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31 August 2015

This Week's Xena Subtext Sunday Gifs 30 August 2015

Here's this week's Xena Subtext Sunday Xena Gifs from the AUSXIP Gifing Xena twitter account! Enjoy!







26 August 2015

AUSXIP Announcement: Little Xena and Gabrielle Comic Strip!!


In the time of Ancient Gods, Warlords and Kings, a land in turmoil, cried out for a hero (or two)... On the 16th anniversary of Little Xena and Gabrielle appearing on AUSXIP, the girls return in their own comic strip series.

I'm extremely pleased to announce Little Xena The Series by Lucia Nobrega

The first comic strip - The Little Ring is now available in English and Portuguese.

Check it out here: - which is the main site



Let's see what trouble the little warrior and her bard can get into! Please share this great news of our beloved Little Xena and Gabrielle!



24 August 2015

#SubtextSunday on AUSXIP Gifing Xena Twitter!

Here’s the #SubtextSunday gifs on AUSXIP Gifing Xena






19 August 2015

Xena Gif: When Xena and Gabrielle Partay

Klippart has been doing these awesome gifs, here's another one




14 August 2015

Xena 2.0 Reboot: This Week's Update


Here’s the latest news about the Xena Reboot – Xena 2.0

AUSXIP has a new twitter to keep track of all the news related to the Reboot (Xena 2.0) whilst the main AUSXIP account is for Xena: The Original Series because it’s looking more and more likely that it’s not going to be the Xena we want from all the news filtering out.


The Hollywood Reporter has updated their story and here are the highlights:

  • NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt tells THR that he'd "love" to have Lucy Lawless be part of it (except for one small problem…read below)
  • NBC's bid to bring Xena: Warrior Princess back to the small screen is still in full swing.
  • Despite public statements from former star Lucy Lawless, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the network is looking for a way to reboot the beloved series in which she starred as the warrior princess.
  • "Yes, we're in the early stages of developing a new take on Xena and we're looking for a writer. We want to do it," Greenblatt told THR on Wednesday night at NBCUniversal's Television Critics Association summer press tour party at Spago.
  • "I don't think it's just a continuation (oh dear), but we haven't gotten that far. I think it's a great character, and we should try to figure out how to revive it somehow," Greenblatt said, confirming that "there is a deal with Sam and Rob Tapert to produce, and it's with NBC International."
  • While the executive noted that it was too early to tell what the focus for a new Xena would be, he said much of the creative would depend on the writer's vision. Sources indicate that the network is meeting with their top choice for a scribe for the potential series, though who that is is being kept under wraps.

I found the following to be gobsmacking:

  • As for whether Lawless would have an onscreen role, Greenblatt noted that he's open to it — on one condition.
    "We'd love to have Lucy be a part of it — if we felt that her presence didn't overshadow the direction we take with it. I'm not sure how she could be part of it if she wasn't playing Xena, and I don't know if that's a direction we'll ever go," he said, noting that he'd be open to having the actress — who is married to Tapert — involved creatively behind the scenes.

Oh dear.

I'm going to let Xena do the talking here...

and one more.... (thanks Klippart!)




4 August 2015

In celebration of Xena's 20th anniversary - 7-CD Xena box set


The following was sent by Creation Entertainment to their Xena Email List:

Dear Xenites!

In celebration of Xena's 20th anniversary this year, Varese Sarabande Records is looking to produce a comprehensive 7-CD box set with all the music from your favorite TV series. This limited edition package would feature the complete Xena music recordings by famed composer Joseph LoDuca, and be housed in a beautiful library-bound leatherette case. Other goodies would include extensive liner notes by Steven Sears, (Xena writer/producer), and original art and photos from the initial CD releases. Varese Sarabande is now looking for your help to make this package extra special by having you vote for additional items you would like to see included. These are the potential options:

  • Poster with Lucy Lawless as Xena
  • Poster with Lucy Lawless as Xena that also includes printed names of all the Xenites who order the package during a special pre-sale period
  • Hand-signed booklets by composer, Joseph LoDuca!
  • A set of 5 trading cards featuring images and information of various characters from the show
  • A flag with Lucy Lawless as Xena
  • Limited Edition embossing on the package with the exact number of the box you received. This will be a limited edition item.

Is this a music box set you would want? What promo items do you like the best? Varese Sarabande is the pre-eminent soundtrack label in the world, and very excited to be working on this package for the Xena fans. They need to hear from you!!

Cast your vote now by emailing

P.S. If the label moves forward, as a thanks for the input, they will offer a special discount only for members of this list!

from your friends at Creation Entertainment



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