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14 November 2016

Xena FanFic Featured in Top 15 Lesbian FanFiction Stories on The Lesbian Review

Image636147066658812311The Lesbian Review site recently asked a few authors what were their top lesbian fanfiction stories. Naturally you can’t a list of lesbian fan fiction stories without mentioning Xena. I was asked for my favourite and that is a supremely difficult job to do.


So I selected five (well…that was hard too).



The Lesbian Review chose this one:

Nor the Battle to the Strong:
Part 1 – All Through the Night by Rebekah
  • Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Xena/Gabrielle

This is one of the best stories (and one of the first that I had read coming into the Xenaverse). It’s a hurt/comfort tale that is so moving and so well written. Xena is hurt and Gabrielle nurses her through a tough night. They both learn more about each other. It is an absolute Xena classic story. It was written by Rebekah who passed away some time ago.


What about the other four? Seriously this was a very difficult choice and there are SO many to choose from.


Click here to view my list and to add your list of favourite Xena Fan Fiction



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