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28 February 2017

AUSXIP On The Move...

AUSXIP On The Move

Just a bit of housekeeping - the AUSXIP Server has come to end of it's life and that means I'm upgrading the hardware. This is going to take a few days to migrate all the data on the server (and there is LOTS of it). Whilst the migration takes place, no new updates will be posted until the update is complete.

What does this mean for AUSXIP and all the sites hosted on the AUSXIP Server?


You shouldn't see any disruption to any sites. Just a matter of moving data from one server to another.

Battle On!




24 February 2017

Letter of Appreciation from Starship to AUSXIP and Fans Who Supported the Auction

I received the following letter from Starship regarding AUSXIP's 20th anniversary charity auction where we raised $18,000!

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger scan.




24 February 2017

NZ TV Owes A Lot to Rob Tapert for Xena - NZ Listener Magazine 24 February 2017


NZ Listener Magazine had a brief mention of Xena which is shown on cable tv in New Zealand and said "it’s fair to say that our local TV creatives owe a lot to producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi..."

Xena: Warrior Princess (The Zone, Sky 009, 4.10pm weekdays). We declare girl-power week. The spin-off that became bigger than its progenitor ­( Hercules: The Legendary Journeys); made Lucy Lawless a hero to girls and women everywhere; and prepared a generation of Kiwi crew for Oscar glory on The Lord of the Rings.

The West Auckland television production industry may have waxed and waned since Xena’s last episode in 2001, but it’s fair to say that our local TV creatives owe a lot to producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi.



17 February 2017

Renee is Beth in Dinner with Friends at the Little Fish Theatre! 9 - 26 March 2017!

ImageRenee is returning to the theatre to play Beth in the show Dinner With Friends between 9 - 26 March 2017!

Click here for tickets

An insightful play about the destruction of Beth and Tom’s marriage and the shockwaves it causes in their friends’ lives. “A surprisingly touching rumination about the changes that come with age: the changes redefining relationships, the changes within relationships…and the balances and affections that shift unexpectedly, just because, despite our reluctance to want to accept it, life goes on.” AISLE SAY NY

ImagePulitzer Prize-winning play Dinner with Friends opens March 9 at Little Fish Theatre as the third show of the 2017 Season. Written by Guggenheim Fellowship recipient Donald Margulies, Dinner with Friends examines the complexities of a marriage and the friendships that are affected by its breakup. Directed by Mark Piatelli, this limited engagement production runs March 9 through March 26.

Gabe and Karen are a happily married middle-aged couple who have been friends with Tom and Beth, another married couple, for many years. In fact, it was Gabe and Karen who introduced their friends to each other. But while Tom is away on business, Beth tearfully reveals to Gabe and Karen that she is getting a divorce from Tom, who has been unfaithful. When Tom discovers that Beth has told their friends about the divorce, he feels he must present his own side of the story. Using flashbacks as an entertaining and revealing device, audiences will see both couples at different ages and stages of their lives. Playwright Margulies wrote Dinner "to reflect observations I'm having at that time in my life. All around us, relationships are changing, marriages are breaking up. It's those notions of impermanence, the yearning for something else that I'm tapping into."

Four Little Fish Theatre Company Members comprise the cast of this fascinating character study. As the embittered and emotional Beth, LFT is thrilled to welcome back Renee O'Connor, best known for her role as Gabrielle on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess. O'Connor was seen as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare by the Sea's production of Macbeth. Patrick Vest (2016 BroadwayWorld Best Actor Nominated for Rubicon Theatre's Moonlight & Magnolias) takes on the role of peacemaker Gabe. Doug Mattingly (StageSceneLA Outstanding Ensemble 2014 LFT's Rapture,Blister, Burn) plays Beth's husband, the charming but brash Tom. Karen, a food writer like Gabe, is played by Christina Morrell* (StageSceneLA Outstanding Ensemble 2016 LFT's Rapture,Blister, Burn and 2014 Bus Stop) who has also worked with Coachella Valley Repertory and Chromolume Theatre.

