there was Xena: Warrior Princess with Lucy Lawless. Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle gave us powerful female characters that literally kicked butt while brandishing both swords and their wit. Xena was a character that became the subject of feminist studies lessons and lesbian love poems. For me she represented a strong- willed woman who was able to hold her own with the likes of Hercules. Plus she actually looked like a real woman who could lift a gigantic sword instead of the stick- thin supermodels we have as heroines today.



23 June 2014

Brittney Powell Seeking Support for Trouble Is My Business with Legendary Lauren Bacall

Brittney Powell asked me to let you all know about a movie project she would like to get off the ground. The movie is called “Trouble Is My Business.” It’s a Noir style thriller that takes place in 1947 starring Brittney Powell but also to include the legendary Lauren Bacall:


Image635391318419721372Lauren Bacall is a film legend.  Director Thomas Konkle wanted to see if we could get her interested in a film project that returns her to film noir.    We threw a "Hail Mary" and contacted her agent to ask if Lauren would be interested in playing the head of star Brittney (Xena , Airborne, NCIS) Powell's dark twisted family in the film.   We sent them a script and waited.  Her agent Clifford got back to us soon saying, "Tell anyone you need to tell that Lauren Bacall is interested in the role in Trouble Is My Business."  We will have to make them a money offer to pay her and put together the rest of the film shoot to include her. 
THIS is where you can be part of it all if you love film noir and cinema then you can buy the ticket now when we need it so that we can film the rest of the movie while Ms. Bacall is interested and in good health.

Click here how to help

We started shooting this movie some time ago, and then we tried to go the "traditional" way of going our into the film sales market without a  finished film and looked for financing and the sales agents and distributors said go make the movie with what you can and we can get it out. 

Your support of the film in any amount moves the ball forward towards finishing the film, paying the crew and rental costs minimally and most importantly getting Lauren Bacall to return to the genre of films like The Big Sleep and Key Largo that she starred in with Humphrey Bogart. Every film agent we have met with about this film and shown the footage to has said don't wait for something that might happen, make the movie and it will get picked up so people can see it if it's done when you approach us.  That's where you come in.  You can see what we've done with little or nothing as far  as a budget.

Check out opening scenes (as well as many prod. details) and, if you like what you see, please give our great team, a little support to help finish this movie.



13 June 2014

New Artwork of Lucy by MaryD

I saw the front cover of the NZ Herald today and got a little inspired!

Check out all of Lucy’s guest edited NZ Herald on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless

and here is my art.




12 June 2014

Xena in TV Guide 24 Greatest Heroes

How cool is this - this is the June 16-29, 2014 Issue of TV Guide. Has a great quote from Renee!

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan




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