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        6 December 2016

AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Charity Auction Preview List & Images

Okay we are only a few days away from the AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Charity Auction and it's A HUGE one. Just a tad 300's a look at all the items - each item is linked to the actual auction page - so if you see something you like, bookmark the link! This auction has been a year in the making and I'm seriously stoked about it. It's celebrating AUSXIP's 20th year online and also celebrating Starship's 25th year! Plus we have Adrienne Wilkinson awesome goodies where all money raised from those goes to her official charity. LOTS AND LOTS of goodies. What more can I say? Go, look, bookmark the links you like and have at it!

Please REGISTER if you would like to bid:

PLEASE NOTE: There may be more items added to the list before 11 December 2016

Please read the FAQ if you have any questions


Full List Here



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