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28 December 2017

Revitalizing Xena: Warrior Princess For 2018 - Interview with Meredith Finch

ImageNewsarama has an interview with the new Xena comic book series writer Meredith Finch.

The warrior princess Xena is 21-years-old this year (actually she isn’t – she’s 22 years old this year) and a former Wonder Woman writer is helping revitalize her for her return in early 2018.

On February 14, Dynamite Entertainment launches a new Xena series by writer Meredith Finch and artist Vicente Cifuentes. While NBC's anticipated reboot faltered, Finch and Cifuentes are less than two months away from bringing the Thracian warrior back into the public eye.

Finch, who came to prominence writing DC Comics' Wonder Woman series, is an admitted Xena fan going back to her 1995 debut. Despite her devotion to the now classic character, Finch was able to critically re-assess it here and now to understand Xena's previous popularity, and what could make her popular again in today's landscape.

(And yes, Xena's relationship with Gabrielle is still a major crux of the franchise.)

Finch spoke with Newsarama about bridging from Xena fan to Xena writer, understanding the character's path from villain to hero, and comparing this warrior princess to a certain Amazon.

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25 December 2017

NBC Should Follow Through With Xena - Boston Herald 24-12-17

ImageThe Boston Herald has an article about show reboots and NBC. Considering the success of shows like Will & Grace, The X-Files and other shows, it might be a good time to bring back Xena.

BATTLING BACK: NBC should follow through on its reboot of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess,’ with Lucy Lawless as title royalty, given the popular wave of TV revivals.

NBC was actually moving forward with a reboot of “Xena: Warrior Princess”

(1995-2001) as late as last summer but then backed out. Given the success of “Wonder Woman” at the box office and the rise of the #metoo movement, the time would never seem more ideal for this heroine’s return.



18 December 2017

The Dynamite 2017 Blockbuster Holiday Bundle Includes Dark Xena Comic Series

Dynamite Entertainment and groupees partner to present:

The Dynamite 2017 blockbuster holiday bundle! Up to 78 Dynamite Digital Comic Books. Valued at Close to $160, On Sale for $15 or Less!
Dark Xena 1-4 included with the bundle.



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