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28 June 2015

New Intertwined Souls Subsite by MaryD

I've been doing a little redecorating on my fiction site and have redesigned my site dedicated to the Intertwined Souls fiction series.

Check it out - it's got all sorts of goodies including Lucia Nobrega's AMAZING illustrations! CLICK HERE TO VIEW




24 June 2015

New Autographed Xena Artwork by Patricia Saunders


I'm very pleased to welcome Patricia Saunders to the Xenaverse Art Gallery with her gorgeous artwork of Lucy as Xena.

Lucy signed her art and Pat is sharing the artwork here on AUSXIP.

Click here to view the larger version



20 June 2015

Lucy Talks about Xena in Emmy Magazine 05 2015 Issue


This month's issue of Emmy Magazine has an interview with Lucy about getting the role of Xena, if there is any prospect of a Xena revival and her other work on Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus



Click here to read the scans on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless



16 June 2015

New Artist and Artwork of Xena by Sarah Beninger


I'm very pleased to announce that Sarah Beninger has been added to the AUSXIP Xenaverse Gallery.

Her first illustration is of Xena!

Click here to view the artwork

Click here to see the full list of Xenaverse artists



14 June 2015

New Xena Art by MaryD - The Warrior Princess

Here's some new artwork from my favourite show Xena Warrior Princess!

Check out more of my artwork here




9 June 2015


This had me laughing so much my head hurt. Created by Juliana. 

She explains about the video:

Hey guys, just made this video for fun. Some of my friends were crying from laughing so hard, so I decided to show you! Guess it sums up everything some of us think about AFIN. Enjoy and sorry about the english smile emoticon

For those of you who aren't very used to memes, this is not an actual Xenite talking about these things, this is just a funny interview that I put these fake subtitles about XWP




7 June 2015

Killer Queens - The 8 SEXIEST warriors ever from Xena to Black Widow & Furiosa UK Express 7 June 2015

Lucy-Lawless-as-Xena-Warrior-Princess-582736.jpgKiller Queens - The 8 SEXIEST warriors ever from Xena to Black Widow & Furiosa SCARLETT JOHANSSON, Lucy Lawless, Charlize Theron, and Brigitte Nielsen face off against Game of Thrones' Sand Snakes for the sexiest female warriors of all time.
Not every bloodthirsty warrior is a grizzled Viking type with s scar across the face and missing teeth. Some of the most fearsome are women who are as beautiful as they are skilled in the arts of war - a deadly combination for any dunderheaded barbarian who thinks a woman's place is in the castle kitchens and not on the battlefield (and a fast track to getting his head lopped off, as a result).

Inspired by the new medieval revenge epic Sword of Vengeance, which sees British actress Annabelle Wallis lead the charge with her sword out and swinging, we count down the sexiest and most dangerous female warriors in film and TV history.


Played By: Lucy Lawless

As Seen In: Xena: Warrior Princess

Profile: Well, she's a warrior princess, obviously. She used to be a bit of a villain, but has since tried to repent by wandering around Ancient Greece overthrowing bad guys and kicking ass.

Weapon of Choice: Her hand-to-hand combat skills are second to none, but Xena is also famed for her "chakram", which is a bit like a razor-edged Frisbee. 

Most Kick-Ass Moment: Impossible to say. She seems to take down an entire army singlehandedly every single episode. Girl power, indeed.

Danger Warning: High. She even outmuscled the mighty Hercules in TV ratings.



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