Director Piatelli (2014 StageSceneLA Outstanding Director for LFT's Bus Stop) notes, "Dinner With Friends is a play about two couples who make a happy foursome. When one marriage dissolves in divorce, the ripple effects test the bonds of friendship." He adds, "This fun and poignant chamber piece raises questions about life choices, commitment, integrity, longevity, and how hidden desires can wreak havoc on the status quo."

Dinner with Friends runs from March 9 through March 26 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm, with three Sunday matinees on March 12, 19 at 2pm and 26 at 7:00pm. The March 19 show features a special Talkback session where the actors and creative team will be available for a post-show discussion with the audience.

The opening night performance offers a special "First Look" price of only $23 per ticket. Regular priced tickets are $27/$25 for seniors for the remainder of the run. Tickets can be purchased online at www.littlefishtheatre.org, or reserved by phone at 310-512-6030, or by text at 424-226-6030. Popular subscription packages of Anytime Tickets are available now and can be used at any of Little Fish Theatre's regular season productions, at any time.

Founded in 2002 as an artists' ensemble, Little Fish Theatre presents classic and contemporary plays in an intimate setting on Centre Street in downtown San Pedro.

*This production is presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Los Angeles Membership Company Rule.



17 February 2017

Renee Interview for International Women in Film Podcast

Fantastic interview with Renee! Episode 17 of the International Women in Film Podcast

Episode 17 of the International Women in Film Podcast stars, Reneé O’Connor, a successful actress and filmmaker, best known for her role on Xena: Warrior Princess, brings her unparalleled passion to each and every project. Reneé made a name for herself when she resided in Auckland, New Zealand, playing the role of Gabrielle, Xena’s trusted sidekick on the popular series from 1996-2001.

The scene stealing role created a huge worldwide fan base, one still active in countless websites dedicated to the actress and this signature series. She then moved on to launch her own film production company – ROC Productions. Her first independent production under the company is the romantic comedy, Diamonds and Guns which was released on DVD in January 2008. She also starred in several independent films, including Boogeyman 2 opposite Tobin Bell; The Sci Fi Channel’s Monster Ark opposite Tim DeKay and Alien Apocalypse, opposite Bruce Campbell, one of the highest-rated original movies in the cable network’s history. She starred in the action webisode series ARK from Judah/Sacks (executive producers of 90210 and Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and the anticipated Faith Based feature film, Beyond The Farthest Star, due for release in 2016, from Pathlight Entertainment.

Prior to her breakout role, Reneé lived in Texas and began her professional film career at the age of 17, starring in the serial Teen Angel, a regular feature on the Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club. Other credits include the Disney film, The Adventures of Huck Finn with Elijah Wood, and television movies such as Follow the River with Ellen Burstyn, Danielle Steele’s Changes with Cheryl Ladd, and James Garner’s second Rockford Files reunion movie. Reneé’s talent extends well beyond the big screen or the small screen. Also an acclaimed stuntwoman, Reneé is proficient in several forms of martial arts and the use of martial arts weapons, which includes, the Nunchaku, Bo-Staff, and the Sai. She is a certified teacher of Emotional Awareness for the gifted community by the Rocamora School, and Renee has been an annual nominee for the Women Making A Difference award by the Los Angeles Business Journal since 2010. Renee is involved as co-director for some Los Angeles Film Festivals and teaches the Youth Intensive film lab, an educational laboratory for showcasing local talents. Currently, Renee writes, directs, and produces award winning shows



2 February 2017

Celebrate Renee's Birthday By Leaving Her a Birthday Wish!

ImageCome to AUSXIP Talking Xena and wish Renee O'Connor a Happy Birthday!


Leave your birthday wishes for Renée and they will be passed on to her when the thread is closed.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are not currently a member of the AUSXIP Talking Xena message board, you must first register as a member before you can post your message.

All birthday wishes will be monitored.

The AUSXIP Talking Xena staff



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